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Respons-ABLE  Inspir-ACTION Dis-EASE

You are fully able to take real action on your dreams and goals ,your mind and body are at ease!


I created this to give myself some guidelines going forth in my life and business. These are all areas that I want to change so that I can impact others lives in a positive way. I began initially writing these for myself but, then I thought others would like the information too! In each area on a daily basis I am asking myself these questions. It might be a lot for you so just take a few if you are overwhelmed. By asking yourself these questions in these areas of your life and writing out your answers you are causing a shift in your mind to happen. This will help you to build positive habits, reflect on any areas that need work and it makes you aware of your thinking before you think and your actions before you act. In case you don’t understand the title of this post I intentionally wrote it out so you could see how words have power. We are all able to take action daily in our lives doing whatever we feel is important be it a dream or goal or just simply going to the grocery store and getting the kids to take a nap. It is all relative to life. Most everyone I know wants to have a life that is important. They want to fulfill their dreams and goals. I have made it my mission in life to help women do just that through inspirACTION! I have a passion for women to be healthy and not have disease but to be at EASE in their mind and body! My prayer is that you will take advantage of these questions and really begin to apply it them to your life right now!

*My goal next year is to start a: Say Yes Fund– $3000.00 per year Biz prospects, missions, charities this is after Tithe.

My Prayer:

Lord, I surrender my life and business to You. I pray Lord, for inspiration and ideas that will generate an income and also help me to bless others. I pray that You would take me out of my comfort zone daily and help me to grow intentionally in each area listed below. Help me Lord, to maintain focus and clarity on my dreams and goals. If my dreams and goals are not what You have lined up for me then I pray You would close the door so that I do not waste time chasing meaningless endeavors. Lord, I pray that you would anoint my pen so I can provide valuable content to my followers and spread Your love. I am grateful for every person reading and praying this right now and I ask You to bless their life and provide whatever needs they have. As, their sista in Christ, let us come together as a community/Tribe of daughters of Zion and embrace each other in love and truth. As You Father, have laid on my heart to build this business as a safe place for us all to grow and mentor one another. Help me to reflect Your love in my speech, attitude and actions daily to my Tribe.  I humbly submit my wants and my desires for this business to You and I pray for You to send the people to me who need inspiration and help taking action -people who are ready to invest in their health and wellness journey. Father, I surrender all I have been taught up until this very moment, I let go of what I thought were the genuine guidelines of living a healthy life. And what I thought was the way to lead people to better health. Help me to keep my mind clear and my heart pure & strengthen my convictions and help me to apply all that You teach me into all areas of my life, my family, health, finances, business, serving others, mind, body and spirit. So that my cup will overflow! Thank You Lord!

In Jesus Name- AMEN!


Integrity-Consistently ask myself am I speaking with integrity? Am I acting with integrity in mind? Are my words reflecting integrity? Are my decisions being made with integrity?Do I ask others opinions when faced with a tough decision so that I can gain wisdom in all areas?

Influence– Am I leaving the people whom I meet feeling loved, valued, important, and heard? Do I dress for success daily? Am I utilizing social media in a positive way that leaves people with feelings of peace and joy? Do I listen to others well? To I speak with wisdom? Do I seek advice from people I admire or look up to?

Growth– Am I doing at least one thing everyday that scares me. Am I seeking out ways to grow spiritually. Am I allowing God to mold me and change me as I grow as a Christian? Who am I surrounded by that motivates me to be a better person? Who are the five people I surround myself with currently on a daily basis? Am I setting aside time and money to invest in my growth?

Spirit– Do I seek the leading of the Holy Spirit before I start my day? Am I giving God priority in my daily life? Do I pray for others regularly? Am I silent before the Lord so I can hear Him? Do I confess my sins and repent daily? Do I forgive myself and others and ask God to wash me clean and start over ready and willing? Do I intentionally seek the Lords wisdom in all areas of my life? Am I committed to the Word and applying it to my day to day activities? Am I humble? Do I serve and love others well? In whatever I am doing to I put forth the very best I have? Do I have a correct perception of the Fear of the Lord?

Financial-Am I a good steward of all God has given me right now? Am I serious about paying my debts? Do I exhibit integrity when making a large purchase? Do I tithe my first 10%? Do I give above God’s 10%? Is my checking account balanced and in order? Is my savings account growing? Am I committed to saving for the future? Am I serious about living in financial freedom? Is my highest priority to be FREE? Do I bless others often with financial gifts? Do I look into ways I can invest into other businesses and sow good seed?

Health– Am I committed to my body being the temple of the Holy Spirit? Do I eat whole foods daily? Do I take vitamins and supplements to help maintain my health? Do I regulary exercise? Am I setting an example to others with my body? Do I always look for the healthy options when faced with temptation? Is my household healthy? Do I cook “real” meals daily? Is my hygiene good? Am I a good steward of the body that God gave me? Do I look for ways to teach others how they can be healthy? Do I share essential oils with everyone I meet? Am I committed to invest in others lives my knowledge of how they can live a healthy life? Am I willing to give God my body as a living sacrifice?

Mind– Do I wake up positive and ready to embrace the day? Is my mind healthy and under my control? Do I practice setting my mind on things above and not below? Do I take every thought captive unto God? Do I intentionally seek to keep my mind pure and clear of distractions? Do I think about the way I talk to myself? Am I paying attention to my thought patterns? Am I putting your Word Lord in my heart and mind so that I can meditate on it day and night?



I am confident and successful in all I do.

I love my life and I shower others with drops of joy all day.

I speak with impeccable wisdom.

I am a writer and I am paid well for my writing.

I am an excellent steward of all God gives me.

I serve others well daily.

My passion is evident in how I show up in my life daily to serve others.

I always have more than enough money for my bills, food, clothing, health & wellness, kids, and to give to others.

I pay my debts in full.

I am financially free!

My business is growing and expanding daily.

My business is profitable and I have a generous income to live on and save and invest.

My savings account has over 10,000.00 in it at all times.

My checking account is balanced and growing!

I am FREE! I can I will! I am able to do all that God calls me to do.

My cup overflows so I can serve others.

I love others well.

I am an example to people.

I am disciplined. I am living my dream life in the abundance and love that God wants me to live in here on this earth.

My priorities are in order-God, family, business

I am fully committed to living my life with love, purpose, passion, and faith!


If you have never said affirmations before, try this I promise you won’t be disappointed! At the very least saying affirmations gets you into a positive mindset and takes you out of your reality and get you focused on taking action on your goals! If you enjoyed this post let me know I want to hear from YOU!

Have a beautiful Friday Loves! I am here to support you!~



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What Happens When You Experience A Growth Spurt?



I have been growing lately. You know the kind of growing that has taken about 15 years to yield fruit. Yep. The painful, good kind of growth. I am floating on cloud nine right now, with excitement. Truth is sometimes when you are growing other people, people close to you (friend, parent, spouse, sibling(s) and so forth) may sense that you are still that same old person with the same old habits. They may experience anger, fear, hurt, or jealously. Whether or not you are the person growing or the person who is close to a person who is growing truth is, we all react that way sometimes. Even if you think, “ oh, I would never do that.YES! You have. I know this from experience. I’ve done it. Here is the thing we can change! Right? We can intentionally pay attention to others. We can support them, encourage and love people. In my current growth spurt, I am experiencing a high for life. I am intentionally loving everyday. Waking up joyful. Setting the tone of my day with prayer and repeating words that are causing my growth. That might sound weird but, words do have power. These words are impacting my spirit and soul. They are reaching deep down inside of me and causing me to take action on the dreams and goals that I thought I was already taking action on. In truth, I was just doing “busy” work. I want you to try this experiment. I promise it works.


Say these words then, close your eyes. Repeat them over and over for five minutes.

Beautiful Life, Abundance, Fulfilling, Creative Process, Leadership, Passion,Cultivate, Magic, Supernatural Life, Vibrant, Healthy, FREE, High Vibe, High Level, Overflow,Shine

Now, “How do you feel?” Pretty great, right? Through the power of these words I am creating the action plan for my life, my business and my future. I already had a vision and dream. I have a vision board and have SMART goals. I am not talking about creating the baseline vision. No. What I am talking about is the deeper vision the one that lives in your heart, the truth of who we are (who I am). Who God created me to be using the gifts He gave me and the plan He has for me wrapped up in my passions and laid out in my dreams and goals. Are you following? That is the seed that was planted long ago and years and years of watering,  fertilizing, and pulling weeds had to be done before I could grow again. Now, I am growing and headed straight toward the sun or (Son), if you get me. This is where I believe I am experiencing phenomenal personal boldness and confidence in my dreams at the same time I am experiencing the cold shoulder from friends and family. I see this happening through social media, conversations and actions. I’m not upset. I am not deterred from my growth. I do recognize it for what it is. I am responding in LOVE. That is the only way to respond. Maybe they don’t understand why I am changing or why now after all this time. It will take some time for them to get used to my “new” language and new attitude. But, through the power of prayer and just plain loving them, I can set the tone for conversations that will lead to happiness and peace. You have to handle it with a tender gentle spirit. Be very careful how you approach conversations or confrontations. Be prepared to stand your ground firmly. Have boldness and confidence in embracing the truth of your growth spurt and use gentle words to affirm who you are and where you are going.

This is the route I am taking and just acknowledging that this is happening is growth also, for me. YES! I am really excited to be in the process of building a strong foundation for my new life and biz! Going forward I have confidence, strength and integrity to handle these gentle conversations or confrontations. I hope this has helped you. Maybe you are having a growth spurt too!

Happy Growing!



Selfish Ambition



The Lord spoke to me over the weekend and told me I needed to write about selfish ambition. So, I thought about it and got excited because He gave me a topic I thought I could share with others to help change their lives. Oh..little did I know until this morning that He plainly directed it towards me. He wanted me to research and read more into it so that my heart could be convicted. When I began to read several different articles on the matter I began to feel dirty. Suddenly, I was ashamed and all of my inner secrets exposed in the light. I read quotes about it and they hit home pretty hard!! So much so that a fear whelped up in me that can only be described as the Fear of the Lord. I took out my journal and began to write and as I was writing images began to run through my mind. I could see recent choices I had made that reflected selfish ambition. I saw how I thought that I was doing something biblical really was not at all what I thought. I saw how my prayers were all about me and for my benefit. When I should have been asking, ” Lord what do you want?” As I was writing I felt it all being lifted as I repented and said how very sorry I was for seeking my own selfish desires. I do not want God to frustrate my plans and bring disaster upon me and my family because every person who is inclined to be selfishly ambitious that in the same way God will frustrate all your plans and bring disaster upon you. I am just putting this out here as I was told to do so you can take a look into your heart and see if your motives are pure, right and noble. Or are you just trying to further yourself, your dreams, your plans? Selfish ambition always involves trickery and deceit so pay attention. Be warned we are in the end times and I want to be 100% right with my Lord in every area and every detail of my life. I beleive that God is doing some cleaning in my heart and mind so that I can be right with Him. I know I must always be on guard and when the Lord sheds light on something that means we are to pay close attention to that something for now on knowing that the enemy comes to decieve us! Selfish ambition cannot compete with divine sovereignty. There is bitter fruit from selfish ambition. It contaminates our motives for doing just about anything. It shows up even in the most holy moments. Thank God we have Jesus so we can come to God through Him and ask for repentance and begin to worship the Lord as He forgives us.

The definition of Selfish Ambition:

Someone who has selfish ambition is motivated to further themselves or attain certain goals that would only or specifically benefit themselves, regardless of how it affects others.

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests but also to the interest of others. Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.”

Philippains 1:17

“For wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, there you will find disorder and evil of every kind.”

James 3:16

Dave Ramsey puts it into context. He says:

“We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.”

*We make our strategic plans. We set our agenda. We develop our priorities. We identify our goals and objectives. Then after all that is done, we ask God to come alongside us and bless us.

But what if the starting point was God’s plans? Consider what God is doing and how he is moving. Take a few moments and consider where God is at work.

Ways for you to look into your heart and remove all selfish ambition from your life!

  • Make a list of the ways you see God moving and working around you. Then consider how you might join in.
  • Be a part of something bigger than yourself. God’s vision is always bigger than you. I was told as a young pastor to never do ministry alone. If you are doing all the work yourself, then it probably is not God’s work. God’s mission is a mission to share. 


    Let’s begin this week finding out how God wants us to join Him in what He is doing! I believe that serving others is a huge part of that so this week set the intention to purposely serve and bless others. In return you will be blessed!


-Love & Joy


Commit to Succeed! You Must…




I thought this week was a great week to share some thoughts on commitment to ourselves and our dreams and goals. It is the beginning of a New Year and lots of people have made lists and set goals for the year. I know I did. It no longer is about making New Years Resolutions, but actively pursuing goals and dreams in one’s life. It seems like everyone has a bullet journal these days. So, okay you have your journal and wrote everything you wanted to accomplish in 2017. With pretty markers and font each page details something you want or something you want to accomplish. You are filled with excitement and hope. This is the year, this is it! Real change is going to happen.

Then, week after week comes, you may glance through your fancy journal and remember the excitement you had when you filled it out. Heck, you might even accomplish a thing or two on your list. Soon, lack of motivation sets in. Life happens and the day to day grind takes up all your time. Your journal is tossed to the wind. You go back to exactly what you were doing the year before. Or maybe you are really determined to make things happen for yourself. Maybe you are in the 2% of people who actually do small daily tasks that move you toward your dreams and goals. I am here today to kick you in the butt! This is not just another year. This is THE YEAR! 

Stop complaining about not having any time and get up! Let’s do this. Make a commitment to yourself that no matter what it takes YOU are going to SUCCEED! It is still January and in order to keep motivation you must do small daily tasks. Realistically, plan a time in your day to do the one thing that will take you one step closer to your dream. It could be as simple as going outside for a walk everyday or saving 10.00 a week. Whatever, it is YOU are the only person who can make YOU do it! Did you hear what I said? YOU have to do the work. No one else is going to force you or pay attention to what you want because we all have our own dreams and goals. I wrote this in part to yell at myself because I need it. I desire to keep the motivation and determination on full speed ahead! This year needs to be radical for me. I hope that you are as determined as me! If so, I would like to invite you to sign up for my weekly emails to crazy inspire you on your journey this year! Join my new facebook group to be accountable not only to yourself but, there is a whole tribe of people out there wanting to make their dreams a reality this year. Follow my hashtag of the week- #junkygypsydetermination



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