Happy Thanksgiving Tribe!

As we approach this Thanksgiving holiday, I embrace it with the solitude of change. I embrace grace this year. Complete grace around where I am as a person, grace around my family, kids, and grace over life in general. Each Thanksgiving is vastly different from the last for me. Two years ago I was cooking the “holy dinner”, and waiting for all the kids to show up as I sipped a silky red wine listening to Christmas songs and football in the background. Last year, it was spent in service to others. Preparing a meal for travelers and vagabonds who has no family or were to far from home. Eating together in a dining hall at a campground, talking and sharing stories.


This year I really just don’t know. I know that two of the kids are unable to see me due to work and continental location. It’s okay. Not all holidays can be spent together. That is just life. Which is why I bring grace into the picture. It is during these times (if you are a mama bear like me) you feel guilt or shame around the fact that the whole family is not together that you have to allow grace to come in. Release those feelings. By doing this you set yourself free from any outcomes and give yourself permission to enjoy the day no matter what it looks like. Thanksgiving is not just about food and family. It is about grace and gratitude. A day of sincere reflection on our year and life. A day to allow all to be forgiven and rest in grace. I encourage you to surrender whatever you have been holding onto that you need to let go of. Enjoy Thanksgiving for what it truly means. You are worthy. You are loved. Grace is yours!

Happy Thanksgiving!




Essentially Magical Life

JunkyGypsy Inspirations (11)

Hello Lovelies!

I have missed writing here on my little blog! It has been far too long. Literally, I find that my schedule is quickly filling up and I have to figure out what works for me. I am writing articles for a couple of magazines, building my new website, prepping for weekly Facebook live Sista Jam Sessions, where we come together in love and truth and chat about our dreams and goals! Doesn’t that sound simply divine? I am super excited about the new launch. I also, starting writing a new book. It is not entirely new, I am rewriting the book I recently published on Amazon and adding lots of value and much better content to the mix. I have found my entrepreneurial spirit, the confidence to embrace my own uniqueness. I am determined to show up big in my life right where I am today. Have you been in a place of new growth and unlimited potential in your personal life and biz? There is this atmosphere of abundance right now. God I believe is opening doors and sending opportunities that maybe once were not options. He is lifting the veil so He can be glorified I our daily life. When we give Him the glory and the honor He is showing up BIG for us! I feel it. If you are on the cupst of growth or something you have been trying to do for a long time just know that He is sending the right opportunities and the right doors will open at the right time. We are in a beautiful space of love and peace. Embrace sista’s with all of your beauty. The world needs you!


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doTERRA is investing millions next year and bridging the gap between modern medicine and natural healthcare. They are opening clinics all across the U.S. and I am so excited to be a part of this beautiful movement. If you would like to find out more please click here to find out! You could have a local clinic!

I will be running my JunkyGypsy DETOXoxo Program the beginning of October. You will need to purchase a doTERRA Cleanse and Restore Kit for 245.00 and that also includes your membership fee for one year!

2x3-566x819-kits-cleanse-restore-us-english-webI love you and I am so excited to be posting upcoming videos to my blog for your benefit! I want to create valuable content for all of us! Let me know if you would like me to share something specific!

Lots of Love,

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You Can if I Can.

Here is a snapshot from the book I am writing. It is a book about life, goals, dreams and helping “self”. My mission with this book is to help people who are the ones that choose to live life differently. The ones ready for an upgrade. The ones who are thinking outside of the box. The ones who might be paralyzed in fear. The ones who need a community of cheerleaders! I am sharing the preface with you because I want to share my journey in writing my first book. I want to share what it takes to sit down everyday and try to write when you can’t. I want to share the ideas that flood my mind. I want to share my daily life and my growth journey.

So here ya go!



My core desire is to build a community of people who are ready and willing to take their life to the next level. That means in all areas body, mind and soul. It means developing positive routines that will thrust you forward into the amazing life God intended for you to live. My passion is to lead you to those tools and resources that will help you on your journey and that have helped me. I know this sounds like a lot and you are probably wondering where to start or even how to start. I was like you and it took me years to put healthy routines into place so that over time they would give me the results I have today. We are never done growing. We should always be learning and upgrading ourselves and our lives! Today, I can honestly say I am a confident ,healthy, beautiful woman who chooses to be a light in the world! I never would have said those things about myself before. I have done the work. It has taken years of reading, studying, learning, growing, getting rid of old thinking patterns, surrendering, accepting, loving, and so much more to get to where I am today. I am going to share how I did it and the tools that got me here!

Let me share a bit with you about my journey. My name is Amy Cherie Woods Siler, I am the founder and creative guru of JunkyGypsy Inspirations. I created my brand out of my passion to inspire people to live a life of total freedom, to love themselves and others, and to learn forever. (Live.Love.Learn)I am not saying that everybody is trapped and in bondage, not at all. What I mean is the majority of people live their lives not ever knowing that they can be totally free. So many of us live in bondage to something at sometime or another in our lives. It could be an addiction or a bad habit or something even more disguised like eating an ice cream cone late every night which is a sugar addiction. It could also, be a negative attitude or getting angry, really there are so many little things that keep us from living a life of total freedom. I also, know it is hard to make real lasting changes in life. Those who are ready and willing and devoted will succeed and I am here to be your cheerleader!

How often do you think about your health? Some people are extremely passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and then there are those who simply don’t really think about it. My journey into living a natural, healthy lifestyle began in 2007. I was overweight, depressed and very insecure. I was indulging in highly processed foods and overeating. I had no energy, no passion and no will power it seemed. Yet, I knew I was in a vicious cycle and I wanted out. I had a desire to change and I knew I had to or my life would not get any better. I started researching growing my own foods and I bought some chickens and started there. I knew growing my own produce was a start. I also, wanted my children to eat healthier. At the time they were all between the ages of 12-5 years of age. We were a newly blended family of seven and my hubby was a meat and potatoes kind of guy. He still is. I began to research what GMO’s were and that was around the time of the famous documentary Food Inc. came out. Slowly, my diet changed and I began to exercise in little increments. I did not lose a ton of weight but, you could see a difference. I became obsessed with natural organic living and doing things differently. This lead me to apply for a job at Whole Foods Market in 2010. It was January 2010 and I accepted a position in the Produce and Seafood depts full time. I could not have been happier. My education grew as I worked with local organic farmers and local vendors. My product knowledge increased as well as, my passion and obsession for living a different way. Over the next five years I completely transformed my diet and my body. I under went surgery in 2012 for a hysterectomy at age 35 due severe problems. I blamed the problems on “big pharma”. Side effects from medications and from my tubal ten years prior. I also suffered anorexia in my late twenties and I had a severe drug addiction to painkillers.  I could honestly write a book about being an addict but, I will save that for another time. The reason I am sharing this with you is so I can be completely transparent and real. Addiction is hard and even harder to overcome but, it can be done. I do not shift all of the blame on big pharma but, I do blame them some. If pain killers had not be carelessly over prescribed in the late 80’s and through the 90’s we would be a very different nation right now. Just look at the heroin epidemic. Thankfully, God protected me from ever trying heroin. He knew I would be dead right now had I tried that. Today, my passion for a natural healthy abundant life has led me to be an entrepreneur. This is why I created JunkyGypsy Inspirations. Part of living a high vibe life is gratitude. Being in a state of constant gratitude will always keep you humble and will help you to stay focused.
Be grateful daily for the life you have and where you are. It is important to embrace the present in order to have freedom to change the future. I want to evolve into what God wants me to be–what His original vision was for me. Granted I made mistakes along the way but, He has worked it all out for the good.
I am at a point in my life where peace is my priority and negativity can not exist. That involves learning to control emotions. Another goal of mine is to support you in getting a grip on those pesky emotions that try to steal our joy. Will they ever go away? No. Of course not. But, learning how to control them makes all the difference. My one core desire is for this TRIBE to love, respect, and accept each other where we are at in our health journey together knowing we are all growing and changing.

How do we live a High Vibe Life Successfully?

We have to develop a positive mental attitude and treat everyone as if they were the most important person in the world. We have to develop a capacity to understand people. We must have self-discipline and learn to manage our own personal habits. We must exude peace and have hope and ambition for the future. Get excited about our goals and dreams and determine in our minds that we will succeed no matter what. Another area we must master is self-care. You must always make time for yourself. You can not serve and bless others if your cup is empty. Lastly, GO EXTREME! Figure out what matters most and focus on that thing.

I am now having done these things myself, a light in the world. I serve people by being the example and living in the freedom that God meant for us all to live in. The Lord wants me serve Him and others with my unique gifts and His purpose for my life which is also, the things inside of me that He gives me a deep creative passion for. He put that seed in me long ago and now it is time for it to grow, bloom and share with others. I wanted to experience abundance and freedom in my life, so I had to heal and serve then lead in my own home first before I could share with others what I have learned. Be obsessed with your own freedom and health! Be a person of powerful habits! Always put love first. If we place true authentic love before anything else in our lives then and only then can we succeed. As we grow and change we are constantly up grading or up leveling our lives. It is important to surround yourself with people who are going to support your journey. Maintain focus and clarity on your dreams and goals. You must be the leader of yourself. I will share the tools that will help motivate and lead you to live a beautiful amplified life! We will Live, Love, and Learn together and every single day you are gonna get crazy inspired! I am creating a culture of transparency, love, and freedom in this TRIBE! I hope that everyone wants to live in a beautiful state. Throughout this book you will discover key principles, tools you need and habits to put into place to ensure your growth and success in any and every area of your life! Right now, embrace your true authentic self right where you are. You are beautiful, brilliant and ready to upgrade!


Have a Beautiful Day!



Fabulous JunkyGypsy EO Blends!

I am sharing some of my favorite blends with you. These blends can be used in rollerball or diffusing! I have more to share but, for now these are my favs!


diffuser uplifting blends

Gliter & Sparkle Blend


Leave a comment below sharing your favorite blends! peaceoil

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Super Sunday, Superbowl



Hey guys, I imagine most of you are at the super market buying chips and salsa right now prepping for “Game Day 2017“! If you are a huge fanatic about the Superbowl every year then it’s your day. I on the other hand really don’t care about football. I do celebrate Superbowl Sunday though. Weird, right? Not actually, a lot of people don’t watch football any other time. Yet, we all jump on the band wagon on this day. With a beer in our hand reaching for a buffalo wing in a room filled with friends. We all watch with anticipation for the half time show and the multi million dollar commercials the game brings with it every year.

This year has been different. What I mean by that is there is some talk of a huge terrorist attack floating around the web. If you have not heard or witnessed it yet, just type it in your Google bar and see what pops up. It is kinda scary what has been said. Not that I am a doomsday prepper or whatever, I have just seen some signs revolving around the Superbowl today. I don’t remember in years past, the crazy advertising and hipe that has been extreme this past week. Also, with the early show starting at 12pm eastern time. Come on that is six hours early. I am not going to consume my whole day with this. It is still Sunday and it is supposed to be a day of rest. You know “The Sabbath”. The reason I am writing about this at all is so you can be aware of what is going on in our world. There are evil people in the world who desire chaos. Let’s not give them any of our attention!

 “What consumes you mind takes all you time!

Instead take sometime right now and pray. Pray for everyone there, pray for the teams and their players, pray for peace and God’s protection. Pray for the Lord to have grace and mercy on us all. Let’s give Him thanks for His awesome love for each of us! And thank him for the Superbowl and time with friends and family. I am going to be celebrating football today just like you.I am kinda excited to hang out with friends and enjoy some good beer and wings! Who are you rooting for? Leave it in the comments and we will see who is right?I pray that you took will have a fabulous day where ever you are and what ever you are doing.



Enjoy Super Sunday,


So What? My Message.


I was thinking about my message today. What is it I want to get out into to world? What am I so passionate about that I can not hold it back no matter what? My message is my business, it’s what God put me on this earth to share with everyone. Figuring out my “gift” was fairly easy considering I always love to write. So writing it is. I remember when I was 11 years old at my Grandma’s house (where I often spent a lot of time) always typing on the typewriter, making “fake” newspapers and writing poems. Basically, everything and anything that involved writing I did. I would tell everyone in my family that I was NOT going to be a reporter, I was going to be a journalist. I even tried to explain to my father that one day I wanted to be homeless so I could write the truth about it because I will have experienced it. So, ya know my “gift” is writing. I never stopped writing. I have always had journals, always created something that involved writing. Today, I asked myself the BIG question.


Upon jotting down somethings that were not my message this is how I found it.

So what if I have lost over 10 homes in my adult life?

So what if, I failed to keep a stable job for longer than 5 years?

So what if, I was on welfare most of my adult life?

So what, I have been broke more than I have had a substantial amount of money in the bank?

So what if, I made some really bad stupid choices?

So what if, I pretend to live in a reality that I desire to create?

You know WHY? Because, if I had not gone through or had not experienced any of that stuff I would not have the message I have now to get out to the world.


*I want to inspire people through my writing to have courage, trust God, believe in themselves and miracles, chase their dreams, know and understand that going through hard things is sometimes good, it helps mold people into a better version of themselves. I want people to see me as REAL- AUTHENTIC (and just because it’s a cool word to use right now)- WHOLE-LOVING and KIND-HEARTED.


From my experiences I believe I can convey a message that will speak to others truthfully. I can share the raw emotions attached to hard times and good times. I can share how I have leaned into God to carry me when I could not go any further. I can share my creativity and love of travel, tiny home living, my passion for Alaska, and my dreams of traveling the country. My crazy sense of style along with my very extreme attitudes. There is so much I have to say. If you are ready to jump on board and keep up to date with all that my biz has to offer, then please sign up on my facebook and here on my blog.


Or just send me an email

I am just about ready to explode with all sorts of goodies!

Essential Oils Are What?


Amazing, Beautiful, Support Healthy Living, God’s gift of the Earth! 


How to get dōTERRA  into your home at the best value? Click here to get your oils!

dōTERRA is like a Costco membership, where members can order products below regular retail cost. Are you excited yet?

I know it’s a lot of information to take in at once! Believe me if smellavision was a thing the picture above would be a scratch and sniff! I just wanted to share in little nuggets about essential oils. Every home should have them, no excuses. I am currently, seeking fun, energetic people to join me and become a part of MY TRIBE!

Does this describe YOU?

If so, comment below I would love to talk and send you some FREE samples of my favorite oils!

I am creating a TRIBE that is fun, positive, and exciting! I will support you and celebrate each others successes and share information freely! I will be there to mentor you and teach you personally “How to use your oils.”

I am truly passionate about oils and helping others get healthy physically and financially! So, if it sounds like we can pow wow together then, Let Me Know! Please check out doTERRA’s LIVE Guide below for more information about the company and the oils!logo_md_bk

-My Tribe–

JunkyGypsy Inspirations

Live.Love.Learn Get Crazy Inspired!


Hooping Hoopla!



So, I decided a month ago that I would begin hooping. Part of the reason was because of my new dreads! I figured if I was to become a member of the dread head culture club then I better start hooping. Well, I have done some hooping here and there, not as much as I would like. Just to say, I am not really any good at it yet. I am inspired by those who hoop to music and make it look so easy. In truth it is very hard and a skill one must learn. I made up my mind that I am going to master this skill. I used to think when I wasn’t good at something naturally it just wasn’t for me. Now, I accept that I may not be “good” at something at first, but that doesn’t mean I should give up. As, goofy as I might look when I am outside of my RV trying to hoop, it’s okay. I am learning and it’s way fun too! If you haven’t checked out You Tube for some fun hooping inspiration you should! There are amazing videos of very talented people.

Fun Hooping Video

Sara Janssen Hooping! (she’s my favorite)

Starting today September 15, 2016 I am doing a 30 day challenge! I challenge myself to hoop everyday for 20 minutes a day. I am going to record my hooping time and commit to the 30 day challenge. This will ensure that I am on the right path to achieving my goal! I hope some of you will join me if you are a hooper or a person who has always wanted to learn. Please posts pics in the comment section below of your hoop and yourself and I will share on my facebook and instagram!


Have an awesome fun day and let’s HOOP!–Amy

Play on Words

Yesterday, I struggled so hard. It really was a tough day. I pushed and pushed for positivity all day long but, by the end of the night what happened was just awful. I blew up! That’s right it all exploded. I screamed, I cried, I doubted myself. The worst part was the empty feeling of being lost. My kids have been just mean lately. Let alone living in a motel. Just life. I am looking at it as a positive experience really. I am writing more and focusing on how to build my business. All great things. But, at the same time my kids are hurt and sad. Let alone so angry at me and this life they are in. I stepped back a few days ago and took a look in the mirror and realized I was the reason for their discord. I raised them that way. No, I am not the reason they are mean. But, I have been negative and my thoughts and actions in my life have been poured out on them for 20 years. It sucks really bad when I realized this. On the bright side of it, I can change it. I am changing the way I am. Little by little I see myself growing and maturing.

I had nightmares the night before and it had such a huge impact on my day yesterday. I am sort of trying so hard to change that I am not allowing myself the freedom to feel the normal feelings that I need to feel.

I have been taking notes and words have been jumping off pages and blogs and from everywhere as they do for most writers. That felt really good. Yes, I am a writer. That is what I do. Anyway, words like, happy, hippy, fun , loving. awesome, tribe, rejuevenate, freedom, cleanse, hoop, jump, play, travel, serve, honor, wonder, space, light, compassion,art, crazy, determination, truth, integrity,authentic, present and so on. You get where this is going. Right? I do. These words are a tattoo on my soul. This is my change. Let me forever live these words and be respectful enough to carry them properly. Words are everything. We must be careful with them and live them, love them, and honor them. That is just what I am trying to do right now. Changing. Through these words let my life be enlightened! I just wanted to share this because as much as, I have been saying from the beginning of this year that this was a huge year for me and I am expecting change. It is happening, surely. Sometimes slow even to a crawl. Paying attention to our minds and thoughts. That is the hardest part but, I am learning. I am determined and I will succeed!

So, I am getting an RV and heading out the vast unknown to me, USA. To see some really awesome places, meet some really awesome people and just experience life. I want my kids to be with me and who knows God does work miracles! But, I know I am meant to do this. It was something I have been dreaming of for 20+ years and now is the time. By the way my birthday was last week and I turned 40, so yeah, I’m ready! I am going to be in Utah for September for sure! I am planning on Texas in August. We will see I might just toss a coin and see where it lands. My business will take off, I know it and I am expecting some good sh*t to happen here shortly. I am reading my Bible again and loving the Lord!


I am just letting GO! Releasing the struggle and embracing the unknown. The RV is coming and so are my dreams. I will be starting my YouTube channel soon! Please check it out: Lotus Flower Evolution. I may redo my website. But, I know I am going to be writing a lot more. Pray for my fam! Please, I really want my kids to see and know that they can experience love, joy and peace in their lives. I will always be praying hard for them! But, they need some extra help right now. I am also, working on being a kid again! Ready or not here I come! Stay tuned!

-Love Amy!

How I Start My Day..with my oils!


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lotus flower to

Lotus Flower

Hey guys, I want to make this week all about essential oils! Fun, right? I will blog everyday this week and that is a big deal for me because a lot of times I just blog whenever I feel like it. So, I am making a commitment to blog everyday this week, if you want to help me be accountable just send me a message on facebook, Lotus Flower Evolution!

Let’s get to it. My morning routine with my essential oils has changed since I first started using them. I only began using essential oils in September 2015. I started out with maybe three oils at first. So, I did not really have a routine. I was putting Wild Orange in my H2O all day long and I think maybe using Melaluca on my face for acne. Anyway, I have evolved now and I actually have a routine. I wake up and smell coffee of course! I must have coffee! My plan is to eventually ween myself off and it is not impossible but, for now it is my first thing in the morning need.

The very first thing I do besides the coffee, is a fill a  diffuser a frind let me borrow with essential oils. It depends on the morning but, a typical morning begins with Peppermint, Wild Orange and Melalucca. This smells awesome and it wakes me up!

Next, drink a glass of H2O and add Lemon essential oil to it. About 3 or 4 drops. Then, I take all my vitamins and supplements. I will share what vitamins I take for another post though.

Then, I clean my fave with witch hazel and apply a face lotion I made myself, it contains Coconut Oil and Frankincense. I love it!!! I use it throughout the day actually, I have seen a massive difference in my skin since I began to use this daily!

Depending on the morning I may or may not shower but, when I am getting dressed I rub on a mixture of Aloe, Lavender essential oil, Lemon essential oil, and Lemongrass essential oil. This tightens and firms my skin. I put it on my legs and stomach.

Next, I put on my homemade deodorant which, consists of Arrowroot Powder, Baking Soda, Melalucca essential oil, Coconut Oil, and Lavender essential oil.

I almost forgot that yes, I do brush my teeth! I do use a toothpaste that consists of Baking Soda and  Essential Oils but, I do not make it. I purchase this amazing toothpaste! You can find out more if you click here to buy this awesome toothpaste!

I do make our mouthwash though and, that consists of distilled H2O, Peppermint essential oil, Lemon essential oil, and Spearmint essential oil.

Before, finishing up I rub a grounding blend of essential oils on my heart and Frankincense on  my forehead and back of neck. it depends on the morning though which blend I put on.

Sometimes, I need focus, sometimes I need sunshine and sometimes I need motivation!

That is the wonderful amazing thing about essential oils, there is an oil for everything! That sums up my morning routine be sure to check back tomorrow for my night time routine! I love sharing with others the magic and alchemy of essential oils! God, put them on earth for us to use and each oil has a purpose. They are amazing and once you begin to incorporate them into your life you will never go without them, I promise! Click here! if you want more information on oils and how to join my groovy Hippy Tribe!


Love- Amy

Please check out my official website that also, includes another blog I write weekly! This is my business and it is here to serve YOU!

click here! Lotus Flower Evolution, Helping you evolve!

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