Live. Love. Learn crazy inspired

Hey guys! I am going to go in depth with you about why I created Live. Love. Learn Get Crazy Inspired. While I was researching some topics last week I began to think about what that really meant and why I wanted people to remember, Live. Love. Learn Get Crazy Inspired and associate it with my business. I have broken each down and will explain what they mean to me.

LIVE—Healthy Living

Exercise–for me that is running

Spiritual–Love of God and Faith

Food--eating whole foods, no chemicals, GMO’s, taking the right supplements and vitamins, using essential oils and other doTERRA products.


Serve People–by sharing my knowledge, building a Tribe, supporting each other, holding classes and workshops.



Mindset–focus and clarity on dreams and goals

Growth–sharing my knowledge with people on self-development, self-discipline, routines, and habits.

Get Crazy Inspired—All things Artsy

DIY--deodorant, dish soap, laundry soap, make up, and more!

Refurb Antiques and Gagets

Simplify–small space organization, RV life, get rid of stuff.

JunkyGypsy Boutique— Items for sale

This is the foundation of my business and my WHY. My business is a service for you! I keep saying that and I have had a lot of post the past two weeks about this but, it is important for me to lay a good foundation to build upon. You will continue to see post on healthy living, mindset, growth, and more on goal setting & determination.

Have a wonderful day, loves!

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Hooping Hoopla!



So, I decided a month ago that I would begin hooping. Part of the reason was because of my new dreads! I figured if I was to become a member of the dread head culture club then I better start hooping. Well, I have done some hooping here and there, not as much as I would like. Just to say, I am not really any good at it yet. I am inspired by those who hoop to music and make it look so easy. In truth it is very hard and a skill one must learn. I made up my mind that I am going to master this skill. I used to think when I wasn’t good at something naturally it just wasn’t for me. Now, I accept that I may not be “good” at something at first, but that doesn’t mean I should give up. As, goofy as I might look when I am outside of my RV trying to hoop, it’s okay. I am learning and it’s way fun too! If you haven’t checked out You Tube for some fun hooping inspiration you should! There are amazing videos of very talented people.

Fun Hooping Video

Sara Janssen Hooping! (she’s my favorite)

Starting today September 15, 2016 I am doing a 30 day challenge! I challenge myself to hoop everyday for 20 minutes a day. I am going to record my hooping time and commit to the 30 day challenge. This will ensure that I am on the right path to achieving my goal! I hope some of you will join me if you are a hooper or a person who has always wanted to learn. Please posts pics in the comment section below of your hoop and yourself and I will share on my facebook and instagram!


Have an awesome fun day and let’s HOOP!–Amy

Misty Mountains and Decisions

Yesterday, I was having some feelings of anxiousness and thoughts flooded my mind, then I said, “Oh No!” Am I making the right decisions right now for my family? I  undoubtly thought, “Yes! I absolutely am! I am following my dreams!” The reality of pursuing goals and dreams this year, meant I had to make a lot of personal changes to make within myself and my family and in the physical. I did not doubt at all for months. But, you see once the “high” wears off then you are walking through a misty mountain. Things can begin to cloud your vision and your decisions get foggy. Your thoughts can attack you. That is what I am experiencing right now. Either, I JUMP or go back. I could remain exactly where I am right now. Keep living the current life I am in. Just okay. Not, stretching myself at all. No risks, just being. I don’t feel like that is the right path for me. This year 2016, is suppose to be a year of growth and change for me. I will be 40! I am really excited about that but, it also, feels like I am on a time crunch to change things drastically. The only way for me to move forward is to JUMP! It is a very scary realization. I have to do it though. There really is no way around it. I had a glimpse of what could be and will be. I really fell in love with this glimpse of my new life! So, that is where I am focusing my attention, on the glimpse. If my ears and eyes wander to much I will become to scared to move. I am going to keep pushing forward. I am not going to lie, I am afraid. I have just made a decision to keep going. I can’t see the “HOW” in everything right now but, I know that if I jump things will fall into place. I will keep updates posted and hopefully by my sharing how and what I am doing may just give someone else the courage they need to see their way through the misty mountain to get to their dream! Here I go…

So far I jumped into school full time! I will be a Massage Therapist in September! I am also, trying very hard to grow my doTERRA business. I have several goals set for the year with that. My first goal in my doTERRA business is fast approaching, on January 31st. At, this point in reality I am not making it but, through faith I am determined to give it my all! So, the affirmation is: I will be Elite by January 31st 2016! The next, JUMP I am making is next week, I am starting my new part time job right beside school. It will be hard but, I need it. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be working with products I love in a health and nutrition store! I have a really large JUMP to make right around the first of the month. This jump will be the hardest and I can not see where or how right now. Details will come but, it involves moving. I truly believe once I make this JUMP, I will be propelled forward into the rest of my goals and dreams! It is the hardest of all JUMPS but, the one that must happen before I can go any farther.

I continue to say my affirmations:


I possess the courage to act on inspiration that will help me achieve my dreams and goals!

I make good choices for myself and my family!

I live in ______in a cute house with my kids! I am strong!

I can handle this! 

I am an excellent Massage Therapist!

Happy Saturday!