2018 Greatest Hits JunkyGypsy

2018 Greatest Hits!  This is a compilation of my fav 5 blog post ever! I will be adding a greatest hits album in the next month or so, keep checking back! These posts are me, my journey and adventures in discovering myself! I hope you find value and love between the words! What it takes … Continue reading 2018 Greatest Hits JunkyGypsy


Dream Activist.

Hey Tribe! It has been a minute again since I graced your inbox! Not to worry this chat will be high vibes and lightning bolts to the soul. As I type this here at a table in the Taco shack I call my bread and butter job. Staring out the window, I freaking believe it … Continue reading Dream Activist.

What’s in A Name?

Hey Sista Tribe! I have missed you lately! Christmas is right around the corner I pray you are celebrating in love and peace with your families! This topic is a little out of the Christmas spirit but, one I wanted to address before heading into the New Year. The last few days I felt some … Continue reading What’s in A Name?

The Naked Woman

Hey Sista Tribe!   Last night was my incredible "The Naked Woman" event in Charlottesville, VA. Can I say it was a phenomenon! I embraced the story I wanted to tell and the message I needed to share! It was all about women embracing their power and taking ownership of their lives. You can watch … Continue reading The Naked Woman

The Naked Woman

  Hey Sista Tribe, It is Sunday evening and I am implementing a new ritual. One I have been trying to put into practice for some time now. It is the ritual of looking ahead at my week and making sure that priorities are scheduled and each day has a action plan in place to … Continue reading The Naked Woman

Magic of Creating A Life You Love

  Hey Tribe Sista's, It has been a while since my last post and a lot has been going on to say the least. Life. I always though of life as living. Existing and only ever reaching a height or hitting the ceiling after you get married, have kids, buy a house, two cars and … Continue reading Magic of Creating A Life You Love

Creating the Dream

Hey Love, I have been on a rampage today. This morning I began with a simple prayer but one I have been praying for sometime now. I pray for God to give me wisdom, knowledge and understanding as He did for Solomon. I have craved wisdom just so I would stop making the mistakes I … Continue reading Creating the Dream

Expanding & Stretching

I have been so emotional the past few days, I'm not really sure what's going on. I think maybe I am being stretched for growth? Not sure. Anyway, I need to share some "real" stuff that is on my heart. Sometimes in the blogging, social media infested world we live in we try to portray … Continue reading Expanding & Stretching

Celebrate Beautiful Essential Oils! Get’em Here!

doTerra's organic and natural Essential Oils are high quality, beautiful smelling, and an amazing addition to your self-care and creative evolution. Each of doTerra's essential oils carries a high vibration because of the quality of the plants, the way they're sourced and nurtured, and the way that the teams and farmers who create them are … Continue reading Celebrate Beautiful Essential Oils! Get’em Here!

Tribe Vibes

  Hello Beautiful! Last week I really kicked butt in my biz! I worked diligently for hours and hours on end creating content, updating social media etc. It was great. This week  am moving at a slower pace. I experienced a minor set back over the weekend that kinda paralyzed me and caused me question myself. … Continue reading Tribe Vibes