Respons-ABLE/ Inspir-ACTION

Respons-ABLE  Inspir-ACTION Dis-EASE

You are fully able to take real action on your dreams and goals ,your mind and body are at ease!


I created this to give myself some guidelines going forth in my life and business. These are all areas that I want to change so that I can impact others lives in a positive way. I began initially writing these for myself but, then I thought others would like the information too! In each area on a daily basis I am asking myself these questions. It might be a lot for you so just take a few if you are overwhelmed. By asking yourself these questions in these areas of your life and writing out your answers you are causing a shift in your mind to happen. This will help you to build positive habits, reflect on any areas that need work and it makes you aware of your thinking before you think and your actions before you act. In case you don’t understand the title of this post I intentionally wrote it out so you could see how words have power. We are all able to take action daily in our lives doing whatever we feel is important be it a dream or goal or just simply going to the grocery store and getting the kids to take a nap. It is all relative to life. Most everyone I know wants to have a life that is important. They want to fulfill their dreams and goals. I have made it my mission in life to help women do just that through inspirACTION! I have a passion for women to be healthy and not have disease but to be at EASE in their mind and body! My prayer is that you will take advantage of these questions and really begin to apply it them to your life right now!

*My goal next year is to start a: Say Yes Fund– $3000.00 per year Biz prospects, missions, charities this is after Tithe.

My Prayer:

Lord, I surrender my life and business to You. I pray Lord, for inspiration and ideas that will generate an income and also help me to bless others. I pray that You would take me out of my comfort zone daily and help me to grow intentionally in each area listed below. Help me Lord, to maintain focus and clarity on my dreams and goals. If my dreams and goals are not what You have lined up for me then I pray You would close the door so that I do not waste time chasing meaningless endeavors. Lord, I pray that you would anoint my pen so I can provide valuable content to my followers and spread Your love. I am grateful for every person reading and praying this right now and I ask You to bless their life and provide whatever needs they have. As, their sista in Christ, let us come together as a community/Tribe of daughters of Zion and embrace each other in love and truth. As You Father, have laid on my heart to build this business as a safe place for us all to grow and mentor one another. Help me to reflect Your love in my speech, attitude and actions daily to my Tribe.  I humbly submit my wants and my desires for this business to You and I pray for You to send the people to me who need inspiration and help taking action -people who are ready to invest in their health and wellness journey. Father, I surrender all I have been taught up until this very moment, I let go of what I thought were the genuine guidelines of living a healthy life. And what I thought was the way to lead people to better health. Help me to keep my mind clear and my heart pure & strengthen my convictions and help me to apply all that You teach me into all areas of my life, my family, health, finances, business, serving others, mind, body and spirit. So that my cup will overflow! Thank You Lord!

In Jesus Name- AMEN!


Integrity-Consistently ask myself am I speaking with integrity? Am I acting with integrity in mind? Are my words reflecting integrity? Are my decisions being made with integrity?Do I ask others opinions when faced with a tough decision so that I can gain wisdom in all areas?

Influence– Am I leaving the people whom I meet feeling loved, valued, important, and heard? Do I dress for success daily? Am I utilizing social media in a positive way that leaves people with feelings of peace and joy? Do I listen to others well? To I speak with wisdom? Do I seek advice from people I admire or look up to?

Growth– Am I doing at least one thing everyday that scares me. Am I seeking out ways to grow spiritually. Am I allowing God to mold me and change me as I grow as a Christian? Who am I surrounded by that motivates me to be a better person? Who are the five people I surround myself with currently on a daily basis? Am I setting aside time and money to invest in my growth?

Spirit– Do I seek the leading of the Holy Spirit before I start my day? Am I giving God priority in my daily life? Do I pray for others regularly? Am I silent before the Lord so I can hear Him? Do I confess my sins and repent daily? Do I forgive myself and others and ask God to wash me clean and start over ready and willing? Do I intentionally seek the Lords wisdom in all areas of my life? Am I committed to the Word and applying it to my day to day activities? Am I humble? Do I serve and love others well? In whatever I am doing to I put forth the very best I have? Do I have a correct perception of the Fear of the Lord?

Financial-Am I a good steward of all God has given me right now? Am I serious about paying my debts? Do I exhibit integrity when making a large purchase? Do I tithe my first 10%? Do I give above God’s 10%? Is my checking account balanced and in order? Is my savings account growing? Am I committed to saving for the future? Am I serious about living in financial freedom? Is my highest priority to be FREE? Do I bless others often with financial gifts? Do I look into ways I can invest into other businesses and sow good seed?

Health– Am I committed to my body being the temple of the Holy Spirit? Do I eat whole foods daily? Do I take vitamins and supplements to help maintain my health? Do I regulary exercise? Am I setting an example to others with my body? Do I always look for the healthy options when faced with temptation? Is my household healthy? Do I cook “real” meals daily? Is my hygiene good? Am I a good steward of the body that God gave me? Do I look for ways to teach others how they can be healthy? Do I share essential oils with everyone I meet? Am I committed to invest in others lives my knowledge of how they can live a healthy life? Am I willing to give God my body as a living sacrifice?

Mind– Do I wake up positive and ready to embrace the day? Is my mind healthy and under my control? Do I practice setting my mind on things above and not below? Do I take every thought captive unto God? Do I intentionally seek to keep my mind pure and clear of distractions? Do I think about the way I talk to myself? Am I paying attention to my thought patterns? Am I putting your Word Lord in my heart and mind so that I can meditate on it day and night?



I am confident and successful in all I do.

I love my life and I shower others with drops of joy all day.

I speak with impeccable wisdom.

I am a writer and I am paid well for my writing.

I am an excellent steward of all God gives me.

I serve others well daily.

My passion is evident in how I show up in my life daily to serve others.

I always have more than enough money for my bills, food, clothing, health & wellness, kids, and to give to others.

I pay my debts in full.

I am financially free!

My business is growing and expanding daily.

My business is profitable and I have a generous income to live on and save and invest.

My savings account has over 10,000.00 in it at all times.

My checking account is balanced and growing!

I am FREE! I can I will! I am able to do all that God calls me to do.

My cup overflows so I can serve others.

I love others well.

I am an example to people.

I am disciplined. I am living my dream life in the abundance and love that God wants me to live in here on this earth.

My priorities are in order-God, family, business

I am fully committed to living my life with love, purpose, passion, and faith!


If you have never said affirmations before, try this I promise you won’t be disappointed! At the very least saying affirmations gets you into a positive mindset and takes you out of your reality and get you focused on taking action on your goals! If you enjoyed this post let me know I want to hear from YOU!

Have a beautiful Friday Loves! I am here to support you!~



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Well done Good & Faithful Servant!

His master replied, ” Well done good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!”  

Matthew 25:21


My Favorite Prayer

I choose today Lord; to walk in the success You have for me and in love and obedience to You! Help me spread my wings and take risks. I never again want to settle for anything less than Your very best for me. Today, I walk in love, joy, grace, humility and a fiery determination! I will never give up on Your purpose for my life.

Lord,  I seek Your wisdom, like the wisdom you gave to Solomon for my life and my business; insight to know what path I am to take at what time You desire. Lead me, guide me, and teach me Holy Spirit. Thank you Father for your unfailing love and unending faithfulness. I embrace growth, passion, servant hood, and Your purpose for my life!

In Jesus Name- AMEN

I wrote this prayer on March 11, 2017 and I am so blessed today that God continues to work this prayer out and answer me. My passion and desire to know Him more intimately, to trust Him and have Him lead my life are growing at such a rapid rate this past month. This prayer in particular was a bold prayer. Many times we pray for blessings and guidance but we seek it in a selfish way. Asking him to do things for us the way we want them to turn out. I have caught myself doing this many times and recently, God brought this to my attention. He said- Yes, pray for what you desire but, remember it is always the Lord’s will that prevails in our lives. He must be first and His ways must be first. My dreams and my desires are mine because God gave them to me, so when I pray and ask for Him to bless me or provide for me He does with His purpose in mind. Now, when I pray I ask God what He desires from me accomplishing my dreams. I know that the success the Lord will give me is higher and better than anything the world can give! I seek to be a light that shines so bright people see Jesus when they look at me!!

Did you take time today, to pray and ask God what He wants?



Traps that Can Keep Growth from Happening in Your Life or Biz!


Today, I am going to share what I learned about brain traps. You might be asking, “What the heck is a brain trap?”

Brain traps are hidden patterns that stop us from listening to our hearts and taking action on our ideas and dreams. They are why people “settle“. I am going to go through a list of five brain traps about leading and inspiring others. These five steps gave me clarity in my business and opened my eyes to the ways that I would silently sabotage growth in my biz.

Brain Trap #1– I’m not an expert. In whatever field or service you offer you may think you can not “sell” until you educate yourself more in a certain area or about a certain product. This is a lie! If you are passionate about what you are doing your passion will “sell” itself.

Brain Trap#2– I will do this for FREE. When you feel like you are not worth getting paid for what you do. Example- Let’s say you are starting a coaching biz, your flat rate is 100.00 and hour. You set your price and have confidence in getting it, until someone comes to you and questions why so much. Then a seed of doubt is planted and you may believe you are not worth as much.

Brain Trap #3– I suck at sales, I am to nice. You give away too many “free” samples in the hopes that someone will buy but, instead they know you are a pushover and never become a client. This is negativity at work. You have to set aside any “feelings” about being nice. This is business, its raw and brutal and your life depends on it.

Brain Trap#4– I don’t have the perfect location for my business. False. You do not need to have the perfect location. You need to be determined and go after exactly what you want. If you are in a less desirable part of town or working out of your home, so what. It is your passion and drive that will get you to the next level. Before long you will be able to lease the building of your dreams!

Brain Trap#5– What if no one comes or buys? Again, a seed of doubt. Your mind can play all these tricks which is why you need to be ready and alert for these feelings to come up. When you are running your own business, sure there will be doubts and road blocks but, that is part of the growth experience. You need to fight negativity with positivity daily and keep going. So what if this person or that person does not buy. Keep going. Determination and discipline are your keys to success!

th (1)

These five traps are why so many people give up and “settle” in their personal life and in business. If you want to have a successful business you have to be a “high vibe” person. Attract the right people into your life that will build you up. Get rid of those that are bringing you down. They are probably just jealous anyway. I learned a great deal from these five brain traps a year ago and having taken the correct action when these stink bombs appear I have been victorious. I hope this helps you! Happy business building! You are a rock star and worth it!



Mustard Seeds

Did you know that mustard seeds are the smallest of all seeds? Isn’t it funny how God uses the example of a mustard seed and our faith.

Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, “Move from here to there,” and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.

Matthew 17:20 NIV

I desire to grow in my faith this year and believe God and control my thoughts in a positive way so that my faith is increased. The formula we should all be using in our life should be:


Activate your abundant life today using this for your goals but first seek His Kingdom and all else will come!

To order these awesome Mustard Seed Necklaces that are made by me and support my mission to serve others in their abundant life and be an inspiration follow the link below!

Mustard Seed Necklace



Thank you in advance for your love and support!

What Bob Ross taught me about life and Biz

The week’s theme is a favorite of mine from the lovely Bob Ross!


I fell in love with this quote the first time I heard it actually watching a Bob Ross with my daughters. I decided to make it the theme so I could do some research on the matter. I found out that Bob Ross lived in Alaska for over a decade! That was fascinating to me. I love Alaska. Bob Ross taught me today some pretty awesome stuff about life and business and I have chosen to adapt his relaxed, laid back attitude for life. I have made many mistakes in life and a lot of those turned out to be pretty awesome happy accidents! I had to look up the definition and here is what I got:

The definition of:

a happy accident

a pleasant situation or event that is not planned or intended We never planned to have a third child – it was a happy accident.
However, in all my research I have come to embrace the quote! I absolutely love how relaxed Bob Ross was about life in general. It seemed as if his relaxed attitude kept him simple. He loved what he did and it showed in his art! He has taught me to maintain the same relaxed attitude in life and in business that he portrayed through his art. I am taking his advice and letting go. Releasing the need to feel in control or that I have to try to control things. In business he outlined the simple yet, powerful strategies to be successful.
Here are the keys points:
-Have no thought of money. Only about making people happy by what you do or offer.
-Investing in your business, betting on yourself.
-Invest in marketing. (of course social media was not the thing back then but, it still applies to business)
-Thank your customers often. Free gifts or emails.
-Keep overhead low and do not move forward until you know you can.
-Satisfy your employees (team members). Kindness, benefits, create an environment that your team members never want to leave.
-Plan to work long hours for yourself. To succeed you must put in the work.
-You don’t need a business plan. This leaves you open to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities.
-Maintain a strong email list. Send out inspiration, thank you notes, and keep people informed of all business activities.
These are some pretty basic and common sense approach to business. what hit me most was him pointing out that I just need to be passionate about making people happy and the rest will come. That takes faith for sure. We all know that we can not make everyone happy. So, I think the goal is to serve, love, give inspiration. That is what I am here to do. That is what my business is all about. I hope you learned something today that you may not have known before. My prayer is that you were inspired to chase after your dreams. Know that you can do anything, really. We have to BELIEVE that our dreams are real. We have to TRUST that anything is possible. That is what Bob Ross did and look at his legacy.
The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it. Anything that you believe you can do strong enough, you can do. Anything. As long as you believe.”
-Bob Ross
Talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you’re willing to practice, you can do.”
-Bob Ross

Oil of the Week: Bergamot



 Why Bergamot? Well, I love the smell! But, that’s not all Bergamot essential oil has some pretty awesome uses. Bergamot is the most delicate of all citrus plants. Bergamot oil is simply an essential oil derived from the peel of the bergamot fruit. It requires that it has a special climate and soil in order for it to thrive. You may find Bergamot in beauty products because of its ability to purify and cleanse also, to rejuvenate the skin.

Bergamot has a sweet and citrus scent . Because of its unique fruity and subtly spicy aroma, bergamot oil is frequently added to different perfume and cosmetic products.

Bergamot oil blends perfectly well with other essential oils such as cedarwood, citronella, clary sage, geranium, ho leaf, neroli, lavender, lemon, palmarosa, rosewood, tangerine, and ylang-ylang. Just to name a few.

What I absolutely love is Bergamot’s  ability to be uplifting. It helps promote feelings of calm when I feel anxious or stressed. I can add a few drops to my diffuser and a delicious aroma fills my RV! I also, use Bergamot in all of my homemade beauty products. I make my own facial creme that I use on my face every night. It is a blend of Frankincense, Bergamot, Melaleuca and Coconut Oil. Since, I turned 40 last year I thought it was time for me to be proactive against wrinkles and such that happens at 40. For over a year now I have been using my magical facial creme and noticed that my skin is softer and healthier than it ever was in my 20’s. Bergamot has become one of my favorite essential oils and one I must have on hand at all times. If you have never used essential oils before I highly recommend getting them into your home like, yesterday. Once you start using them you are going to fall in love. Every household should be using oils in their homes and I have made it my mission to teach people why they should have them and how to properly use essential oils. If you are interested in a sample simply fill out the form below and I would love to get it in the mail for you! Also, if you have been dabbling in Aromatherapy and have not found a brand that you are getting results from. I recommend ,doTERRA, the company is amazing and by far the purest oils I have ever used. If you would like information or want to be a founder in My Tribe then click here!! NOW!

How do you use Bergamot Essential Oil? Check out my JunkyGypsy Inspirations facebook to find out how you can become part of a beautiful tribe of women serving and mentoring each other to LIVE. LOVE. LEARN and Get Crazy Inspired!

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New Vibe, Happy Tribe!

Peace and Oil Love,




Jeremiah 31:12

“They will come and shout for joy on the height of Zion, And they will be radiant over the bounty of the LORD– Over the grain and the new wine and the oil, And over the young of the flock and the herd; And their life will be like a watered garden, And they will never languish again.


I believe with all my heart that every person is allowed to have full access to healthy “real” food, to live a healthy life complete and whole. I have a passionate desire to teach others how they can take full care of the bodies that God gave them and it is through that passion I created “EDEN“. God’s beautiful garden where Adam and Eve first lived was full of nutrishment for the whole body. Meaning not just foods, but also, spiritual fullfillment. His garden had everything we could ever need including medicine. That is my basis for this non-profit or soon to be non-profit.

I will offer families and individuals education on healthy eating, natural healing, and spiritual support through Prayer and Fasting. EDEN’s food pantry will be stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, organic food and high quality non- GMO  foods and fresh bread. EDEN will also, offer each family an essential oils starter kit with diffuser and be taught how to use them in their homes. EDEN will have a JunkyGypsy Clothing Closet to offer free clothing once a month to anyone in need.

This is my dream and with the help and donations from other’s and myself ,I believe together we can make this happen. EDEN is not a part of JunkyGypsy Inspirations but, a contributor to. As a business, JunkyGypsy Inspirations will remain an inspirational business through my writing, art and selling funky junque! EDEN will take the form of a non-profit donating to individuals and families who express a need and have a strong desire to better the health and wellness of themselves and family members.

If you have a passion for healthy living and contributing to the lives of others, then I would like to offer you an opportunity to not only donate but, be an actual part of this on the ground floor. I am looking for special board members to join me. I need a financial advisor, a doTERRA leader, anyone who can teach, social media expert, and donations collector.

If this sounds like the right fit for you then please email me-

I would love to gather some donations before Christmas! If you would like to help me bless a family with Essential Oils then feel free to click on the link and shop/purchase or sign up for your own account by joining my doTERRA TRIBE and get essential oils at wholesale prices, monthly gift from ME and with a 200PV or order this month get a FREE Frankincense (worth 98.00)


Please email me and let me know or message me on-

FB –@JunkyGypsy Inspirations-Amy Siler

Merry Christmas!


Revelation 22:1-3

 Then he showed me a river of the water of life, clear as crystal, coming from the throne of God and of the Lamb, in the middle of its street On either side of the river was the tree of life, bearing twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit every month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. There will no longer be any curse; and the throne of God and of the Lamb will be in it, and His bond-servants will serve Him;



Genesis 8:22 

While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.

So What? My Message.


I was thinking about my message today. What is it I want to get out into to world? What am I so passionate about that I can not hold it back no matter what? My message is my business, it’s what God put me on this earth to share with everyone. Figuring out my “gift” was fairly easy considering I always love to write. So writing it is. I remember when I was 11 years old at my Grandma’s house (where I often spent a lot of time) always typing on the typewriter, making “fake” newspapers and writing poems. Basically, everything and anything that involved writing I did. I would tell everyone in my family that I was NOT going to be a reporter, I was going to be a journalist. I even tried to explain to my father that one day I wanted to be homeless so I could write the truth about it because I will have experienced it. So, ya know my “gift” is writing. I never stopped writing. I have always had journals, always created something that involved writing. Today, I asked myself the BIG question.


Upon jotting down somethings that were not my message this is how I found it.

So what if I have lost over 10 homes in my adult life?

So what if, I failed to keep a stable job for longer than 5 years?

So what if, I was on welfare most of my adult life?

So what, I have been broke more than I have had a substantial amount of money in the bank?

So what if, I made some really bad stupid choices?

So what if, I pretend to live in a reality that I desire to create?

You know WHY? Because, if I had not gone through or had not experienced any of that stuff I would not have the message I have now to get out to the world.


*I want to inspire people through my writing to have courage, trust God, believe in themselves and miracles, chase their dreams, know and understand that going through hard things is sometimes good, it helps mold people into a better version of themselves. I want people to see me as REAL- AUTHENTIC (and just because it’s a cool word to use right now)- WHOLE-LOVING and KIND-HEARTED.


From my experiences I believe I can convey a message that will speak to others truthfully. I can share the raw emotions attached to hard times and good times. I can share how I have leaned into God to carry me when I could not go any further. I can share my creativity and love of travel, tiny home living, my passion for Alaska, and my dreams of traveling the country. My crazy sense of style along with my very extreme attitudes. There is so much I have to say. If you are ready to jump on board and keep up to date with all that my biz has to offer, then please sign up on my facebook and here on my blog.


Or just send me an email

I am just about ready to explode with all sorts of goodies!

Are You Ready for the Holidays?




Live.Love.Learn Get Crazy Inspired


Are you ready for the holidays? With next week being Thanksgiving and all, I can honestly say, what the hell? This year is already coming to an end. I started the year with such high vibes if ya know what I mean. I was super positive and ready to take on all of the challenges a New Year has to offer. I really set the tone for my year right away with anticipation for fulfilling dreams and facing new beginnings. Little did I know that this would be the year that I lost my kids. I lost yet, another rental home. Faced very uncertain times, not knowing what the next day held for me or my family. Honestly, though I did not have a bad attitude about it. Yes, there have been “those” days. Overall, I stayed pretty positive. I really am thankful for each and every experience I encountered this year. I am 40, and ready to take on next year. I am totally believing God for some pretty big miracles in 2017, no doubt. I know He hears me and knows my heart’s desire. One of those I confess is to get my kids back. No, they did not get taken from me. I just gave them a choice and they choose not to live with me anymore. Here is the picture we lived in a rented house early in the year, my heart longed for something different I just wasn’t sure how to make it happen. So, we lost our home and moved into a motel where we spent two long cold months of winter. My son, choose not to stay with us and left during this period to go stay with his dad (which did not last long), I prayed and prayed where would we go? We began the process of renting another house but, that fell through. We found ourselves wondering what we should do and how we should do it. I stayed positive, I explored other ways to live of course my true dream was to live in a tiny house or an RV full-time and explore the U.S. My kids thought that was a horrible idea, they thought I was crazy. I forgot to mention I made them live in an RV with me before and they have some not so great memories of it. So, at the end of the month of April we had purchased an RV and the kids choose to go elsewhere. They said they supported my dream but, it was my dream and not theirs. I was excited. I had plans to build my business and travel. It was fun. Still is fun. I just want my kids with me. So, prayers please! Here I am living full time in my RV, work camping and still trying to build a business. My dreams are still very real and I am chasing them head on. As we approach Thanksgiving, I am so thankful for everything this year has taught me. I have grown, changed the way I think about things. #mindset I realised that I did not die because the kids weren’t with me. (Because being a mama and all you like to feel needed and just have to take care of somebody all the time.) I defined exactly what I want out of my life and business very clearly. I am more determined than ever to do something each day that I love and enjoy my life no matter what kind of state of crisis may come up! I know hears my prayers and will heal the hearts of my kids and reunite our family. I believe it with all my heart. I am truly thankful for my awesome, amazing husband who stands by me supports my crazy and loves me no matter what! He is on board with almost anything I want to do. He levels me out and yes brings me down off the clouds when I need it. Take sometime right now, think about your year and what you are thankful for. Before you know it, it will be over. Spread some #love, make sure you #live and always be willing to #learn! Along the way you can get crazy inspired!

Hugs and Love-


P.S. If you click on all the highlighted words you can read old posts about the very things I am talking about here to get the Big Picture!

What’s Coming…




This is my first post as JunkyGypsy. YAY! My business relaunch has begun. I am super excited to share with you more insights into what it is evolving into. Here goes. YEs, I am an essential oil distributer with doTERRA essential oils, I also am a former owner with my husband of a thrift store. I love junk! I am a writer and I am embracing beautiful positive change in my personal life. I desire to empower women to chase their dreams, love themselves more, share how to stay happy and positive in the hard times. I am teaching workshops too. Yes, my plate will soon be overflowing! Oh, yes and I am doing a weekly Periscope on Fridays at 12:00 pm eastern time @junkygypsy. Along with this I am going to begin a series on this blog. Topic will be announced soon! Today, I just wanted to share my true passions with you and how I am taking each thing that I love and know that I am gifted to do and meshing it all together with love so it will benefit others! It has taken me a very long time to get to where I am today. I wake up and love every minute of my life. Yes, unexpected things happen but, I can see the positive in all of it. I am a different Amy. I know that in order to go to the next level in my life I must be different. Here are seven ways you can begin if you truly desire to change your life, live with intention and follow your dreams!







Do these seven things everyday and watch miracles begin to happen. Once you make the decision to move to the next level in your life and chase it with joy and peace you will be a different person. I promise!



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