Give Your Minutes and Assignment

Okay, I have fallen off course with my biz over the last few weeks. Life happened. You know the day-to-day stuff that can choke you out and leave you dry, empty and fighting in your soul just to hold on to the dreams you have. Yes, that kind stuff. I know that I should have prioritized my day to day activities to focus on my business and let the other “stuff” go. The stuff that is important to me and the growth of my business. I just could not focus. I think all of us have those “life happenings” that come in unexpectedly and throw us for a loop. The point I am trying to get at here is to be mindful of your daily choices. Today I am typing this and realizing that if I would have decided everyday to do one thing for my business even though crazy stuff was happening in my personal life, I would not feel so drained and so far away from accomplishing my goals. All it takes is determination, self-discipline, and focus to remain on the path. I am now planning my schedule for the next week. I decided that whatever “pops” up personally I will deal after my business goals have been met for the day! I am going to be a ruthless b*tch about building my brand and making my business a success.As, I take a deep breath yell and shout my intentions for the week, I know that I have declared my priorities and now have laser focus. You can do it too! While I was driving this past week I wrote I know at least four really awesome blog post, the problem is I did not write it down. I know exactly what I want to say and how. But, all is forgotten by the time I reach my destination. I know I am not doing the right thing at the right time when that happens. I feel it deep down inside a kind of sadness that my gifts are not being used the way they should be used.


It all has to do with priorities and discipline.

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I challenge you to take some time today. Plan out your weekly goals, write them down, set real intentions. Then, stick to it. Don’t allow yourself to make up excuses or let others steal your energy with their problems. Be mindful of where your time goes and just as you plan where your money goes and assign every dollar a place to go treat your time the same way. I know sometimes you just can’t help it but, if you are serious and intentional about it you will more likely than not succeed. Keep a record. Write it all down. Also, add in some FREE time to give yourself the wiggle room you need. If you don’t then you are sure to fail.

Let’s get this challenge going!

Spend your minutes wisely!




3 thoughts on “Give Your Minutes and Assignment

  1. Hello Amy,

    This is an excellent message and I strongly agree that focusing on what we want instead of worrying about ‘the how’ is the way to go!

    I really enjoy your blog, especially this post because you combine images and motivation but also your words are practical and I can relate.

    Thank you for sharing the importance of scheduling our time wisely and also sticking to our schedule for best results. Have a nice day Amy!


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