Open Eyes, New Roads



This is the second time I am typing this message. Just an FYI—it is a message that God wants me to get out and thus the first time I wrote it I accidentally hit a button while typing and it deleted. That being said I know I must attempt to say it again.

This message is for us! The Christians of the world. I have been asking the Lord where He wants us to go from where we are at now. I have a feeling deep inside that change is on the horizon. I don’t know how I know but, I just know.  I found myself last week burnt out from working and trying to be Wonder Woman. I tend to stretch myself thin, its my nature. Then, I become bitter and angry. This happened to me last week. I was so exhausted that I was lashing out at everyone. I was at the point that I was about to sabotage the blessing God has provided us. I few days to reflect on my life and the blessings in it. Because bitterness has a way of making us blind to blessings. Someone last week said to me, that God hates bitterness and an ungrateful heart. You can not be a man after God’s own heart if you are ungrateful. That really hit home to me.

My mantra for this year has been ,”to be a woman after God’s own heart.” I had allowed ungratefulness, anger, bitterness and selfish ambition to get in the way of that. I had to let it GO! To release it and lay it all at the foot of the cross. God has laid it on my heart to pray and fast more. So, last week I fasted for a day and I prayed. I am praying for direction for us and for whatever He is calling us to do. During that day I did not receive and answer to my prayers. I thought maybe it was a test from the Lord to see if I was serious about prayer and fasting. The other day while driving I was silently praying about things, life things. God gently said, ” Amy I call all of my children. None is above the other. It is the ones who choose to answer that are the chosen.” This was in reference to me always praying to the Lord that I wanted to be a chosen not just a called.

Matthew 22:14

For many are called, but few are chosen.
Then God said, ” Are you sure you want to be a chosen? The ones who chose to answer are mocked, called idiots, look foolish, are beaten and sometimes killed to be my chosen.” I thought about that. WOW. Why had I not realized this before? I found myself feeling foolish at this point. Was I really willing to step up to the plate? I don’t know about you but, I realized I need to build my faith back up. I have also, been struggling to write this post over the past few weeks when clearly it is a message from God to His beloved children. Every time I would get ready to type I would lose my words or get distracted. The first time I wrote this I hit a button on accident and deleted a very long post. I wanted to scream! God laid it on my heart to let Christians know they need to learn to fear God once more. It seems today that no one really fears God. There is all this love and joy which  is true and great. But, God calls us to have a FEAR of the Lord!

Deuteronomy 4:10

Specially the day that thou stoodest before the Lord thy God in Horeb, when the Lord said unto me, Gather me the people together, and I will make them hear my words, that they may learn to fear me all the days that they shall live upon the earth, and that they may teach their children.
So much of what I see today is how to create a life you love. How you are responsible of you own life. How YOU are the master of making the life YOU want. It’s all rainbows, fairies, and unicorns. Just scroll social media and everything is a quote about positive living and you being the master of YOU! I am not blameless in this nor am I saying that being positive is bad. I have a hard conviction right now that our enemy is using words like, “live the life you want” ,”create you dream life” and such to steal Christians and keep them from focusing on the true mission. Be doers of the Word not hearers only. We are not to conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed. It seems like Christians are luke warm, they freely do Yoga and freely participate in pagan activities. Doing and accepting things that 10 years ago they would not have done. God is calling us back to Him. We are not FREE to create our lives and do whatever we want we were all bought with a price and that was JESUS. The time is now that we are to be clearly instructed in the Word to share the gospel, to love the broken-hearted and to lead others to Christ. We have been placed here in this time right now, for such a time as this. The enemy seeks to deceive and keep Christians distracted and busy with unimportant matters. None of what we do on this earth is by our design or our making it is all from God above. We must submit to that authority and fear the Lord once more. This is the message I want to share today. It is important for the time is near and living as the disciples did in Acts is what we are called to do again. Do not allow the enemy to deceive you with beautiful words and imaginary dreams. Leading you to believe YOU are in charge of YOUR life. It is not the truth.

James 4: 4-10

whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.  Do ye think that the scripture saith in vain, The spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy?  But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble. Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded. Be afflicted, and mourn, and weep: let your laughter be turned to mourning, and your joy to heaviness. 10 Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.



It is important that this message get out. God says the time is near and I do not want anyone to be lost. I love you all!




Hello Lovely’s

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Good Monday Morning!

My desire is to be “real” with you guys today. So, I am sharing from my heart. Sometimes we can be taking all the right actions to changing our life and making it what we want it to be. Our focus is laser point, our mind is set and we are so determined to succeed that nothing will get in the way! Right?
As true as all of that is, there is real life mixed in with dreams. That is what happened to me yesterday. I was visiting my children and spending time with them while hubby was visiting our new grandchild. I had a thought, “What is all of my dreaming and praying to get to the next level in my life, what if it was “fake”?” As if I am not living in reality? This one thought poisoned my mind for the day and I am still feeling the ripple effects of it into this morning. The problem is that once I thought that, my dreams seemed far out of reach. It felt as if I should just give up. After all who am I to think I can actually have dreams come true at my age? Why would they? I have failed miserably for the past 20 years, what makes me think I can change all of that?

Those questions stole my joy, peace, abundance,and hope in my future. It sucks when our minds sabotage us. All to often it happens in people’s lives. They give up. I mean really, ” Why bother?”

I am here to let you know what I am doing about this little mind game going on in my head. I am putting an end to these thoughts right here and now. Thank GOD I do not base my life any longer on my “feelings”. If I did I would not even get out of bed in the morning. This little trick from the devil will not deter me from my dreams. Maybe this was a little test from GOD maybe not. I don’t know. What I do know is our enemy does not want anyone to be fulfilled, successful, happy, at peace and living an abundant life. Remember, he roams to and fro all the earth seeking the next one he can devour. So we are to be on guard at all times!


Thankfully, I caught this attack. Nipped it in the bud and I am continuing to pursue the things God has placed on my heart. My purpose is to make a difference in people’s lives by sharing the truth. That is why I am sharing this. If you begin to feel confused or overwhelmed in your dreamchasing, know that it is not God. But, the enemy who seeks to destroy all hope and all vision you have. Speak to it and pray releasing it to God who is our vindicator. Continue on your way. Never give up!

I love you and you are worth more than rubies! Be blessed, have a great day!


Commit to Succeed! You Must…




I thought this week was a great week to share some thoughts on commitment to ourselves and our dreams and goals. It is the beginning of a New Year and lots of people have made lists and set goals for the year. I know I did. It no longer is about making New Years Resolutions, but actively pursuing goals and dreams in one’s life. It seems like everyone has a bullet journal these days. So, okay you have your journal and wrote everything you wanted to accomplish in 2017. With pretty markers and font each page details something you want or something you want to accomplish. You are filled with excitement and hope. This is the year, this is it! Real change is going to happen.

Then, week after week comes, you may glance through your fancy journal and remember the excitement you had when you filled it out. Heck, you might even accomplish a thing or two on your list. Soon, lack of motivation sets in. Life happens and the day to day grind takes up all your time. Your journal is tossed to the wind. You go back to exactly what you were doing the year before. Or maybe you are really determined to make things happen for yourself. Maybe you are in the 2% of people who actually do small daily tasks that move you toward your dreams and goals. I am here today to kick you in the butt! This is not just another year. This is THE YEAR! 

Stop complaining about not having any time and get up! Let’s do this. Make a commitment to yourself that no matter what it takes YOU are going to SUCCEED! It is still January and in order to keep motivation you must do small daily tasks. Realistically, plan a time in your day to do the one thing that will take you one step closer to your dream. It could be as simple as going outside for a walk everyday or saving 10.00 a week. Whatever, it is YOU are the only person who can make YOU do it! Did you hear what I said? YOU have to do the work. No one else is going to force you or pay attention to what you want because we all have our own dreams and goals. I wrote this in part to yell at myself because I need it. I desire to keep the motivation and determination on full speed ahead! This year needs to be radical for me. I hope that you are as determined as me! If so, I would like to invite you to sign up for my weekly emails to crazy inspire you on your journey this year! Join my new facebook group to be accountable not only to yourself but, there is a whole tribe of people out there wanting to make their dreams a reality this year. Follow my hashtag of the week- #junkygypsydetermination



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What if…




What if you had the power to change your whole life with one major decision today? Most of us know that we have that kind of power.

Let’s just say, you were living your normal life. The daily grind. You had these dreams and goals planned for your future. But, then you come to a cross-road. One choice leads you down a path to fulfilling your dreams and goals in a way that felt totally comfortable. You have ambitious plans to succeed at life and business, bring your family back together, and learn some things along the way.

The other road is totally unfamiliar territory, you can see yourself fulfilling the same dreams and goals but, on a higher level. It is a darker scarier road. You are not sure where each step is and with one wrong step you could totally fall off a cliff. But, somehow the risk seems worth it in the long run. After, many years of chasing what you want. What you actually envision your life to be like.


The first road seems the safest, yes it is still scary. But, a little more comforting. You are not alone. You are not thinking selfishly on this path but also, about loved ones and what they want. Let’s say on this first path you have already given up something very precious to you to proceed with what you thought was the right path. You are sad because you did not want to give that one thing up but you did. Path one seems to make the most since when you are 40. It makes sence in the larger sceam of things. You wonder what would happen if you were to take the darker, scarier path? Would it all work out in the end? Would your visions be fulfilled? Just like you secretly imagined. It would mean giving up the one thing you are too afraid to give up. Even though, you have tried over and over again. You keep coming back. Reality sets back in and you refocus on the important things in life. Wondering always wondering what would have happened if you would have taken the risk? There is right now still time to take that path but, time is running out. Before long the choice will be gone forever. So what do you do?

People are made to keep going. Through tragedy and disaster, pain and suffering, death and life. We keep going. A decision is not going to kill you if you are wrong. Yes, there are consequences to pay but, is the reward greater? If faced with this kind of choice what would you do? Stay on the well-lit path and be comfortable? Or would you risk it all and take a chance not knowing where it could lead. I think indecisiveness slowly, kills us. When we freeze and don’t make a choice. Slowly, we die a little each day. Not physically but, spiritually. God hates indecisiveness. His word says so more than once. I more than anyone in the last 3 years have suffered from my inability to make a decision. One major decision. Life altering. My family has suffered greatly from it. Even, today I still can not make the choice. I struggle so much and fear really has a hold on me. When it comes to this one thing. I imagine myself being strong enough one day to just GO. Also, to just LET GO. I have been praying for years about it but, I have not received and answer. This is one of those decisions that has no clear direct answer from God. At least up to this point. Is there some sort of secret to uncovering an answer to prayer? I desperately seek the wisdom of the Lord. I find like David, punishment for our choices does sometimes end up with reward. At what cost, though? Pain, hurt, anger on both paths. It is unavoidable. Honestly, which road is the one that will lead me to the life I imagined I would have? The one where I actually get what I deserve. Things I felt unworthy of but, I know now I am worthy of them. What if….I take the dark, scary path and it turns out to be the biggest mistake I have ever made? Or what if……it turns out exactly the way I imagined, because if you think you can, you can. (Norman Vincent Peale). Why don’t you guys comment below, I really would like to hear what you would do. Not because I need your approval for a decision that will change my life over night but, just to have some insight and thoughts from others. I would love to engage in this topic. How do you or did you overcome your greatest FEAR? Let me know. Check out this post in relation to this subject!



Give Your Minutes and Assignment

Okay, I have fallen off course with my biz over the last few weeks. Life happened. You know the day-to-day stuff that can choke you out and leave you dry, empty and fighting in your soul just to hold on to the dreams you have. Yes, that kind stuff. I know that I should have prioritized my day to day activities to focus on my business and let the other “stuff” go. The stuff that is important to me and the growth of my business. I just could not focus. I think all of us have those “life happenings” that come in unexpectedly and throw us for a loop. The point I am trying to get at here is to be mindful of your daily choices. Today I am typing this and realizing that if I would have decided everyday to do one thing for my business even though crazy stuff was happening in my personal life, I would not feel so drained and so far away from accomplishing my goals. All it takes is determination, self-discipline, and focus to remain on the path. I am now planning my schedule for the next week. I decided that whatever “pops” up personally I will deal after my business goals have been met for the day! I am going to be a ruthless b*tch about building my brand and making my business a success.As, I take a deep breath yell and shout my intentions for the week, I know that I have declared my priorities and now have laser focus. You can do it too! While I was driving this past week I wrote I know at least four really awesome blog post, the problem is I did not write it down. I know exactly what I want to say and how. But, all is forgotten by the time I reach my destination. I know I am not doing the right thing at the right time when that happens. I feel it deep down inside a kind of sadness that my gifts are not being used the way they should be used.


It all has to do with priorities and discipline.

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I challenge you to take some time today. Plan out your weekly goals, write them down, set real intentions. Then, stick to it. Don’t allow yourself to make up excuses or let others steal your energy with their problems. Be mindful of where your time goes and just as you plan where your money goes and assign every dollar a place to go treat your time the same way. I know sometimes you just can’t help it but, if you are serious and intentional about it you will more likely than not succeed. Keep a record. Write it all down. Also, add in some FREE time to give yourself the wiggle room you need. If you don’t then you are sure to fail.

Let’s get this challenge going!

Spend your minutes wisely!