” You must give up the life you planned, in order to have the life that is waiting for you!”

—–Joseph Campbell

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Hey JunkyGypsy Tribe!

I hope you had a truly inspiring weekend! I set aside time this weekend for some massive intentional self-care. It was awesome! My last post I focused solely on the art of manifesting. This subject alone is in the top ten for Google topics. Everyone wants a magic formula to create or escape their current situation. Yes, you absolutely can manifest awesomeness into your life. You must know, like I explained in my post, sometimes it takes a while to see the results of manifesting. It could be days, weeks, and even years.

Today, I want to share a subject that has been popping up continuously in my life this year. I think I may have touched on the subject before. It is a subject that everyone enjoys talking about but no one wants to actually do. If ya feel me. It is the subject of self-discipline. Yep, I have read articles, blog posts, and watched YouTube videos and Podcast on this very subject. As if by my listening or reading would magically mean I practiced the act of self discipline. Self discipline means when you have something to do you just do it, regardless of whether you like it or not. I remember as a child enjoying discipline. Weird, right? I enjoyed boundaries and ,”No, Amy you can not..” from my parents. I think it is because in the realm of discipline it kept me in a “safe zone” so to speak. It also made me look like the “good girl”. Which, I certainly was not!

Sweet Sixteen

It all began last week when my fav rock star mentor posted a link to a Podcast. With the very subject of discipline. It was Order of Man Podcast Episode 135 Jocko Willink. I suggest listening to this amazing episode! Anyway, he talks very plainly about people who have honest, raw and real discipline in their life. Simply put these kind of people lead a “no Excuses aloud” lifestyle. They get up, do what is required of them and they don’t take the ( I don’t feel like it) pills. They just do. I asked myself, “What happened to the Amy that used to be like that?” I lost the motivation of self-discipline by becoming a follower of whatever crowd I was trying to please at the time. I was too afraid to live my truth and stand my ground many times in my life. Where as now, I know that being a follower gets you no where in life. Actually, it often gets you in tons of trouble and causes a lot of pain.

Like I said, this subject has been on the forefront of my life this year as one I want to conquer. Just like stepping out of my comfort zone and being uncomfortable, self-discipline is right there beside it. Having sat on this for a few days and figuring out how one can be to implement more discipline in their daily life to guarantee success I came up with this little list of ways you can begin. Self-discipline, like a muscle, can be developed. Just like you, I am implementing these into my life right now. Get out your journal and write these down to save for later when you have a moment where you want to not be so disciplined!

  1. Don’t take the ” I’ll wait till I feel Like it” pill. Just do it!
  2. Stop the excuses! Right now!
  3. Make self-discipline a non-negotiable right now.
  4. Remove temptations!
  5. Practice tolerating emotional discomfort.

Self discipline is something that you can learn by continuous practice, over and over, until you master it.  Once you have mastered the ability to delay gratification, the ability to discipline yourself to keep your attention focused on the most important task in front of you, there is virtually no goal that you cannot accomplish and no task that you cannot complete. There you have it. The key here is self-discipline has to be practiced daily and you must learn to delay gratification! Let go of the ” I want it now.” or the “I deserve it” attitude because it is not serving you in your best. If you truly desire to lead at your highest and best then you have to develop self discipline. I pray this post motivates and inspires you to LIVE intentionally, LOVE with passion, LEARN for life! Get Crazy Inspired to be the best version of you!

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Tribe Vibes



Hello Beautiful!

Last week I really kicked butt in my biz! I worked diligently for hours and hours on end creating content, updating social media etc. It was great. This week  am moving at a slower pace. I experienced a minor set back over the weekend that kinda paralyzed me and caused me question myself. Sunday I found myself really needing to take a long hard look at where I wanted go. I needed some time to just sit and be quiet. Which is really hard for me because one of my weaknesses is patience. After the reflection I committed to myself. I said, “Amy, you are going to make this happen. You are walking your brand around all day, everyday. You are the only one who will fight for your purpose and passion.” I took some notes that really have not sunk in yet. I did write everything down that just began to pour out of me. I declared–I can and I will. I will do it scared. I will keep moving and investing. I am sowing seeds and when they grow and blossom, oh my what a pretty picture it will be. What I am struggling with is what to do with all of the information that flooded my mid and landed on my journal pages. There are many great things that I jotted down. I will share with you guys in little bits as I grow to understand what each means.


This week I felt lead to run a promo–7 Days of Inspir-ACTION! In keeping it simple I give one assignment for growth, one essential oils blend to diffuse, and one question to ask yourself and reflect on. My desire to inspire is always a beautiful thing! Follow me on Facebook to see tomorrows Day 3 activities!

janice & darrenare having a baby boy!please join us for a shower

I am praying for some answers from the Lord, about some personal matters. He has not answered yet. I am feeling led to embrace a more assertive me. To stand up for what I believe and what I want to shower on others! All of this involves a new morning routine, new boundaries, and new confidence. I am super excited to be molded and growing! Growth is exciting and hard all at the same time. I welcome it for me I never want to stop growing! I am a student of myself for life!


Hey, I’m JunkyGypsy and we are going to Live.Love.Learn and get crazy inspired together!

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My priorities are family and work I love!

Hey JunkyGypsy Lovers!

It has been a while since my last post. I was a bit raw in my subject last time. I have been working on myself internally for the past year. Seriously, changing behaviors and thought patterns. I can look back and see how much of my old self I left behind to embrace the “new” me or the “mature” me. It is strange for me to think about how I used to be. I realize now the influence I had on my kids. The way I lived in “reaction mode” 90% of the time. How fear & anxiety gripped me. How I was so indecisive I would have stomach pains just trying to make even the most basic of decisions. The worst was the addictions, alcohol, sugar, drugs (legal), television, and my addiction to poverty. I can see clearly how the way I behaved or the so-called example I was setting has now been thrust onto my children without permission. It hurts to know I did that but, I also know that I am a better example to them today and going forward because I choose to continuously grow. I choose to work on myself daily and even if it is painful and super uncomfortable I have fully committed to my growth as a woman, entrepreneur, wife, and mother.

I briefly want to share my mini growth spurt going on right now as I type. This one hurts! I want to lash out, hit someone, scream at the top of my lungs, ” IT’S NOT F**CKING FAIR!” It is that kinda brutal going on. The lesson is this, once I reach deep inside of myself find my power, the power that God has given me as His daughter and my birth right. (By the way, you have this power too!) Speak up for myself, stand my ground, set real boundaries, and stop allowing people to abuse me and take advantage of me or I of them. I can go to the next level in my life. I must confront things I do not wish to confront. I must deal with things I’d rather not deal with at all. Now is the time! I know it is the time. Have you ever had something keep showing up in your life over and over? Every time it rears its ugly head you push it back down? That is the way this thing has been showing up. Lies, upon lies, treated like a slave, total unfairness, etc….I could go on and on. In the past, all I would do is ignore it over and over. Not any more girl friend shit is about to get real! Part of the lesson is learning how to be a b*tch without being a b*tch. I must be firm, fair, honest, and loving. I know when I embrace all of me the me God created me to be in the proper way, God will bless me. Just this morning I read in my Bible– Deuteronomy 30:7

The LORD your God will put all these curses on your enemies who hate and persecute you.”

It is funny that I read that during my devotional time with the Lord this morning and then we were once again attacked. I can not figure out why. I have been in a deep growth period and it seems the seasons we are going through here seem to keep showing up. Honestly, I am at the end of my rope, I am praying and releasing. I know that God hates bitterness. Once, I make through this hard period of growth I know God shall pour out a blessing to large enough for me to contain. Please keep me in your prayers!

I read this scripture today too, funny because the last few weeks this is how I have felt. Humiliated and abused.

Deuteronomy 26:6

When the Egyptians oppressed and humiliated us by making us their slaves,

I am sharing this because we should always be open to growth no matter how painful it is. Sometimes it will be harder than other times but, as long as we are growing only good things can happen. This is your life, make it what you want. Trust your intuition, stay focused, serve, and love others well. That is our mandate. LOVE.

Peace & Joy,



What Happens When You Experience A Growth Spurt?



I have been growing lately. You know the kind of growing that has taken about 15 years to yield fruit. Yep. The painful, good kind of growth. I am floating on cloud nine right now, with excitement. Truth is sometimes when you are growing other people, people close to you (friend, parent, spouse, sibling(s) and so forth) may sense that you are still that same old person with the same old habits. They may experience anger, fear, hurt, or jealously. Whether or not you are the person growing or the person who is close to a person who is growing truth is, we all react that way sometimes. Even if you think, “ oh, I would never do that.YES! You have. I know this from experience. I’ve done it. Here is the thing we can change! Right? We can intentionally pay attention to others. We can support them, encourage and love people. In my current growth spurt, I am experiencing a high for life. I am intentionally loving everyday. Waking up joyful. Setting the tone of my day with prayer and repeating words that are causing my growth. That might sound weird but, words do have power. These words are impacting my spirit and soul. They are reaching deep down inside of me and causing me to take action on the dreams and goals that I thought I was already taking action on. In truth, I was just doing “busy” work. I want you to try this experiment. I promise it works.


Say these words then, close your eyes. Repeat them over and over for five minutes.

Beautiful Life, Abundance, Fulfilling, Creative Process, Leadership, Passion,Cultivate, Magic, Supernatural Life, Vibrant, Healthy, FREE, High Vibe, High Level, Overflow,Shine

Now, “How do you feel?” Pretty great, right? Through the power of these words I am creating the action plan for my life, my business and my future. I already had a vision and dream. I have a vision board and have SMART goals. I am not talking about creating the baseline vision. No. What I am talking about is the deeper vision the one that lives in your heart, the truth of who we are (who I am). Who God created me to be using the gifts He gave me and the plan He has for me wrapped up in my passions and laid out in my dreams and goals. Are you following? That is the seed that was planted long ago and years and years of watering,  fertilizing, and pulling weeds had to be done before I could grow again. Now, I am growing and headed straight toward the sun or (Son), if you get me. This is where I believe I am experiencing phenomenal personal boldness and confidence in my dreams at the same time I am experiencing the cold shoulder from friends and family. I see this happening through social media, conversations and actions. I’m not upset. I am not deterred from my growth. I do recognize it for what it is. I am responding in LOVE. That is the only way to respond. Maybe they don’t understand why I am changing or why now after all this time. It will take some time for them to get used to my “new” language and new attitude. But, through the power of prayer and just plain loving them, I can set the tone for conversations that will lead to happiness and peace. You have to handle it with a tender gentle spirit. Be very careful how you approach conversations or confrontations. Be prepared to stand your ground firmly. Have boldness and confidence in embracing the truth of your growth spurt and use gentle words to affirm who you are and where you are going.

This is the route I am taking and just acknowledging that this is happening is growth also, for me. YES! I am really excited to be in the process of building a strong foundation for my new life and biz! Going forward I have confidence, strength and integrity to handle these gentle conversations or confrontations. I hope this has helped you. Maybe you are having a growth spurt too!

Happy Growing!



Traps that Can Keep Growth from Happening in Your Life or Biz!


Today, I am going to share what I learned about brain traps. You might be asking, “What the heck is a brain trap?”

Brain traps are hidden patterns that stop us from listening to our hearts and taking action on our ideas and dreams. They are why people “settle“. I am going to go through a list of five brain traps about leading and inspiring others. These five steps gave me clarity in my business and opened my eyes to the ways that I would silently sabotage growth in my biz.

Brain Trap #1– I’m not an expert. In whatever field or service you offer you may think you can not “sell” until you educate yourself more in a certain area or about a certain product. This is a lie! If you are passionate about what you are doing your passion will “sell” itself.

Brain Trap#2– I will do this for FREE. When you feel like you are not worth getting paid for what you do. Example- Let’s say you are starting a coaching biz, your flat rate is 100.00 and hour. You set your price and have confidence in getting it, until someone comes to you and questions why so much. Then a seed of doubt is planted and you may believe you are not worth as much.

Brain Trap #3– I suck at sales, I am to nice. You give away too many “free” samples in the hopes that someone will buy but, instead they know you are a pushover and never become a client. This is negativity at work. You have to set aside any “feelings” about being nice. This is business, its raw and brutal and your life depends on it.

Brain Trap#4– I don’t have the perfect location for my business. False. You do not need to have the perfect location. You need to be determined and go after exactly what you want. If you are in a less desirable part of town or working out of your home, so what. It is your passion and drive that will get you to the next level. Before long you will be able to lease the building of your dreams!

Brain Trap#5– What if no one comes or buys? Again, a seed of doubt. Your mind can play all these tricks which is why you need to be ready and alert for these feelings to come up. When you are running your own business, sure there will be doubts and road blocks but, that is part of the growth experience. You need to fight negativity with positivity daily and keep going. So what if this person or that person does not buy. Keep going. Determination and discipline are your keys to success!

th (1)

These five traps are why so many people give up and “settle” in their personal life and in business. If you want to have a successful business you have to be a “high vibe” person. Attract the right people into your life that will build you up. Get rid of those that are bringing you down. They are probably just jealous anyway. I learned a great deal from these five brain traps a year ago and having taken the correct action when these stink bombs appear I have been victorious. I hope this helps you! Happy business building! You are a rock star and worth it!



My Biz and How it is Growing



This is not a typical blog post but, I felt it was important to update those who follow me about the upcoming changes and additions to JunkyGypsy Inspirations. The changes will add value and depth to the products and services available to you.

I already am an essential oil distributor however, the change will be that now instead of just signing up and getting your wholesale account I will have a retail business and sell oils directly to people at retail. This will allow you to purchase from me directly and you can avoid having to join or sign up for a wholesale account if you are not ready. This is not really a huge change for my online business. It will only affect events I am at and so forth.

I am working on developing my brand of JunkyGypsy Journals. YAY! I will have these for sale on my Boutique page when they are finished.

I am adding a new page titled Healthy, Whole YOU! On this page I am only going to promote products I use and provide links for you to purchase. I am creating this page as a way to support you in your journey for health and wellness!

I will be cleaning up my about me page and adding a video instead of the very long detailed page I currently have. Stay tuned for that.


Emails!!! YES, I would love to have all of your emails please. For some reason I am not getting them or have lost ones that I had. I know, that is really bad. I want to keep you informed and inspired weekly with one email on Sunday to start your week out positive, and ready to chase your dreams!! If you are interested then give me your email!



Lent begins this week, it is a very special time for me personally this year as I am choosing to do more than a fast. I am focused on honoring God and His Son Jesus. My personal conviction from the Lord is to serve others, pray for others, and be a servant during this time. If you would like me to pray for you about anything then you can message me directly on my facebook page and I will do so. I am also, doing other things that I will be sharing on my blog for accountability and encouragement. I pray that you to are embracing Lent this year!


Just an overview if this is the first time you have been on my blog, My name is Amy Siler (aka JunkyGypsy) I have had this blog for 9 years and it started out as a private journal for myself through the years it has changed a lot but, never really grown. This year the Lord gave me vision that aligned with my dreams and goals. I revamped and am still working on it but, the reason I write is to encourage, support, be real about real life, help your growth and self development, to share ways you can live a healthy lifestyle by talking about essential oils, food, supplements, and exercise. Share with you my real life stories the good, the bad and the ugly. Inspiring you to LIVE.LOVE.LEARN and Get Crazy Inspired to live your best life!!

Have a beautiful Sunday Beloved!


A JunkyGypsy Motivational Kick in the Butt! Dreams, Goals, and taking Action in 2017


Wow! January flew by so fast. I don’t know about you but, I have started taking action on my goals list for the year. Did you know by January 21 most people who set goals on New Year’s give up? It is a sad statistic but, true. Now that we are in February it is a good time to sit down and review what actions you have actually taken on accomplishing what you want in 2017. Get out you Bujo (Bullet Journal) and make a list again of the same goals you probably made on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s and then make another list beside it with what action you have taken. Then, sit for a minute and just look at your list. It may be that you have not taken any action, yet. Or maybe you just started last week. No matter where you are it is important to review your progress. And since it is February there is still plenty of time to start! Whatever you do, DO NOT GIVE UP. You are your biggest cheerleader! If you find yourself stuck and don’t know where to begin I am going to share some tips that will keep you focused and motivated!


I want to share where I am at to have some accountability for myself:

Amy’s Goals for 2017

  • Monetize my blog/ build my business on social media platforms/create email list
  • Share more doTERRA oils with people
  • Run everyday/ Run a 10k in March
  • Stop smoking/break 2 major unhealthy bad habits that I have had for many years
  • Be intentional in the morning/ Prayer/Journal/Write/Art/ Set my day up for success/Miracle Morning
  • Eat only whole foods
  • Stop eating ice cream every night (this is a huge weakness)
  • Spend more time with my kids having fun
  • Act As If
  • Read something that inspires me and helps me grow everyday
  • Commit to finishing (meaning that when I start a project I am going to see it through)
  • Share Essential Oils more and always be prepared to share
  • Serve others more especially when I do not feel like it
  • Get my finances under control (take responsibility and save, pay debts)

This may seem like a lot but, really it’s a bunch of little things that add up to big things. I have taken positive action on a bunch of these!

  • I have been running everyday except when the weather has been bad.
  • I have been consistently working on my blog and business platform.
  • I have been smoke free for 4 days.
  • I am eating whole foods but, I did slip up a couple of times.
  • My miracle mornings are pretty consistent.
  • I need to spend more time reading and I want too!
  • I have been working on the finances but had a slip up last week.
  • I am still on track to get it right!

Some things I am changing are really hard but, I know I must do them in order for real change to happen in my life or else I will be in the same place next year at this time with the same list and getting nowhere fast. Here a some tips to help you. I use this list everyday to stay motivated.


  • Stay focused
  • review your goals daily
  • Make a habit of acting as if you have already achieved them
  • Write affirmations to affirm to yourself daily
  • Clean the clutter out of your mind (think positive thoughts)
  • Read anything and everything that is in line with your goals
  • Instagram motivation
  • Listen to podcasts that are in line with where you want to go in life
  • Trust yourself to make good choices
  • Be committed, DO NOT GIVE UP because something is hard!

Here are some great books you should read this month to keep you focused and growing!


Purchase them here!

Miracle Morning- by Hal Elrod

Get Rich, Lucky Bitch- by Denise Duffield Thomas

Design Your Day- by Claire Diaz-Ortiz

The Desire Map- by Danille LaPorte

The Circle Maker- by Mark Batterson

You Are A Badass- by Jen Sincero

Be Obsessed or Be Average- by Grant Cardone

I would pick three of these books for this month and three for March.These are amazing life changing books. YOU are the only one who can change YOU. If you are happy where you are at then fine stay there but, we are meant to continue growing and learning more and more in the various seasons of life. Write this years chapter intentionally so that when you look back next year YOU will be proud of the changes you made!

Helping you be your Best Self!

Love- Amy


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Chasing Mirages


Chasing Mirages

Chasing Mirages is about how we tend to believe the grass is greener on the other side. At times, when our lives are not going exactly how we imagined we tend create false truths, dreams or pretend to be someone else. I know, I have done this. In doing so, we are able to cope with the tragedy, pain, sadness or hardship we are experiencing at the time.I want to take the veil off of this dream world we create and expose what really is. This little ebook is intended to help the dreamers, the artists, the poets, the writers, the magicians, the teachers and anyone else who lives in an alternate reality in touch times. I am not taking away the mirage that ultimately helps us through these times but, exposing it for what it is. We need it sometimes or we will just fade into the abyss of daily life with no hope at all. I know this all sounds a bit over the top but, my father was famous for saying, “ You made your bed, now you must lye in it!” Those words still haunt me to this day. The difference is I have learned that I do not have to accept them. I am the creator of my life! I have choices.

Let’s get to it.


The Circumstances

  1. When we are faced with an unbearable amount of pressure to perform our minds become too focused on the outcome of the situation. Our bodies sweat and tense up. We breathe heavy. We loose sight of what matters. In this situation we tell ourselves , “I can get through it. I can do this.” Which is true, we can. But, in the silence of our mind we begin to create a strong, Hulk like fictional version of our self. Then, we push through the pressure. Don’t pretend that you don’t do this. We all have. After all who wouldn’t want to be a super hero? This mirage gets us through to the other side,and we are victorious. Sometimes, we may medicate or drink but, that is another topic.
  2. When life kicks us in the ass, we lose our job, home, car etc. We cry, our emotions run rampant. We tell ourselves, “I can stay in bed all day, I have lost it all anyway.” We roll through a mountain of excuses. Sometimes, we blame others instead of looking inward. But, out of this we begin to create the mirage of this isn’t really my life. Its not that bad. We may spend money we don’t have, tell ourselves we deserve to go shopping, or we accept our situation but, play a false role as if it’s not that bad.
  1. When we lose a loved one. This one is painful. A real hurt and loss. We pull ourselves inward as if to be a fetus in a womb again. Our day turns to night, one long night that we wish would end. We may not eat, sleep or bathe during this time. After a while, we create the mirage that they are still with us. We pretend, cry and act as if we are strong enough to carry on. Our identity is lost. We adapt to what was and begin to live in the past. This is the hardest mirage because it can not be fixed. But, I want to expose it for what it is so we can move through it.
  1. Like I said before, drugs, alcohol and self-destruction. Addictions, whatever they maybe food, cigarettes etc. It can really be anything. I believe at some time or another each of us has dealt with an addiction. This is a mirage false since of hope, happiness, peace, and love. Like a cloak on a dragon hidden. This is really believe it or not the most noticeable mirage. It is so obvious what it is. And yet, the most popular. I guess because it numbs and feels so good.

So, what does all of this mean? Why did I bring attention to it? You may be thinking, “Why even discuss it?” Well, truth is we can not defend ourselves from what we don’t see. Plain black and white are easy but, it is the gray that sometimes we get lost in.

I want to help you by informing you of alternative ways to work through this without walking towards the mirages because your thirsty. You are thirsty for you! Sometimes we have to dig a deep well to get true pure water.


Let’s discuss someways that you can start digging that well today.

  1. Let go! When you are attacked in life, the immediate response is to fight back. Don’t, accept what is happening as it truly is. Look at it. Know it is real and LET IT GO!
  2. Do not fall into self pity! Just don’t do it. Do not blame others either. Take full responsibility for what is happening. Own it. Then, LET IT GO!
  1. Allow yourself to feel the emotions, every emotion you feel really, feel it. Cry, yell, scream, beat a wall, run, get it all out. Allow yourself the time to get it out. Step away from whatever is going on and just LET IT GO!
  1. Pray/meditate go to your source! He is there for you! Give that problem, mistake or thing that happened away! Do not hold on to it. You must give it away. If you do that then you will feel a release in your soul. That is really super important to do!! The longer you hold on to it, the more likely it will be that you will walk right into a false mirage. You have to LET IT GO!
  1. Share only with friends or family you can trust!!! I say trust with huge importance! Just because you have family who will listen, you may not be able to trust them. Family means well at times but, they also are the number one reason people can not heal. Often, their opinions come out and it can do a lot more damage. Then, you create a mirage of family and I do not want that for you! If you don’t have anyone you can confide in then, confide in yourself out loud. Say what you need to say to yourself! LET IT GO!


Other ways to continue your journey to YOU:

Write/ Journal get it all out. For those of you who do not like to write, then speak it in to your phone. Just record it so that you will be able to go back and listen or read about it and know that you came through!

Get moving, keep moving exercise, go outdoors this really helps in so many ways. Just breathing fresh air and getting your blood pumping.

Breathe, take long deep breaths for 10 minutes. This allows you to release and focus on one thing your life giving breath!

Set intentions and say affirmations for your future. When you make a plan and set a goal for what you desire it gives you hope to move to the future. Get real with yourself and find out what you truly want. Then, you LET GO of what is going on and focus on your new goals and intentions. Affirmations help set your new goals into motion and gets you focusing on real possibilities for the future!

*Get truly honest and raw with yourself. Don’t sugar coat the choices you made or blame others. The real way to heal is by looking at our ugly parts and healing them. You have to be honest with YOU!

I hope this helps you in your journey to your best self. I have personally experienced this and much more. I have chased many mirages and learned the hard way many times over. I just want to share with the world that we can overcome and create the life we truly desire to live! I am still working on me and it is really hard at times. Getting honest with myself is probably the hardest thing to do. I always wanted to play victim and blame others. Now, I see that I am healing after being truly honest with myself and you can too!

*My name is Amy Woods Siler, I am the owner of JunkyGypsy Inspirations,a business with many differnet functions, I sell funky junque to inspire, teach Vision board workshops, Coaching on Creating and Living Your best life! My passion and desire in life is to bring inspiration and hope into the lives of people. I am a teacher of Healthy Living Education, Writer, Blogger, Mom, a lover of nature, crazy about essential oils and I love to inspire others through my creative spirit a.k.a JunkyGypsy. I have been through many trials and experiences in my life and my desire is to teach others how to successfully get through situations with confidence and ease of pain. Life can be very hard at times but, it is in those moments we learn the most! Come, Live.Love.Learn. And get Crazy Inspired!

-Amy Woods Siler 

copywright 2017 -JunkyGypsy  Inspirations


Learn to cultivate these daily reminders:

-Do not be uptight. Learn to control your tension.

-Learn to cultivate a relaxed attitude in life. You must work at this daily discipline.

-Practice saying peaceful words and thoughts through your mind daily and nightly.

-Reduce your environmental noise.

-Pray daily for the PEACE Jesus gives.

-Ask yourself WHY? Why do your feel this tension?

-Let go of any unhealthy attitudes or patterns that keep you stirred up in your deep unconscious.


-Put all of your trust in God and go calmly on your way.


I am passing on these simple daily reminders as I am learning them myself. Your life can change if you choose it to. If you have a desire to move past any mistakes you made and succeed in life at your goals and dreams, your thoughts are just one way to begin. Our minds are amazing and powerful they can do great harm and also a great good. It is within each of our own selves that we have the power to tap into our creative unconsciousness and dictate our lives. God made us that way. Unfortunately, many go about life to and fro without ever understanding the fullness of their mind and the power it has in daily life. When I first began to study my mind and thought patterns it really was not a lighting bolt awakening. It was a subtle and gentle nudging of my spirit. Year after year, I began to take notice of how I talked to myself and how my thoughts affected my attitude daily. For a very long time was very insecure and taught myself that I was not really worth anything. Even as a christian, I felt as a servant of God I did not deserve “things” in my life. I desired for many years to be like a “martyr“. It was only in the last few years I began to understand that I had believed I was a victim in every area of my life. I also, believed no one would ever listen to me or that I was not worthy of anything worth value. These lies haunted me for over 20 years. I believed there was always something “wrong” with me. I have come to understand that I had very negative thought patterns and I spoke to myself negatively all the time. Slowly, as I was awakened to this understanding that I was none of the above and took responsibility for the choices in life I have made, I changed. Not only becoming more confident but, aware of how I talk to myself. I am changing my life everyday by cultivating new thought patterns. I deserve everything in life I want. You do too. I am worthy of it and I know that I can do it. Have I made some mistakes? YES! I learn the lesson and keep going! I know that I can fulfill all of my goals and dreams in despite of my mistakes and errors no matter how big they were! I am a strong, confident, able, willing, outstanding and an effective woman. I have struggled through abuse, poverty, indecisiveness, control issues and made one bad decision after another, but that does not mean I end there. NO. I get up wipe it off and begin to envision the life I desire. The person I desire to be and I pray continually. I ask God to transform me day after day. I am always learning  and growing. My passion for obtaining a deep understanding of my mind and thought patterns helps me to stay focused and always apply new words or actions in my daily life. I want others to unerstand that what their reality is today does not have to stay that way tomorrow. You really are what you think. So begin to cultivate simple daily reminders and watch your life change!

Joy & Prosperity


Absorb Everything, Apply all of it!


vision board

Today, was a day of reflection. My actual plan was to be more productive than I actually have been. I got lost in You Tube world for way to long today! Starting tomorrow my actions and plans are going to be put into full swing! I thought I would share this little blog post I wrote about two weeks ago with you today.

Activate simple daily discipline’s.

Like exercise everyday.

Put a few dollars away in savings.

Journal for 10 minutes a day.

Tell someone I appreciate them.

Just active these simple daily disciplines into your life and make them habits, then you are on your way success can not run from you!

Absorb everything, apply all of it!

“Whatever my deepest desires are in life, I can achieve them.”



Let me explain. For every dream, every desire, every hope or wish, every success or failure you must apply the above formula. Apply it to every detail, every area of your life to find true success. Then, pass it on to the next person.

We know that when a person accomplishes that dream, that desire, that thing that allows them to feel and know their reason for their life. They want to pass on “the how” to the next person. We just can’t help but, to share the knowledge of how we got “there”.

We almost explode with such an intense passion to share with others how we did IT? It’s from that desire and passion we want to give back. It produces such from a place of gratitude and knowing.

When a person takes the focus off themselves, they feel empowered to dream big accomplish more and give more. God designed each of us in a way that it is almost impossible for us to harbor and hold back being selfish and unappreciative of the successes He brings into our lives. The same is said to be true of all our failures. Every failure and disappointment we experience leaves us in a state of determination to succeed. From that failure we have but no choice to send out a message of strong will and determination, no matter how broken our spirit may be. Which in turn creates a heart of gratitude for the failure and illuminates the passion so much that we almost have to expand “our” story and share with the world. Unselfish, undeniably sharing ourselves, the secrets of success or failure in life to conclude a resolution to our existence as God created us to be. Loving one another in a brotherly love. That means duplicating all of our failures and successes equally to incorporate our affection to one another.

The secret is simple:



ask for it, act (works towards it), activate your faith

receive (be open to options/doors/opportunities) release(let go) repeat (make everything easy to duplicate in life)

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