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Hey JunkyGypsy Lovers! This page is where you can find all of the items I use to help me live a healthy lifestyle. I highlight a few companies that I love and are really the best place to purchase their product instead of going to Amazon. Yes, Amazon is amazing but, when you want the “real” product go to the source! I hope you find what you are looking for! HAPPY SHOPPING!

My favorite stuff from Amazon!

Stainless Steal Straws




Rainbow Water Bottles!! Stainless


Water Filtration is Super Important I have linked to the very best water filtration systems!

thumbnail-1 thumbnail

Propur Nomad 304 With ProOne G2.0 Filter
Propur’s most versatile system.
–Holds 1-2 filters.
–2 gal capacity.
–Recommended for 1-3 people.
Availability: For Sale

I am linking you to some of the best Wellness Products on the market! Check out the Info Wars Store!

InfoWars Store!




Root and Petal Set of 10 Rollerball!

6 Aromatherapy Glass Rainbow Bottles!!


Rainbow Skins

Here are some links to videos that could change your life!

Fluoride Makes You Stupid!

Amazing Fluoride Cleanse

Movie Recommendations! Yes, Please watch and your eyes will be opened to the truth.

That Sugar Film

Food Inc.

Truth About Cancer

Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines Movie

Vaccination – to reduce population! (Bill Gates admit

I hope I did not stress you out with the recommendations. I am very passionate about spreading the truth. Many people have been doing the homework themselves for years now and the general public is waking up. I encourage each person to study the facts about the air, the water, vitamins you take, the food you eat, the envirament you live in. I know it is a lot of information and you my be asking yourself, “where do I start?” That’s okay. I am here to help you, all you have to do is make a commitment to one small change at a time. Example- buy “real ” vitamins. From a reputipal company. Stop using plastic. Cook real food. Buy a water filter. Exercise 3 times a week. When you decide you are ready to take back your health and take action God will help. He will lead you to the right companies, the right products, and when you open the Word and follow those instructions first. Then it will all fall into place. I love you and we are all on the journey together!

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