Live. Love. Learn

Hey guys! I am going to go in depth with you about why I created Live. Love. Learn Get Crazy Inspired. While I was researching some topics last week I began to think about what that really meant and why I wanted people to remember, Live. Love. Learn Get Crazy Inspired and associate it with … Continue reading Live. Love. Learn


Hooping Hoopla!

  So, I decided a month ago that I would begin hooping. Part of the reason was because of my new dreads! I figured if I was to become a member of the dread head culture club then I better start hooping. Well, I have done some hooping here and there, not as much as … Continue reading Hooping Hoopla!

Misty Mountains and Decisions

Yesterday, I was having some feelings of anxiousness and thoughts flooded my mind, then I said, "Oh No!" Am I making the right decisions right now for my family? I  undoubtly thought, "Yes! I absolutely am! I am following my dreams!" The reality of pursuing goals and dreams this year, meant I had to make … Continue reading Misty Mountains and Decisions