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Welcome! JunkyGypsy Lover’s

 Here you can support my business and my mission by purchasing any of the items below. These items are handcrafted by me (Amy Siler).  

Items that are coming soon:

Couples Journal created by my awesome husband Michael Siler    This journal will take couples on a journey of gratitude and inspiration for each other through three simple questions that each will write answers to everyday! I can not wait for you to see this journal. Currently, the final touches are being added to make it super awesome!

Happy Camper/ Vagabond Wooden Signs for your door, yard or garden. These are handmade by- me

Feather Bookmarks

JunkyGypsy Journals (in creative development process)

JunkyGypsy Tee Shirts,Stickers and Bags

And so much more!!

JunkyGypsy Flags

Styles vary upon what is available. Fun patterns are always used. 6 feet in length.


20.00 each

 flat rate shipping of 5.00 U.S. Delivery in 5 days Guaranteed.

JunkyGypsy Mustard Seed Necklaces


15.00 each

flat rate shipping of 5.00 U.S. Delivery in 5 days Guaranteed.

JunkyGypsy Prayer Catchers


10.00 each  Small

20.00 each Large

These are similar to dream catchers but, they are prayer catchers each comes with a different prayer from the Bible. Random prayers none specific. It depends on availability.

flat rate shipping of 5.00 U.S. Delivery in 7 days Guaranteed.

JunkyGypsy Wall Hangings


15.00 each 

Made with real wood these unusual wall hangings each come with a prayer hanging from them styles vary upon  availability. 2 to 2.5 feet in length

flat rate shipping of 5.00 U.S. Delivery in 5 days Guaranteed.

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Order items directly from facebook using a credit card

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Refunds available within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with the product. After 30 days no refunds.

*Be sure to check out JunkyGypsy Boutique at events in Virginia in the coming months! This is an example of what my travel boutique will look like!


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