Happy Thanksgiving Tribe!

As we approach this Thanksgiving holiday, I embrace it with the solitude of change. I embrace grace this year. Complete grace around where I am as a person, grace around my family, kids, and grace over life in general. Each Thanksgiving is vastly different from the last for me. Two years ago I was cooking the “holy dinner”, and waiting for all the kids to show up as I sipped a silky red wine listening to Christmas songs and football in the background. Last year, it was spent in service to others. Preparing a meal for travelers and vagabonds who has no family or were to far from home. Eating together in a dining hall at a campground, talking and sharing stories.


This year I really just don’t know. I know that two of the kids are unable to see me due to work and continental location. It’s okay. Not all holidays can be spent together. That is just life. Which is why I bring grace into the picture. It is during these times (if you are a mama bear like me) you feel guilt or shame around the fact that the whole family is not together that you have to allow grace to come in. Release those feelings. By doing this you set yourself free from any outcomes and give yourself permission to enjoy the day no matter what it looks like. Thanksgiving is not just about food and family. It is about grace and gratitude. A day of sincere reflection on our year and life. A day to allow all to be forgiven and rest in grace. I encourage you to surrender whatever you have been holding onto that you need to let go of. Enjoy Thanksgiving for what it truly means. You are worthy. You are loved. Grace is yours!

Happy Thanksgiving!




Sista Tribe!



Hey JunkyGypsy Sista Tribe,

I have been in an expansive growth state for a few months now. If you were to see me walking down the street you probably would not know that anything was happening to me at all. Sometimes the best growth happens all on the inside. Today I am sharing ten action items you can do when you feel stuck or lost without direction.

1. Speak your #truth.

2. Stay in your #truth.

3. Determine no matter what you will always be open to #growth.

4. Today, be that untouchable girl. Be the example.

5. Be diligent about self discipline. Take action daily on #discipline.

6. Trust yourself. Trust your #intuition.

7.Own your #power. Be committed to you.

8. Bet on yourself.

9. You are enough.

10. Be #authentic. Be true to who you are.

On this journey of life, we struggle , we grow, we learn, we love, we chase, we catch, we hope, we dream, we fight, we stay, we live!


LIVE. regardless always make life a priority.
LOVE. Always be in love.
LEARN. Be transparent. See the lessons.
Get Crazy Inspired! Push forward in love and grace!









Fabulous JunkyGypsy EO Blends!

I am sharing some of my favorite blends with you. These blends can be used in rollerball or diffusing! I have more to share but, for now these are my favs!


diffuser uplifting blends

Gliter & Sparkle Blend


Leave a comment below sharing your favorite blends! peaceoil

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Essentially Emotional


Hello Lovelies,

I want to talk about emotions today. Those rocky ups and downs. The freakish panic attacks that sneak up on us. The crazy outburst of laughter when we are excited. The moments when tears well up in our eyes because we just experienced a happiness we thought we could never know, the loss of a loved one and the sadness that ensues, the fear and joy of doing something new. You get the idea. EMOTIONS!!!

These feelings are your state of mind in response to the environment around you. This includes people, where you are, what you are doing. Did you know that your emotions have a direct affect on a particular part of your body? And you can experience the emotions in that body part. Example: Love, Fear and being misunderstood effects the kidney. It actually explains why people who have feelings of abandonment may have stomach pains. Because that emotion is attached to the stomach. God clearly tells us in His word that forgiveness is healing. Which is another emotion. Understanding that you can release emotions and emotional patterns with essential oils is vital to your health and wellness. I am not saying that all emotions need to be released but, sickness is attached to emotions. The Bible gives us instructions on how to heal.

“Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord.” (James 5:14)

I have listed essential oils below that support your emotions. There is so much information out there on emotions and essential oils it can feel very overwhelming. I suggest first and foremost to go to your Bible, Pray and ask God to lead you and heal you. Next, I recommend get the book:

Emotions & Essential Oils.  Now fully doTERRA compliant! Essential oils are widely used for their physical health benefits, but few have understood the scope of their healing capabilities. In Emotions & Essential Oils, essential oils are introduced as powerful emotional healers. This groundbreaking book bridges the gap between the physical and emotional aspects of essential oils and creates a user-friendly guide for taking charge of your emotional health. Each oil is written about with profound insight and understanding of its innate properties and gifts, and the result is as poetic as it is practical.

I find if I am having an especially taxing day full of emotions I will have a rollerball of my fav oils and carry it with me all day! I also, highly suggest purchasing doTERRA’s  ClaryCalm Blend--I am in love with this blend and the past few weeks for me have been stressful so having this blend on hand has made all the difference.

The following oils support emotional healing!

Frankincense.  The Oil  of Truth.

Emotions addressed: abandonment, spiritually disconnected, distant from father, unprotected, spiritual darkness.

Bergamot.  The Oil of Self-Acceptance.

Emotions addressed:  despair, low self-esteem, self-judgement, unlovable and hopeless.

Cypress.  The Oil of Motion & Flow.

Emotions addressed:  controlling, fear, perfectionism, rigidity, stuck, tense.

Wild Orange.  The Oil of Abundance.

Emotions addressed:  Scarcity, over-serious, rigid, dull, workaholism, low energy, discouraged, hoarding and envy.

JunkyGypsy Inspirations (4)

God gave us these beautiful gifts not just so they could make our home smell nice, they have healing properties. Each oil can do many things. We will always have emotions and it is a blessing to have the tools we need to support our bodies daily so we can each live a healthy beautiful life in the abundance that God wants us to live in!

Ice Cream Party

If you are ready to invest in your health and wellness and add essential oils to your home click the link or send me and email! I would love for you to be part of my Tribe!

Order Your Oils Here!

Lots of Love,



Luke Warm People

JunkyGypsy Inspirations


Today’s post might just offend some of you and honestly, I am okay with that. I am writing to tell the truth. To speak up the only way I know how. As an introvert, I do struggle with confrontation in every way. When I write everything comes pouring out like a rainy day. Thank God for blogging!

I am becoming more and more frustrated by the amount of people I meet who say one thing and act serious about it and then completely do another. I am saddened by the amount of people living their lives in a manipulative dog eats dog world. People are truly hateful creatures. I do not understand God’s patience with us and the amount of grace He pours out. In the past month I have personally experienced pain caused by simple words and manipulation. I have been accused of stealing, lying, cheating and some pretty vial acts.  My life environment right now is hostile on a daily basis. I struggle to keep silent. To keep my composure. I know that God will fight my battles for me. I believe there is a reason for these things happening to both my hubby and I. It could be God testing us to see if we are equipped for the next level in our faith and life. Believe me patience is definitely something He has been making me learn. The hard part is people. People you thought were friends and companions, and co workers. It hurts when you are constantly thrown under the bus. Needless to say my rope is thin. What do I mean by “luke warm” people? I mean people who are indecisive. People who never go all out in life. The bottom feeders who thrive on drama and pain. The ones who cause the chaos. The ones who pretend and never get serious about anything.

Love your enemies, bless them that curse you,
do good to them that hate you, and pray for them
which despitefully use you and persecute you.
– Matthew 5:44

I once was that person. It came to a point in my life where either I was going to remain on the bottom or I was going to take responsibility for my actions and my bad choices, own up to it and let go. I chose to grow and thrive. I still choose that. I always want to be learning, growing and developing into my best self! I always have hope. It makes me sad to bear witness to such deceit and lies. Luke warm people are hurt and blind. They can not get over their past and embrace a beautiful life. They wallow in despair pulling down everyone around them wherever they go. I found myself a week ago sinking fast. I had to stop take inventory of the many blessings God has given us. I had to get a grateful heart and attitude. I had to totally shift my thinking from negative and gossipy to positive and persistent about living my life to the full.

There are “luke warm” people everywhere. Especially, when you are in the Network Marketing business. People are afraid. They are afraid of commitment. They are afraid of losing money. They are afraid of taking risks. Basically, fear controls everything for these kind of people. My passion in life is to help others live a healthy, beautiful, and balanced life. I help those who desire to pursue wellness and growth. The ones who scream out, YES! The risk takers, the caterpillars just waiting to turn into beautiful butterflies. Those are my people! I absolutely love when someone says to me—I want to join your TRIBE! Count me in and let’s do this together and create a beautiful relationship.

Play with life, laugh with life,
dance lightly with life,
and smile at the riddles of life,
knowing that life’s only true lessons
are writ small in the margin.
– Jonathan Lockwood Huie

The only thing necessary for evil to triumph
is for enough good men to do nothing.
– Edmund Burke

I find that when it comes to essential oils. Only the people who are interested in improving their health using natural God-given resources are the ones who are ready and willing to take the leap. Then, there are the people who are seeking answers to problems but they have been so indoctrinated into the culture that says synthetic prescriptions are the one and only way, have a hard time believing in the simplicity of essential oils for health and wellness. And last, there are the “luke warmers“. These are the people who follow others. The ones who love the trends of the time. Then, when it is no longer “cool” they walk away. They do not commit because of fear. They do not believe because of lack of faith and they certainly are not interested in anything long-term. It makes me sad. I know and understand that I will not be able to help everyone. I commit to pray for everyone. That is where I leave it. My ultimate prayer is that God will use me as His tool to teach others a different way of living. I can be a light for His kingdom and love others well. I am going through this period of being molded and prepared for my next level. The “new” me is emerging. It is never easy when the Lord teaches lessons but, I am so much better prepared than I used to be. I daily seek His guidance and favor. So, I am grateful for being hated and mocked. Jesus went through much worse for me. I would like to pray for others this month. If you would like me to pray for you for any specific thing send me and email.

Be sure to catch me live on Wednesday!




Lots of Love & Growth!


Good Vibes and All things Happy!

Happy Sunday JunkyGypsy Lovers! 

I opened up my blog today just to write a quick post since I have been really busy for the past week and this weekend was no exception! My hubby started his food truck business and I could not be more proud of him! He is such a people person not only that he is an amazing chef and great leader! He has wanted to do his own food for a very long time and this weekend it was finally possible. I was a little scared because we invested every single penny we had in his business and I may have freaked out slightly. I was scared. But, hey when you are pursuing dreams you have to jump in with both feet! I caught myself as I was about to self sabotage his success, and I immediately stopped. I said, ” You know what Amy, this is happening and it is okay. Pursuing your dreams is okay. Not perfect but, okay.” After my little pep talk I gathered myself together and jumped in and helped my hubby. Guess what? He was a SUCCESS!

On to today, I was exhausted this morning but, I knew I had to do a small update on my blog. I pretty much had it all laid out on paper I just needed to transfer the information over and add a new page. Well, while I was doing that I just happened to scroll down and in the bottom corner it said I now have over 1,000 subscribers!!! I could not believe it. I began this year working really hard for that goal to be met. As time went on I figured it would happen organically even if it took a year. No, I was in shock that I jumped over 200 subscribers in 4 days!!! imagesI literally cried. To meet my goal without even focusing on it much. Crazy! I love it and I am super grateful to each and every one of you who subscribed. It means the world to me. Yes, I would say affirmations rock, LOA happens and maintaining Good Vibes is the key to success…along with faith and God!

Thank you beautiful amazing uniquely talented people.

Going forward I plan to add tons of awesome content with great value and truth. I also am going to be totally real and raw! Cause’ that is me–I finally am growing into my whole self and loving it.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.”

Proverbs 3:5-7

JunkyGypsy Inspirations (1)


I desire to lead from my higher self! I aspire to teach my children to live, think, and act on their dreams and goals! As I grow and change I am continuously upgrading my life and lifestyle. I desire to be sparkly, be a star and let my rainbow flow onto others daily. I love you all





Life and Oils

Live A High Vibe Life

To live at a higher level requires work. You have to be very intentional in every area. Health, Wellness, Body, Mind & Soul. Let me share a doc I created to help you and to ask the question,

Do you want to live a high vibe amplified life?

Live a High Vibe Life

You can join me weekly on Periscope and FB live where I will help inspire you to live a high vibe life and share my experiences. I enjoy this time connecting & interacting with you and the last 15 minutes I open it up for QtotheA session!



As many of you know I am a doTERRA Wellness Leader. I use doTERRA essential oils as another tool that helps me live a healthy vibrant life. Today, I want to share with you WHY doTERRA.





The doTERRA executive team began by asking these 4 questions:

What if we could provide the world with a new and powerful wellness alternative?

What if we could provide this new level of wellness through a mainstream approach to essential oils?

What if we could source, test, and manufacture a higher quality of essential oil more pure and more potent than any other oil on the market today?

What if we, in a most professional manner, could partner with major hospitals, doctors, scientists, and opinion leaders to provide the most compelling authentication of essential oils on the planet?


doTERRA is for….

people who care about improving their health and that of their loved ones, we provide simple, safe and empowering solutions that heal and enhance well-being.  


doTERRA’s pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health.  We harness nature’s most powerful remedies and share these gifts through our global community of wellness advocates.”

What is doTERRA about?

People:  Ultimately doTERRA is about, and for, people.  Essential oils are for everyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, political, or social views.  All people are equally benefited.

Health:  doTERRA is primarily a health company.  We provide essential oils and essential oil infused products that directly and indirectly benefit the health of individuals and society.  It is true that we use a direct selling channel, and that many people choose doTERRA as a business opportunity because of the potential financial rewards, but it is secondary.

Care:  People use essential oils because they care about having something natural.  They care about what they use personally and on their loved ones.  They care about quality, efficacy, and safety.  They care about not using things that will harm themselves and others.  They care about cost.  People care about about rediscovering nature’s forgotten benefits.  People care about science and validity.  We simply care!

Simple:  Essential oils have been around for thousands of years.  There are many different oils used in many different ways. doTERRA has simplified the usage and understanding of nature’s complexity.  Our Family Physician Kit is a great example of this simplification, along with education tools that make understanding how to use essential oils easy.

Safe:  When you have a pure essential oil, free from synthetics, contaminants, adulteration, etc….you have a product that is safe to be used aromatically, topically, and internally.  Because they are natural there are no side effects.  Adverse reactions are extremely rare and usually associated with over-usage or inadvertent placement.

Empowering: doTERRA is putting control of healthcare back into the hands of individuals and families.  Our products are pure and therefore safe to be used in almost any way.  There is no really wrong way to use them.  We are breaking down many false stigmas which come from extreme positions.

Wellness Advocates:  This is how most of our members see themselves.  It is  the official name of our members.

Revolutionizing:  Essential oils are highly potent and concentrated.  Much of the time they work as fast or faster than many of our modern medicines.  They are inexpensive alternatives, with no side effects.  They replace many of the costs associated with modern medicine and they are much more convenient.  Science and research is building our confidence in their vast and diverse usage.

Nature’s most powerful remedies:  doTERRA takes the essence of the planets most powerful aromatic plants and shares this benefit with the human race.  Essential oils are the “essence” of nature’s millennia of evolution.

Share:  Essential oils are meant to be shared.  It is in our human DNA to share with others the miracles that occur in our lives. When a mother solves her child’s pain she will share it.  When a product has solved a health concern, no matter how large or small, knowledge of it will be shared.  When we see others in pain, we will reach out and share so that they may be helped.  Sharing is service to others….an innate desire in all of us.

I will be going into more depth about this topic in my online class event on May 31st 7pm-8pm. I hope you will join me.

Tickets for this online event are here!



Helping People Make Healthy Choices



Live.Love.Learn  Get Crazy Inspired!


Insta-@JunkyGypsy Inspirations



Here is a sample of our Marriage Journal coming out next month.

I am so grateful you have decided to invest good seeds into your marriage! This journal was created to be a simple yet, powerful tool for marriages. Simple seeds are small daily actions that a husband and wife can do for each other daily that will bear good fruit over time. Our prayer is that you and your spouse would use this journal everyday for 30 days. It is our challenge to you. Using only three powerful questions each day and answering them differently each will cause each of you to do some digging and find the “good seeds” that will bloom in your marriage. Of course, we would never ask anyone to do anything we have not already done ourselves. On our journey we discovered just how these three simple questions impacted our daily thoughts about each other and answering each question lead to a sprinkling of pure love over our garden (marriage). It has been such a blessing to us! God used this simple act to bring us closer together and build respect for one another day after day. I pray that you too will be greatly blessed as you begin the Simple Seeds journey in your marriage today!

Michael & Amy Siler


Day 1 –   Forming A Habit

Remember, it only takes 21 days to build a new habit. Let this day be the beginning of a beautiful new life habit in your marriage!


What is one thing you love about the other?






What is something encouraging for the other?






What is something you want for the other?




**Exciting right? I can not wait till it is all finished and ready to print!

Have a beautiful day!




Ready for Some Inspiraction!



For those of you who read my blog or follow me I would like to share with you more on my mission and purpose. I am finding that daily, weekly and monthly it is changing more and more. Changing for the better, I am narrowing down and streamlining my mission and purpose. I know that my biz and mission will certainly not cater to everyone. I am okay with that. I want to be inspirational and make a difference in the lives of people who are committed to growth and change.

I am now letting my life speak for itself. I am committed to being an example for my children and for others. I would never talk or teach anything that I have not gone through or done myself. You can be sure that the information and quality of it that you are receiving here is honest and real. I am seeking to build a culture and a community otherwise known as the JunkyGypsy TRIBE. I am very passionate about keeping everything as simple as possible in my life and biz. Simplicity and Love are the foundation for this community.

If this sounds like you:

–exude peace

–have patience

–slow down, listen to others

–your speech is impeccable

–lay everything at the foot of the Cross and allow God to work in your life.

–Walk in abundance and joy

–know that you are royalty a child of the KING!

–Love unconditionally

–Laser focused on your growth and self-development

–desire to serve others

–trust your intuition

–be diligent with your priorities

–cut out distractions so you can focus on the important things

–always grateful

*If these qualities sound like you then, I would love for you to be part of the JunkyGypsy TRIBE. I want to encourage you today to wake up with extraordinary excitement to take INSPIRACTION and up level your life now!! I know you have goals and dreams to accomplish, I also know that real life can get in the way sometimes. My desire is to lead, guide, inspire and serve all those who have a like-minded soul. In my current series I am sharing ways you can up level your life.

My next post, I will be sharing how to maintain a positive mindset when it seems everything is coming against you and trying to bring you down. I spent many years living with a negative and pessimistic attitude. I was never happy, much less pleasant to be around. I started each day with a victim mentality that everything that was happening to me was just because and there was nothing I could do about it. I will share with you the day I woke up and realized the way I had been living. How I changed it all and today I live a full, joyful, grateful and beautiful life. I wake up with enthusiasm and ready to see what blessings the holds.

I ask you today, what do you desire in your journey of growth? How can I help you? Please comment below and I would love to connect!

Lots of Love,


Mastering the Lost Art of “LOVE”

Do you think of LOVE as an art form? I know I didn’t. I am going to share topic one in my series, Becoming YOU! 


loveLove is one of those topics people in the blogging and writing world are told to stay away from. It is the most unpopular topic of all topics. Isn’t that just crazy! It is God’s first commandment. Love one another. I want you to ask yourself these questions.

How do you express love to God, yourself, others, and to your enemies? Tough, right? How about that last one. Did it hit you in the gut? I think the first one is pretty easy.

I mean come on we all love God, right? How do you express your love for God? The most common ways are through prayer, worship, gratitude and praise. Do you spend time with HIM? That is the key that opens the door. Spending time with HIM is what He wants. I can not speak for God, but I know through my prayer life that I have felt the Holy Spirit leading me to just sit in God’s presence and feel His love for me. That is why I believe that spending time with the Lord is our number one way of showing Him our love for Him.

How about yourself? Do you love yourself? Not in a conceited way but, do you love who you are, your qualities, traits, character, and body? If you only love certain parts then you can not really love anyone else. You must first love yourself before you can love others. It is an insult to God if we do not love what He created. Have you ever thought of it that way? Take some time today to think of ways you can begin to love YOU! ALL OF YOU!

Now others, we all have family and of course we love them. We are to also love people in general. That means we are to love them without judgement. We are to embrace them with real love. Love that does not judge or condemn. Love is patient and kind. Do you have patience to love people? I want you to take a minute and let this really soak in. Write out you answers and what you are feeling as you read this. Sometimes when we write it out and see it the visual helps us change it.

Oh..enemies! Love them? What do you mean love them? Yes we have to LOVE our enemies. You are only hurting yourself by not loving your enemies. You will begin to build walls of anger and hurt. Dis you know that not loving your enemies can also, cause physical sickness. Yes, that’s right. It can cause YOU to become ill. Tonight before you go to sleep I want you to make a list of your enemies. Then, I want you to forgive each one and say out loud, “I choose to love____________.” Clear that blockage from your life. I know it is hard and it is a continuous effort. It must be done daily to keep you in the flow of love. It will keep you physically healthy too.

If we place true authentic love before anything else in our lives then and only then can we succeed. Before you can ever find happiness be successful, have peace, walk in joy, serve others, or have anything you must first master the lost art of true AUTHENTIC LOVE! I want you to be your best YOU and that means you have to love deeply. Choose today to live your life in a beautiful state of peace and gratitude by expressing what real love is.

Love is ART the Art of LOVE!

I love you!


Live. Love. Learn crazy inspired

Hey guys! I am going to go in depth with you about why I created Live. Love. Learn Get Crazy Inspired. While I was researching some topics last week I began to think about what that really meant and why I wanted people to remember, Live. Love. Learn Get Crazy Inspired and associate it with my business. I have broken each down and will explain what they mean to me.

LIVE—Healthy Living

Exercise–for me that is running

Spiritual–Love of God and Faith

Food--eating whole foods, no chemicals, GMO’s, taking the right supplements and vitamins, using essential oils and other doTERRA products.


Serve People–by sharing my knowledge, building a Tribe, supporting each other, holding classes and workshops.



Mindset–focus and clarity on dreams and goals

Growth–sharing my knowledge with people on self-development, self-discipline, routines, and habits.

Get Crazy Inspired—All things Artsy

DIY--deodorant, dish soap, laundry soap, make up, and more!

Refurb Antiques and Gagets

Simplify–small space organization, RV life, get rid of stuff.

JunkyGypsy Boutique— Items for sale

This is the foundation of my business and my WHY. My business is a service for you! I keep saying that and I have had a lot of post the past two weeks about this but, it is important for me to lay a good foundation to build upon. You will continue to see post on healthy living, mindset, growth, and more on goal setting & determination.

Have a wonderful day, loves!

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