The Naked Woman

Hey Sista Tribe!   Last night was my incredible "The Naked Woman" event in Charlottesville, VA. Can I say it was a phenomenon! I embraced the story I wanted to tell and the message I needed to share! It was all about women embracing their power and taking ownership of their lives. You can watch … Continue reading The Naked Woman


Magic of Creating A Life You Love

  Hey Tribe Sista's, It has been a while since my last post and a lot has been going on to say the least. Life. I always though of life as living. Existing and only ever reaching a height or hitting the ceiling after you get married, have kids, buy a house, two cars and … Continue reading Magic of Creating A Life You Love

Dear Daughter’s

This post is dedicated to my daughter's. Yes, I have one son and I will write a different one for him. For today this is the new message I want to send out into the world to my daughter's so that they will understand the POWER of their WORDS and create a life they love … Continue reading Dear Daughter’s

Expanding & Stretching

I have been so emotional the past few days, I'm not really sure what's going on. I think maybe I am being stretched for growth? Not sure. Anyway, I need to share some "real" stuff that is on my heart. Sometimes in the blogging, social media infested world we live in we try to portray … Continue reading Expanding & Stretching


Hey Guys, What are your thoughts on transparency? I always thought it was a good thing. To me it meant that you were not fake. People could see the real, raw, YOU! I think today somewhere in the self-development world improvement world people have been told to only be positive and show the highlight reels … Continue reading Transparency?

The Kids Remember…

I am going to share some pretty private details of my life with you all today. I felt like God wanted me to share this testimony with you. I was deeply lead to do this, I hope it gives you inspiration and faith. Here goes.   Three years ago may a little longer life was … Continue reading The Kids Remember…

Open Doors and Opportunity

Have you been committed to your New Year goals? Have you stayed on the path? Did you give up already? I know, I have felt the same way lately. It has been hard this week especially. I am having one of those weeks where I am desperately trying to stay focused on my goals for … Continue reading Open Doors and Opportunity

What if…

    What if you had the power to change your whole life with one major decision today? Most of us know that we have that kind of power. Let's just say, you were living your normal life. The daily grind. You had these dreams and goals planned for your future. But, then you come … Continue reading What if…

Are You Ready for the Holidays?

      Are you ready for the holidays? With next week being Thanksgiving and all, I can honestly say, what the hell? This year is already coming to an end. I started the year with such high vibes if ya know what I mean. I was super positive and ready to take on all … Continue reading Are You Ready for the Holidays?

Absorb Everything, Apply all of it!

  Today, was a day of reflection. My actual plan was to be more productive than I actually have been. I got lost in You Tube world for way to long today! Starting tomorrow my actions and plans are going to be put into full swing! I thought I would share this little blog post … Continue reading Absorb Everything, Apply all of it!