The Naked Woman


Hey Sista Tribe!


Last night was my incredible “The Naked Woman” event in Charlottesville, VA. Can I say it was a phenomenon! I embraced the story I wanted to tell and the message I needed to share! It was all about women embracing their power and taking ownership of their lives. You can watch here on YouTube!

I am really excited to officially announce doTERRA Essential Oils 101 Class coming 11/27/17 @ The Jefferson! I am intentionally focusing on Health & Wellness going into Christmas time. If you are interested in essential oils feel free to send me an email. I do intend to LIVE STREAM.

Today is Transformational  Thursday’s:

Today, I will give you the 9 Declarations for Life from the book, “Motivation Manifesto”.

1-Meet your life with full presence and power.

2-Reclaim your agenda. Otherwise prioritize and time block.

3-Defeat your demons. Crush fear.

4-Advance with abandon.

5-Practice daily joy & gratitude.

6-DO NOT break integrity.

7-Amplify LOVE!

8-Inspire greatness in yourself and others!

9-Slow time. Enjoy the now.

Take a few minutes and write these down in your journal. Really reflect on what these nine declarations of truth mean to you in your life today and going forward. This is a stepping stone for you to step into your greatness!

It is time for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

I am starting a weekly Podcast beginning January 18, 2018!

VagaBond Radio Show Podcast: Hosted by: JunkyGypsy

This podcast will be inspirational for entrepreneurs, artist, writers, and those love life! I will interview local business owners, local musicians, and local artist in Charlottesville. Once a month I will be doing a QtotheA broadcast. More info to come as I work out the last details! I am so excited to take on this new venture!

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving and Stay tuned to all the new happenings by subscribing!


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Magic of Creating A Life You Love

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Hey Tribe Sista’s,

It has been a while since my last post and a lot has been going on to say the least. Life. I always though of life as living. Existing and only ever reaching a height or hitting the ceiling after you get married, have kids, buy a house, two cars and a dog. Or at least that is the way the story goes. Ok so maybe I exaggerated a little, actually a lot when it comes to the movie my life played out so far. Married at 18, four kids by 25. No house except the occasional rental. Car, yes, dog & cat yes. For ten years I was the main character of this movie. As year by year progressed and physical and emotional abuse ensued. The best thing out of this story are my four amazing kids. That is the reason for the whole story anyway. Simple and not really hard to figure out, God blessed me these awesome individuals. As the story goes life happened to me and not for me during these early years. Which brings me to the second section of my story. It involves a rescuer, a savior in my eyes. A leader, a handsome figure. My knight in shining armor. Rushing to my rescue amidst the crazy that was my family. He stood up for me and took charge, which is exactly what I wanted for a squeaky little mouse like me at the time. I loved every minute of it. We were a blended family but plagued with troubles of courts and custody, child support and all things that involve a blended family. It almost seemed doomed from the beginning. We fought it out, through owning a business and the lost of home after home. Part due to the economy and part due to lack of work. I was wore out during these twelve years. I was run ragged and the thought of trying to fix it all was just too much for me. What did I do instead after ten years I began to look at myself and contemplate what my internal issues were. Slowly, over a period of three long hard struggling years and the lost of our children and more homes did I find my power! My inner strength I had always had. The ability deep within my soul to make the changes I so longed for. Which brings me to part three. This is really just the beginning and the real “meat” of what I want you to hear me say.

Just like I spent many years in reflective self-development, before I found the Wonder Woman power I was born with. You too may need to spend some time on internal work. I had to get very, very clear with what I wanted. Day after day, I filled journals with every detail of my new life that was to be the third chapter. Today, I am living very much the vision that has come to pass. I witnessed first hand the magic power in my words and the evidence of miracles attached to them.


I never really thought manifesting worked until this past week. Having witnessed the power of manifesting I am a firm believer for life. I manifested the job I start today. I manifested the house I am living in. Now, I am ready to manifest bigger and bolder things like expanding all aspects of my business and finances. This will work for YOU! Here are some simple steps to follow to get you creating a magical life you love.

  • Begin every morning early by journaling what you are grateful for.
  • Write out affirmations that are reflective of the life you want to create. This is the part that you must be very clear on. Example; I live in a cute house in the mountains with a mountain view of my back deck.
  • Visualization, you have to close your eyes and visualize what your dream life feels like. What do you smell? How does it feel to be in this place? What do you hear? Take about 5 minutes every morning to do this.
  • Be intentional about your days. Plan each day with action plans that will move the needle closer to your dreams.

These are the actions I took everyday for over three years. It did not have to take that long but, I had to learn more about myself before the needle could fully move. I am off to my new job and so very grateful for the opportunities I have and the ones to come! I love you all and thank you for being on this journey with me.



Dear Daughter’s

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This post is dedicated to my daughter’s. Yes, I have one son and I will write a different one for him. For today this is the new message I want to send out into the world to my daughter’s so that they will understand the POWER of their WORDS and create a life they love instead of choosing to be a victim and allow life to “happen” to them.

Dear Beloved Daughter’s,

This is for you. No more I’m sorrys, no more I promise, no more I will do, no more falsehood. Just real words that come with real POWER! This is what I want to share with each of you.

You are fierce and strong. Full of fire, not even YOU can hold YOU back! You have conquered your fears one by one. You are beautiful and smart. You exude peace and choose to walk in integrity. You are powerful and speak your mind. You love others well and always choose kindness. You know your worth and what God says about YOU. You will not tolerate anything less than the BEST for your life. You are independent, focused, and ambitious. You are a BOSS. You handle your own. You are spiritual, selfless, and you understand the definition of unconditional love. You are the best of both worlds. You are an example to ME! Daughter of Zion stand in your strength. Hold onto your truth and be still before your God. Let love radiate out of you onto others. Your presence can not be ignored. Beauty surrounds you. You are loved by all.

Thank you for being my teacher! Thank you for being you.



Expanding & Stretching

I have been so emotional the past few days, I’m not really sure what’s going on. I think maybe I am being stretched for growth? Not sure. Anyway, I need to share some “real” stuff that is on my heart. Sometimes in the blogging, social media infested world we live in we try to portray our lives as pretty and maybe not so perfect but, awesome. I am the same way, I don’t want any negative feed on my Instagram or Facebook. It is nice to see some honest, raw, real life post every once in a while. So, my social media accounts tend to be very positive and uplifting. I try to motivate and encourage others online. Then , real life is not so rosey. That is what I am sharing today.

I may be putting too much pressure on myself to change old behaviors and develop the new ones I want so badly. Example– I want to stop saying I’m sorry all the time. I want to have confidence in who I am as a person (which I do) but, I want it to radiate. My highest priority with myself is pursuing freedom. In every area I desire total FREEDOM. Always show grace and be non judgemental attitude. I began to ask myself this one question daily. “Is this moving me toward freedom, or daily struggle? This one question changed my entire outlook on life believe it or not. When I thought about the choices I have in a day it really caused me to stop reflect. As we draw closer and closer to fall I am feeling a since of urgency on the goals I wanted to crush this year. I have met a few of them. I had and still have a mission to be a light and shine so brightly that everyone whom I encounter in a single day takes notice. I also, have a desire to leave everyone feeling more loved and more valuable when they leave me. I think I have not mastered the BIG goals I wanted to accomplish this year. Finances, my doTERRA Tribe growing, hitting Silver than Gold then Diamond! Writing my book, monetizing my blog, and having a freaking amazing online business! I know and I have determined today that I will NOT give up! I have no choice right now other than to succeed. You see the reality is I am at rock bottom right now.

Shop now-www.reallygreatsite.comThere is no where for me to go but UP! I want to express to you that I am NOT sharing this out of pity or depression. I am sharing because I live my life “AS IF” meaning I live like I have so when I do have I know how to embrace it with love, passion, grace, humility, and purpose. Here goes the confession; I live in an RV built-in 1990. It could be nice but, the roof is bad so it rains in my “house”. The walls are like sponges and everything is moldy and wet. Even with all of my effort to keep it dry and clean. I currently am living in a stranger’s yard, where my RV sank deep into the mud and is now stuck so I can not leave to dump the shit tank. Anyone who has ever RVed knows what I mean. The positives, I have running water, not hot. I have wi-fi, power and a small dorm fridge that barely works but, it works. I have been seeking employment for about a month now. I made a bad choice and left my stable weekly paycheck at a beautiful campground because I allowed the lies and rumors others were throwing around to bug me. Instead of standing my ground. Lesson learned! I get up everyday with hope that today is the day! My kiddos can not live with me because I can not afford a home. I don’t have a car, that dies a few weeks ago. I was able to afford my doTERRA LRP for a while and loved my vitamins and supplements because they made me feel better. I run everyday because it is my only time of day I can try to forget what my current life situation looks like. My checking account is overdrawn 172.00. My savings account is empty. I take Benadryl to sleep. Every single day I work on my business. Day in and day out. I write, I share, I pray, I evolve, I muster up feelings of joy to share cute pics on Instagram. I blog about how to fulfill your dreams and goals all the while feeling like a fraud. I escape to Pinterest so I can feel like I am traveling the world as a gypsy and exploring God’s wonderous creations. There you have it. Now, you understand I really can not go anywhere but UP! I will continue to learn, write, plan, share, serve a community I am building online. It’s all about transparency. Truth. Raw life.

The Word of the Lord says this:

For whoever has despised the day of small things shall rejoice and shall see the plumbline in the land Zerubbabel.”

Zechariah 4:10

I have a dream-a dream of a happy home in the mountains, perfect tranquility, serving women I love, leading encouraging, supporting,building community.

A TRIBE, A Life, An Example.

I wear truth, integrity, love, grace, compassion, wisdom,  trust, confidence, beauty, and transparency. I am, bold and courageous!~ I teach my kids my kids to go after their dreams and goals and never ever give up!




JunkyGypsy (1)Hey Guys,

What are your thoughts on transparency? I always thought it was a good thing. To me it meant that you were not fake. People could see the real, raw, YOU! I think today somewhere in the self-development world improvement world people have been told to only be positive and show the highlight reels of their life and biz. I know I don’t want to read about someone being negative and a Debbie Downer for sure. I do like to see if there are others out there struggling through the same issues as I have. I want to see how they overcame. Today, it seems like everyone is all happy-go-lucky and explore your poor world with a smile crap….I don’t know it is just that there is not a lot of the real and the raw.  Like in the Bible–look at Job for crying out loud…his friends tried to tell him that he was not a “good guy”. He must have betrayed God in some way to be treated like he was. They did not want to look at his Instagram for sure..but Job in all wisdom touched it out I mean the guy lost it all and still praised our Lord! Anyway, my point is there are not a lot of people showing there struggles only the end result. I want to be very transparent with you all. So, here is what I wrote the other day:



This is the last week of July can you believe it! We are in full swing of summer and yet, when I went to the store last week the isles were lined with “Back to School” stuff. I always feel the retail world is trying to speed time up year after year. Mentally they are accomplishing their mission. I guess next week Turkeys will be on sale for Thanksgiving! JK. Any who, I have lots to talk about. Have you ever been on the very on the edge of something? You know like a dream that you invested so much hard work and effort into and you find yourself right on the edge of either making it work or falling off the cliff. That’s where I am at. I worked tirelessly on the book I published and now just finished the leg work of the fall DETOXoxo. I am writing a new book, still blogging as often as I can, I am sharing essential oils with whoever will listen, always listening to a motivational book, listening to my mentors, trying to find a place to host classes, I want to go back to school, look for a “real” job as the world would say and I am working on making more videos. It sounds like a lot when I put it that way. Truth is my days are pretty dull. I spend about 4 hours working on the computer, reading, and praying. A lot of praying!! You see none of this “work” has brought me one single penny. Not one. I have a vision and a passion to change the lives of people. But, where are these people or this “TRIBE” I am trying to bring together? I ask myself this every single day….I am not complaining here. I am being transparent so you can see who I really am. I am a 41-year-old mom. My kids don’t live with me they are all adults except the 16 yr. old who went to go live with her sister. Not far from us. Living in my RV in someone’s yard, trying to scrap 2 pennies together to get $5.00 for dog food. You see I am not lazy or unwilling to work. NO. I just left my full-time job last month to move closer to the kids. I just have a dream. I am working hard on it. I am utilizing the gifts that God has given me to build a company and a brand that will change the lives of people. Are you that person? I don’t know. You have to decide that. I know about being overweight, atone point in my life I weighed over 200 lbs. I know about being a young mother struggling to find purpose in the midst of four crying babies, I know the pain of divorce, I have been broke and homeless I have also been rich and stupid. I have been unhealthy and healthy. I have been a teacher, a house cleaner, a seafood manager, a florist, a sales clerk, produce stocker, an owner of a thrift store, a farmer’s market manager, a campground host, a waitress, office manager, and more. I have explored job after job trying to find my place in the world but more often than not trying to pay the rent! Here I am. Amy. You see when I wake up everyday with enthusiasm and excitement to share a tiny drop of wisdom on how you can get healthy by eating an apple everyday or boost your attitude by diffusing essential oils. I speak from experience. I share what I know works. I am not perfect by very very far….but neither are you. Together we can support one another and be a beautiful mess growing, loving, serving, and leading more to do the same. When I create a program, book, blog post, or email. I do it in love. Because I care about the mom who works the 40 hour a week job with 3 kids in school and no time for herself and maybe she hasn’t had a bath in a month because she is always last on the list. I care about the addict shooting up heroin in the back alley of a dirty street with no hope for the future and being so consumed by a drug you can imagine your life in the next 5 min. because it controls you. I care about the overweight person on the verge of being diabetic due to their unhealthy eating habits and toxins in everything. I have found solutions to these problems and I have made the changes, quit the bad habits, and my passion is to help YOU get to where YOU want to be. I love YOU! Truth Talk !

Let me know if tyou do not like transparency or not! I’m all ears!


Lots of Love,


The Kids Remember…


I am going to share some pretty private details of my life with you all today. I felt like God wanted me to share this testimony with you. I was deeply lead to do this, I hope it gives you inspiration and faith. Here goes.


Three years ago may a little longer life was happening. You know, the daily grind kids, school, work and regular stuff like that. My husband and I had been together for quite sometime but, we did not get married until 2010. That is another story, I promise you that God lead us to marriage though. We were a blended family his daughter and my four kids. Three years ago I was upset, angry with my husband because I would not accept any responsibility for our financial failures (we lost house after house for not paying rent) and my anger festered. I blamed him for everything. Then, here comes the devil to make his finest moves. Knowing my faith was very limited and weak at the time, he began to place people in my life very strategically. People who were “Christians” or at least called themselves Christians. They fed my anger and frustration with words like, ” You deserve better.” “He is no good for you.” “He mentally abuses you.” etc. This went on for months until I believed. My mind played tricks on me and I had broken emotions and pain from my past still lingering. I had no prayer life at this point, so the devil knew his attack would work. I left my husband. It began to look like God had orchestrated these plans. I got my first house on my own. From someone I worked with. I was working full-time and had been at the same job for years. The people who surrounded me at this time were from work. They were people I enteracted with everyday and became very close to me in my private life. I also, began to use drugs and my drinking was out of control. The devil had me right where he wanted me. That was the worst year of my entire life! 2014, it is still very hard for me to write about. I am not going to go into more details but, just so you grasp the picture I toyed with my husband most of the year. Our relationship was on and off. I completely torchered him mentally. When I was lonely I called him, when I needed something I called him. It drove him to start using drugs because of our separation. I blind sided him with theseparation at the time. He did not think our marriage was in any trouble. I was also, unfaithful to him with a person I worked with. During that year I had some very real encounters with demons. I, in fact saw one when I was drugged up at a hippy show and I got really scared. The next day I told my husband. All he kept saying was, “Come home.” I refused. In September, we got back together. I knew in my heart that I truly loved him and we were suppose to be together. He lost his job, I quit mine and we lost our house. We both were a mess from drugs and alcohol. The three children living with us were exposed to every bit of it. Our two oldest daughters were out on their own. I had one adult daughter living at home then a 16 yr old and 13-year-old. During the two years of all of this happening it wounded the children so badly. They expereinced so much emotional pain from basically losing a mother and father. My husband was my cildren’s father he raised them and loved them as they were his own.They have not recovered from the destruction that I caused our family to this day. The next year came and we both got clean, we were going to church focusing on each other and God and He began to move on our behalf. Before long we were blessed with a house and we rebuilt what the devil tried to break apart. Fast forward a year, we both had some slip ups here and there. Trust had to be rebuilt but, our children’s anger was still very much there.They could not forgive us. They were happy things were getting back to normal. It felt like we were going to be okay as a family. Then, our enemy the devil is a sly creature and he began to play with my mind. Telling me nothing was changing. I should leave or just be angry all the time. He whispered sweet lies to me day and night. I began to pray more and more but, not with authority. So, before long we lost yet, another home and I blamed it entirely on my husband again. Soon, after we lost that home we had a chance to get another house and we tried. I knew it wasn’t going to work out because we did not have all the funds. I even borrowed money from my sister to get the house but, the deal fell through and we found ourselves living in a hotel room for months. During that time I began to seek the Lord again and rebuild my relationship with Him. The kids were angry we did not have a home so my son moved out and in with his father. That did not work out so, he moved in with his ex-girlfriend where he lived for three months in 2015 during our “homeless” phase. That is when my husband and I decided to buy an RV. I was always attracted to the lifestyle. I lived in one for three years with my four small children and ex husband. I loved it. My imagination got the best of me though, because I wanted the kids to join us and travel as a family together. I would day-dream all day and all night about our fairytale adventures. It was not meant to be. The time came when we had to leave the hotel because we could not afford it anymore and we had the RV. One daughter went to live with her boyfriend of 5 years she was 20, my son was already at his ex girlfriend’s house, and my youngest went to live with her dad (whom she had not lived with since she was 3). My oldest daughter lived many states away by now. My step daughter was married with a baby. Before long we were all scattered apart. However, I believe this was God’s hand at work because it gave my husband and I much-needed alone time. Since, last May we have been living in our RV. We have messed up and still have made some pretty stupid mistakes we are not perfect. Still,  the Lord has brought us together and healed our marriage. He brought us closer to Him and expects us to just be obedient to His Word and things will change. I was praying a week ago and this is the scripture He pointed these verses out to me and whispered in my ear:

The Promise of the Lord Your God to Your Family:

“if at that time you return to the Lord your God, and you and your children begin wholeheartedly to obey all the commands I have given you today, then the Lord your God will restore your fortunes. He will have mercy on you and gather you back from all the nations where He has scattered you.

Deuteronomy 30:2-3

Amazing the love the Lord has for us! Even when we insist on spending years wandering the deserts being disobedient children and doing what we want to do instead of listening to our Father. We should simply love and obey Him. I know the Lord has great plans for my marriage and my family! We are constantly attacked by the enemy but, now I have my armor on and go directly to the war room ready for battle everyday. I know my God has won the battle already and I trust His Word to bring my family back together. Then after that scripture above God gave me this one:

“The Lord your God will make you successful in everything you do.”

Deuteronomy 30:9


I believe Him! I am truly excited to be on this new path and add another chapter to the book of my life! I just wanted to share part of my story so that others will see how the Lord loves us and never gives up on us! He forgave my husband and I for everything we did when we went to Him on our knees in repentance. My husband and I chose words this year together. We did not let each other know the word each chose until we were ready to share and his word was “famiy” mine was “miracles”. Those are the two words the Lord gave us for this year after we prayed and asked Him. I know in my heart He will restore our family without a doubt. God wants families together untied to serve Him and do what He wants us to do together. If you are going through anything hard at all, keep praying, keep believing the Word of the Lord, keep pressing in. The devil is always seeking out those whose faith is weak and ready for attack. I am speaking from experience. I hope you are blessed by this post and I am truly thankful for going through it all. I am not thankful for my bad choices and the pain I caused but, if I had not gone through it I would not be where I am today with my Lord!



“Because of your faith it will happen.”

Matthew 9:29b

 Prayers & Love-


copyright 2017-JunkyGypsy Inspirations

Open Doors and Opportunity


Have you been committed to your New Year goals? Have you stayed on the path? Did you give up already? I know, I have felt the same way lately. It has been hard this week especially. I am having one of those weeks where I am desperately trying to stay focused on my goals for the year but, life happens. I can tell you I want to give up but, I’m NOT!

One of my main goals was to run everyday this year and actually become a “runner”. I enjoy pushing my body and I enjoy the time alone it gives to pray. Last week was a great week to stay on track. Then, a snow storm and below freezing temperatures. No running for me. I have toughed out the cold temps by at least going for walks everyday. It’s not the same. I just want to encourage you to keep going if you are struggling this week. If you are persistent in accomplishing your goals I promise doors will open and opportunity will present itself. Don’t give up it is still January. Ha! I am giving myself a pep talk right now.

I have one other goal I would like to share and that is monetizing my blog. After, my long years of posting whenever and not being consistent in it. I have decided that now is the time for me to do it. I spent many years working for others and I still am. As, a full-time RVer, I am work camping right now. But, it doesn’t pay the bills well not all of them. I am basically paying my rent. Which I am truly thankful for. I am determined this year to grow my JunkyGypsy business and my essential oil business along with writing a book. Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? It is. I can do it!

Today, I am sharing a link to something I really want this year! A Fit Bit. I think every runner should have one. Everyone who works out. Amazon has great deals on them right now! I am gifting myself one after I break one of my bad habits I talked with you about yesterday.

Amazon’s Fit Bit Deals

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What if…




What if you had the power to change your whole life with one major decision today? Most of us know that we have that kind of power.

Let’s just say, you were living your normal life. The daily grind. You had these dreams and goals planned for your future. But, then you come to a cross-road. One choice leads you down a path to fulfilling your dreams and goals in a way that felt totally comfortable. You have ambitious plans to succeed at life and business, bring your family back together, and learn some things along the way.

The other road is totally unfamiliar territory, you can see yourself fulfilling the same dreams and goals but, on a higher level. It is a darker scarier road. You are not sure where each step is and with one wrong step you could totally fall off a cliff. But, somehow the risk seems worth it in the long run. After, many years of chasing what you want. What you actually envision your life to be like.


The first road seems the safest, yes it is still scary. But, a little more comforting. You are not alone. You are not thinking selfishly on this path but also, about loved ones and what they want. Let’s say on this first path you have already given up something very precious to you to proceed with what you thought was the right path. You are sad because you did not want to give that one thing up but you did. Path one seems to make the most since when you are 40. It makes sence in the larger sceam of things. You wonder what would happen if you were to take the darker, scarier path? Would it all work out in the end? Would your visions be fulfilled? Just like you secretly imagined. It would mean giving up the one thing you are too afraid to give up. Even though, you have tried over and over again. You keep coming back. Reality sets back in and you refocus on the important things in life. Wondering always wondering what would have happened if you would have taken the risk? There is right now still time to take that path but, time is running out. Before long the choice will be gone forever. So what do you do?

People are made to keep going. Through tragedy and disaster, pain and suffering, death and life. We keep going. A decision is not going to kill you if you are wrong. Yes, there are consequences to pay but, is the reward greater? If faced with this kind of choice what would you do? Stay on the well-lit path and be comfortable? Or would you risk it all and take a chance not knowing where it could lead. I think indecisiveness slowly, kills us. When we freeze and don’t make a choice. Slowly, we die a little each day. Not physically but, spiritually. God hates indecisiveness. His word says so more than once. I more than anyone in the last 3 years have suffered from my inability to make a decision. One major decision. Life altering. My family has suffered greatly from it. Even, today I still can not make the choice. I struggle so much and fear really has a hold on me. When it comes to this one thing. I imagine myself being strong enough one day to just GO. Also, to just LET GO. I have been praying for years about it but, I have not received and answer. This is one of those decisions that has no clear direct answer from God. At least up to this point. Is there some sort of secret to uncovering an answer to prayer? I desperately seek the wisdom of the Lord. I find like David, punishment for our choices does sometimes end up with reward. At what cost, though? Pain, hurt, anger on both paths. It is unavoidable. Honestly, which road is the one that will lead me to the life I imagined I would have? The one where I actually get what I deserve. Things I felt unworthy of but, I know now I am worthy of them. What if….I take the dark, scary path and it turns out to be the biggest mistake I have ever made? Or what if……it turns out exactly the way I imagined, because if you think you can, you can. (Norman Vincent Peale). Why don’t you guys comment below, I really would like to hear what you would do. Not because I need your approval for a decision that will change my life over night but, just to have some insight and thoughts from others. I would love to engage in this topic. How do you or did you overcome your greatest FEAR? Let me know. Check out this post in relation to this subject!



Are You Ready for the Holidays?




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Are you ready for the holidays? With next week being Thanksgiving and all, I can honestly say, what the hell? This year is already coming to an end. I started the year with such high vibes if ya know what I mean. I was super positive and ready to take on all of the challenges a New Year has to offer. I really set the tone for my year right away with anticipation for fulfilling dreams and facing new beginnings. Little did I know that this would be the year that I lost my kids. I lost yet, another rental home. Faced very uncertain times, not knowing what the next day held for me or my family. Honestly, though I did not have a bad attitude about it. Yes, there have been “those” days. Overall, I stayed pretty positive. I really am thankful for each and every experience I encountered this year. I am 40, and ready to take on next year. I am totally believing God for some pretty big miracles in 2017, no doubt. I know He hears me and knows my heart’s desire. One of those I confess is to get my kids back. No, they did not get taken from me. I just gave them a choice and they choose not to live with me anymore. Here is the picture we lived in a rented house early in the year, my heart longed for something different I just wasn’t sure how to make it happen. So, we lost our home and moved into a motel where we spent two long cold months of winter. My son, choose not to stay with us and left during this period to go stay with his dad (which did not last long), I prayed and prayed where would we go? We began the process of renting another house but, that fell through. We found ourselves wondering what we should do and how we should do it. I stayed positive, I explored other ways to live of course my true dream was to live in a tiny house or an RV full-time and explore the U.S. My kids thought that was a horrible idea, they thought I was crazy. I forgot to mention I made them live in an RV with me before and they have some not so great memories of it. So, at the end of the month of April we had purchased an RV and the kids choose to go elsewhere. They said they supported my dream but, it was my dream and not theirs. I was excited. I had plans to build my business and travel. It was fun. Still is fun. I just want my kids with me. So, prayers please! Here I am living full time in my RV, work camping and still trying to build a business. My dreams are still very real and I am chasing them head on. As we approach Thanksgiving, I am so thankful for everything this year has taught me. I have grown, changed the way I think about things. #mindset I realised that I did not die because the kids weren’t with me. (Because being a mama and all you like to feel needed and just have to take care of somebody all the time.) I defined exactly what I want out of my life and business very clearly. I am more determined than ever to do something each day that I love and enjoy my life no matter what kind of state of crisis may come up! I know hears my prayers and will heal the hearts of my kids and reunite our family. I believe it with all my heart. I am truly thankful for my awesome, amazing husband who stands by me supports my crazy and loves me no matter what! He is on board with almost anything I want to do. He levels me out and yes brings me down off the clouds when I need it. Take sometime right now, think about your year and what you are thankful for. Before you know it, it will be over. Spread some #love, make sure you #live and always be willing to #learn! Along the way you can get crazy inspired!

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Absorb Everything, Apply all of it!


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Today, was a day of reflection. My actual plan was to be more productive than I actually have been. I got lost in You Tube world for way to long today! Starting tomorrow my actions and plans are going to be put into full swing! I thought I would share this little blog post I wrote about two weeks ago with you today.

Activate simple daily discipline’s.

Like exercise everyday.

Put a few dollars away in savings.

Journal for 10 minutes a day.

Tell someone I appreciate them.

Just active these simple daily disciplines into your life and make them habits, then you are on your way success can not run from you!

Absorb everything, apply all of it!

“Whatever my deepest desires are in life, I can achieve them.”



Let me explain. For every dream, every desire, every hope or wish, every success or failure you must apply the above formula. Apply it to every detail, every area of your life to find true success. Then, pass it on to the next person.

We know that when a person accomplishes that dream, that desire, that thing that allows them to feel and know their reason for their life. They want to pass on “the how” to the next person. We just can’t help but, to share the knowledge of how we got “there”.

We almost explode with such an intense passion to share with others how we did IT? It’s from that desire and passion we want to give back. It produces such from a place of gratitude and knowing.

When a person takes the focus off themselves, they feel empowered to dream big accomplish more and give more. God designed each of us in a way that it is almost impossible for us to harbor and hold back being selfish and unappreciative of the successes He brings into our lives. The same is said to be true of all our failures. Every failure and disappointment we experience leaves us in a state of determination to succeed. From that failure we have but no choice to send out a message of strong will and determination, no matter how broken our spirit may be. Which in turn creates a heart of gratitude for the failure and illuminates the passion so much that we almost have to expand “our” story and share with the world. Unselfish, undeniably sharing ourselves, the secrets of success or failure in life to conclude a resolution to our existence as God created us to be. Loving one another in a brotherly love. That means duplicating all of our failures and successes equally to incorporate our affection to one another.

The secret is simple:



ask for it, act (works towards it), activate your faith

receive (be open to options/doors/opportunities) release(let go) repeat (make everything easy to duplicate in life)