The Right Road of Exploration

    Hey Tribe! My soul is in a bitter-sweet place this morning. I find myself at the crossroads of life. This way or that. You may have seen similar post on this topic in the past and it is because I have drifted in and out and back and forth on this matter. Which … Continue reading The Right Road of Exploration


Essentially Magical Life

Hello Lovelies! I have missed writing here on my little blog! It has been far too long. Literally, I find that my schedule is quickly filling up and I have to figure out what works for me. I am writing articles for a couple of magazines, building my new website, prepping for weekly Facebook live … Continue reading Essentially Magical Life

Sista Tribe!

  Hey JunkyGypsy Sista Tribe, I have been in an expansive growth state for a few months now. If you were to see me walking down the street you probably would not know that anything was happening to me at all. Sometimes the best growth happens all on the inside. Today I am sharing ten … Continue reading Sista Tribe!

The In Between.

I wake up with a thought that has been haunting me for the past two weeks. It resembles a lot of my FEAR. It hangs before me day after day staring me in the face. I know what it is. I know how to get rid of it. Yet, still there it is. I just … Continue reading The In Between.

You Can if I Can.

Here is a snapshot from the book I am writing. It is a book about life, goals, dreams and helping "self". My mission with this book is to help people who are the ones that choose to live life differently. The ones ready for an upgrade. The ones who are thinking outside of the box. … Continue reading You Can if I Can.

Respons-ABLE/ Inspir-ACTION

Respons-ABLE ┬áInspir-ACTION Dis-EASE You are fully able to take real action on your dreams and goals ,your mind and body are at ease!   I created this to give myself some guidelines going forth in my life and business. These are all areas that I want to change so that I can impact others lives … Continue reading Respons-ABLE/ Inspir-ACTION

What Happens When You Experience A Growth Spurt?

  I have been growing lately. You know the kind of growing that has taken about 15 years to yield fruit. Yep. The painful, good kind of growth. I am floating on cloud nine right now, with excitement. Truth is sometimes when you are growing other people, people close to you (friend, parent, spouse, sibling(s) … Continue reading What Happens When You Experience A Growth Spurt?

Selfish Ambition

  The Lord spoke to me over the weekend and told me I needed to write about selfish ambition. So, I thought about it and got excited because He gave me a topic I thought I could share with others to help change their lives. Oh..little did I know until this morning that He plainly … Continue reading Selfish Ambition

Commit to Succeed! You Must…

    I thought this week was a great week to share some thoughts on commitment to ourselves and our dreams and goals. It is the beginning of a New Year and lots of people have made lists and set goals for the year. I know I did. It no longer is about making New … Continue reading Commit to Succeed! You Must…