Celebrate Beautiful Essential Oils! Get’em Here!

doTerra's organic and natural Essential Oils are high quality, beautiful smelling, and an amazing addition to your self-care and creative evolution. Each of doTerra's essential oils carries a high vibration because of the quality of the plants, the way they're sourced and nurtured, and the way that the teams and farmers who create them are … Continue reading Celebrate Beautiful Essential Oils! Get’em Here!


Fabulous JunkyGypsy EO Blends!

I am sharing some of my favorite blends with you. These blends can be used in rollerball or diffusing! I have more to share but, for now these are my favs!   Leave a comment below sharing your favorite blends!  ©2017 JunkyGypsy Inspirations * All rights reserved.

Life and Oils

Live A High Vibe Life To live at a higher level requires work. You have to be very intentional in every area. Health, Wellness, Body, Mind & Soul. Let me share a doc I created to help you and to ask the question, Do you want to live a high vibe amplified life? Live a … Continue reading Life and Oils


  I have been asking myself lately," Why is it that most people don't want to change?" The average person wakes up and goes through life day-to-day, not thinking about what they are eating, the environment they are in, what they expose their mind to daily, etc. It takes a special kind of person to … Continue reading Change?

WHY doTERRA? WHY Essential Oils?

This is an awesome resource post I created to answer questions about essential oils and doTERRA!

Take Action

Oil of the Week is... On Guard: doTERRA's Protective Blend Why did I choose this oil for the week? The reason is because it is the perfect time of the year to be smoothering  yourself with this blend. We are still in the heart of winter and On Guard supports the body’s natural antioxidant defenses. It is … Continue reading Take Action

Oil of the Week: Bergamot

THE BEAUTY OF BERGAMOT    Why Bergamot? Well, I love the smell! But, that's not all Bergamot essential oil has some pretty awesome uses. Bergamot is the most delicate of all citrus plants. Bergamot oil is simply an essential oil derived from the peel of the bergamot fruit. It requires that it has a special climate … Continue reading Oil of the Week: Bergamot

Let’s Network..

I just finished watching, Rise of the Entrepreneur from: Eric Worre. I can not express how much everyone should watch this film. I have included the link at the bottom of this post. Talk about eye opener, not that I was not aware of the career crisis our country is in right now. I am, … Continue reading Let’s Network..

2015 WOWW!!!

Much has happened this year! I will be reflecting this month on the entire year and the goals I made in January. I will share with you my dreams, goals, what has happened and why I renamed my page! Stay tuned because it's a lot to share and I hope that in some way you … Continue reading 2015 WOWW!!!