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My name is Amy Woods Siler, I am  41 years old. My husband and I have been married 7 years this year but, together for 12 years. Together, we have a blended family of five amazing kids who are adults now. My journey into natural health & wellness began back in 2007. I became keenly aware that certain foods were making me sick. I always leaned toward a natural way of living but, did not put forth any method to educate myself until 2007.6a30c9b2c74ee25f2a8e13089ad31291


Since then, every year I have embraced self education more and more on how to live a healthy well-balanced lifestyle. In 2010, I was employed at Whole Foods Market, I loved every minute of it! I spent five years educating myself on ethical manufacturing, how to get food fresh from the farm to the store and how supplements were made.  Fast forward to 2015, when I was introduced to doTERRA and their amazing essential oils! I felt lead in my spirit to try these oils and add them to my daily routine and to my families daily routine. As I began to incorporate these oils into our daily rituals ; I witnessed amazing things. They work! I did my homework on the company and it’s practices and I found out that they are the “real deal”. doTERRA Essential Oils are the purest essential oils on the planet! That is why you get results from It only made sense for me to embrace doTERRA. 

My ultimate WHY? JunkyGypsy Inspirations (1)

JunkyGypsy Inspirations celebrates the beautiful simplicity of living the supernatural life! As women, when we are empowered with the right tools we make better choices for our health & wellness. My passion is to lead women to those tools. When, I found doTERRA Essential Oils it made sense. These beautiful gifts of the earth are just another tool we need to live our best life! Through online education, workshops & wellness programs using essential oils, I offer solutions to those ready to make radical lifestyle changes! I believe our Whole self is our WHOLE health. I let my life speak for itself!

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My message is my mission;

Helping women, LIVE.LOVE.LEARN and Get Crazy Inspired!

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