What’s in A Name?

Hey Sista Tribe!

I have missed you lately! Christmas is right around the corner I pray you are celebrating in love and peace with your families! This topic is a little out of the Christmas spirit but, one I wanted to address before heading into the New Year. The last few days I felt some sort of yearning to possibly change the name is my business. I have mentioned this before in the last few weeks. I even did a poll on Facebook to get some feedback regarding my business name. My mind has been swirling around wondering “Why?” Why should I change the name of my business? What is causing me to question it all of a sudden? After, asking myself these questions and really pondering it. Here is what I came up with;

JunkyGypsy (4)

What does JunkyGypsy Inspirations mean to me? 

Gypsy is out of my desire and passion to be a wanna be nomad. I truly love the idea of traveling and being “FREE” so to speak. Junky comes from my artist nature and creative spirit to create fun boho chic art from old antiques and collectibles. I added the Inspirations because I really have a heart and burning desire to inspire women to LIVE.LOVE.LEARN & Get Crazy Inspired! I thrive when I am being real, raw, and Amy. If you asked any one of my kids, siblings, or mom (who has passed) they will say about my funky color patterns and boho designs, my unique sense of bizarre humor, my deep passion for learning everything I can about anything that inspires me and teaches me, long grey sweaters and boots, dark eye makeup and my deep sense of soul passion, my ability to see people for who they really are, my quiet nature that observes all and gains insight and wisdom, my ability to avoid confrontation on any and all fronts due to my fear of others, how I hunger for a deep, fervent relationship with few, how most of the time I sit on my feelings until they build into a pile of exploding mashed potatoes! These are my qualities, this is who I am. This is me and out of all of that my desire is to offer the world, my unique gifts as a present for the ones who choose to link themselves to me intuitively. I aspire to share the pains of life and how to be a warrior woman through and through. To be raw, real, and truthful about how I came to own my power and step into “me”. To be a light in the darkness when others feel they are unworthy and desire to find “a better way”. I share through my creative spirit woman. My instinct is in the WORD. My pen is the flame that serves the masses. This is why I named my business JunkyGypsy Inspirations.  Join me in building a beautiful Sista Tribe where we create the culture of supporting one another to LIVE. LOVE. LEARN. & Get Crazy Inspired to change the world!

Yes, my brand is JunkyGypsy Inspirations and I am here to inspire.


Tis the Season, Serve



The Holiday Season is in full swing and I have always loved the Christmas Season! The lights, the music, warm lattes, fuzzy socks and the baking with the fam! Oh, how I miss that. This year is drastically different on the home front. The kids are not with me, my prayer is that I can create new traditions and memories as we all grow and venture on our way. Tony Robbins said, ” When a family understands each others gifts and dreams they embrace each other together and understand and appreciate what each is doing. So that if they are all not together they get it.” I love that. Families change and grow as the years pass. Learning to adapt to the change used to stress me out but, now I embrace the beauty of creating something new in each relationship.

images (1)

Christmas is a time of leaning into my faith and really embracing my Christian roots. I love celebrating my Lord’s birth. This year, I live in a new city and I am excited to celebrate with others here. There are so many holiday activities I want to do!

At the end of December, I reflect on my year. My wins and my losses. This year has been a year of personal wins for me! I took great leaps of faith. I embraced boldness, self love, truth, my authenticity, discipline, and took a massive leap of faith financially! I am excited beyond measure to share that I am attending Amber Valdez’s Life Purpose Cheerleading Bootcamp 2017! I took the plunge and did something I have never done before and invested in myself for my life and business! I know without a shadow of a doubt that greatness will come from participating in this 6 week course! Amber herself is so freaking amazing. She truly is a light in the world. No doubt that 2018 is going to my year of greatness and explosion in life and business. I am not playing small anymore. I am open to receive so that I can give more. I had a realization today that if I hold myself back in any way, it is selfish to the world. Embracing my greatness is a gift to others and my kids. We all approach a place in life when we ask, “Is this all there is?” The answer is NO! You were meant for greatness! We are all called to love each other and serve. Some people are weaker than others and never reach their greatness it is our job to step in and bless them.

This Christmas I am searching for ways I can be a blessing to others for 25 days straight during December. I am challenging each one of you to do the same.


Look for intentional ways to bless at least one person everyday until Christmas. Join me in love and service!

JunkyGypsy 24 Days of Service- Christmas Love!

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JunkyGypsy ©2017


Happy Thanksgiving Tribe!

As we approach this Thanksgiving holiday, I embrace it with the solitude of change. I embrace grace this year. Complete grace around where I am as a person, grace around my family, kids, and grace over life in general. Each Thanksgiving is vastly different from the last for me. Two years ago I was cooking the “holy dinner”, and waiting for all the kids to show up as I sipped a silky red wine listening to Christmas songs and football in the background. Last year, it was spent in service to others. Preparing a meal for travelers and vagabonds who has no family or were to far from home. Eating together in a dining hall at a campground, talking and sharing stories.


This year I really just don’t know. I know that two of the kids are unable to see me due to work and continental location. It’s okay. Not all holidays can be spent together. That is just life. Which is why I bring grace into the picture. It is during these times (if you are a mama bear like me) you feel guilt or shame around the fact that the whole family is not together that you have to allow grace to come in. Release those feelings. By doing this you set yourself free from any outcomes and give yourself permission to enjoy the day no matter what it looks like. Thanksgiving is not just about food and family. It is about grace and gratitude. A day of sincere reflection on our year and life. A day to allow all to be forgiven and rest in grace. I encourage you to surrender whatever you have been holding onto that you need to let go of. Enjoy Thanksgiving for what it truly means. You are worthy. You are loved. Grace is yours!

Happy Thanksgiving!



The Naked Woman


Hey Sista Tribe!


Last night was my incredible “The Naked Woman” event in Charlottesville, VA. Can I say it was a phenomenon! I embraced the story I wanted to tell and the message I needed to share! It was all about women embracing their power and taking ownership of their lives. You can watch here on YouTube!

I am really excited to officially announce doTERRA Essential Oils 101 Class coming 11/27/17 @ The Jefferson! I am intentionally focusing on Health & Wellness going into Christmas time. If you are interested in essential oils feel free to send me an email. I do intend to LIVE STREAM.

Today is Transformational  Thursday’s:

Today, I will give you the 9 Declarations for Life from the book, “Motivation Manifesto”.

1-Meet your life with full presence and power.

2-Reclaim your agenda. Otherwise prioritize and time block.

3-Defeat your demons. Crush fear.

4-Advance with abandon.

5-Practice daily joy & gratitude.

6-DO NOT break integrity.

7-Amplify LOVE!

8-Inspire greatness in yourself and others!

9-Slow time. Enjoy the now.

Take a few minutes and write these down in your journal. Really reflect on what these nine declarations of truth mean to you in your life today and going forward. This is a stepping stone for you to step into your greatness!

It is time for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

I am starting a weekly Podcast beginning January 18, 2018!

VagaBond Radio Show Podcast: Hosted by: JunkyGypsy

This podcast will be inspirational for entrepreneurs, artist, writers, and those love life! I will interview local business owners, local musicians, and local artist in Charlottesville. Once a month I will be doing a QtotheA broadcast. More info to come as I work out the last details! I am so excited to take on this new venture!

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving and Stay tuned to all the new happenings by subscribing!


JunkyGypsy ©2017

The Naked Woman

JunkyGypsy Inspirations (11)


Hey Sista Tribe,

It is Sunday evening and I am implementing a new ritual. One I have been trying to put into practice for some time now. It is the ritual of looking ahead at my week and making sure that priorities are scheduled and each day has a action plan in place to bring me closer to my dreams and goals. The main priority other than God, kids and work is to promote my event that is being held on November 15th at 6:30 PM. The event is titled, ” The Naked Woman”. You may be asking yourself what exactly is the event and who is it for?

I created the title for the “shock” factor. Also, to spark some interest in the community. This event is strictly for woman, age does not matter. I have a deep conviction and know my purpose & passion is to help Sista’s let go of limiting beliefs & live a healthy, vibrant, life they are in love with I am sharing my story of Manifesting & Miracles, and by being real & transparent with women let my truth shine.  I  am determined to inspire those who are ready to make a shift in their life.  I am going to give you the tools and resources along with mentorship that women need to live life in the abundance and joy that God created us to live in.. I share from experience my real  life wins and losses, the joy  of everyday life, health & wellness, & my deep connection to faith. I am a mama to 5 grown children. I have been both rich and poor. I have been homeless and successful, I kept my focus on where I wanted to be. As a result, of going for greatness I am achieving my life goals. I found the secret supernatural formula. Now, it is my mission to help YOU create a “high vibe” life! This is where I live now. The very core of my mission & passion is loving on and leading Sista’s to their greatness. This is why I created my event. It is different and unique in its own right. I would like this to grow into an annual event. But, right now I am truly excited and inspired to love on and share what I have learned! I believe deep down, together we can build a beautiful tribe of women who lead thier lives in excellence and who share the same passion & commitment I do. LIVE with intention. LOVE with passion. LEARN for life! Get Crazy Inspired!

If you live near the Charlottesville area, I want YOU to come!

11/15/17 6:30 PM w/ LIVE Local Musician & Margarita’s

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Join me for girl's night! Evening with JunkyGypsy & Margarita's


” You must give up the life you planned, in order to have the life that is waiting for you!”

—–Joseph Campbell

JunkyGypsy Inspirations (11)

Hey JunkyGypsy Tribe!

I hope you had a truly inspiring weekend! I set aside time this weekend for some massive intentional self-care. It was awesome! My last post I focused solely on the art of manifesting. This subject alone is in the top ten for Google topics. Everyone wants a magic formula to create or escape their current situation. Yes, you absolutely can manifest awesomeness into your life. You must know, like I explained in my post, sometimes it takes a while to see the results of manifesting. It could be days, weeks, and even years.

Today, I want to share a subject that has been popping up continuously in my life this year. I think I may have touched on the subject before. It is a subject that everyone enjoys talking about but no one wants to actually do. If ya feel me. It is the subject of self-discipline. Yep, I have read articles, blog posts, and watched YouTube videos and Podcast on this very subject. As if by my listening or reading would magically mean I practiced the act of self discipline. Self discipline means when you have something to do you just do it, regardless of whether you like it or not. I remember as a child enjoying discipline. Weird, right? I enjoyed boundaries and ,”No, Amy you can not..” from my parents. I think it is because in the realm of discipline it kept me in a “safe zone” so to speak. It also made me look like the “good girl”. Which, I certainly was not!

Sweet Sixteen

It all began last week when my fav rock star mentor posted a link to a Podcast. With the very subject of discipline. It was Order of Man Podcast Episode 135 Jocko Willink. I suggest listening to this amazing episode! Anyway, he talks very plainly about people who have honest, raw and real discipline in their life. Simply put these kind of people lead a “no Excuses aloud” lifestyle. They get up, do what is required of them and they don’t take the ( I don’t feel like it) pills. They just do. I asked myself, “What happened to the Amy that used to be like that?” I lost the motivation of self-discipline by becoming a follower of whatever crowd I was trying to please at the time. I was too afraid to live my truth and stand my ground many times in my life. Where as now, I know that being a follower gets you no where in life. Actually, it often gets you in tons of trouble and causes a lot of pain.

Like I said, this subject has been on the forefront of my life this year as one I want to conquer. Just like stepping out of my comfort zone and being uncomfortable, self-discipline is right there beside it. Having sat on this for a few days and figuring out how one can be to implement more discipline in their daily life to guarantee success I came up with this little list of ways you can begin. Self-discipline, like a muscle, can be developed. Just like you, I am implementing these into my life right now. Get out your journal and write these down to save for later when you have a moment where you want to not be so disciplined!

  1. Don’t take the ” I’ll wait till I feel Like it” pill. Just do it!
  2. Stop the excuses! Right now!
  3. Make self-discipline a non-negotiable right now.
  4. Remove temptations!
  5. Practice tolerating emotional discomfort.

Self discipline is something that you can learn by continuous practice, over and over, until you master it.  Once you have mastered the ability to delay gratification, the ability to discipline yourself to keep your attention focused on the most important task in front of you, there is virtually no goal that you cannot accomplish and no task that you cannot complete. There you have it. The key here is self-discipline has to be practiced daily and you must learn to delay gratification! Let go of the ” I want it now.” or the “I deserve it” attitude because it is not serving you in your best. If you truly desire to lead at your highest and best then you have to develop self discipline. I pray this post motivates and inspires you to LIVE intentionally, LOVE with passion, LEARN for life! Get Crazy Inspired to be the best version of you!

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Magic of Creating A Life You Love

JunkyGypsy Inspirations (11)


Hey Tribe Sista’s,

It has been a while since my last post and a lot has been going on to say the least. Life. I always though of life as living. Existing and only ever reaching a height or hitting the ceiling after you get married, have kids, buy a house, two cars and a dog. Or at least that is the way the story goes. Ok so maybe I exaggerated a little, actually a lot when it comes to the movie my life played out so far. Married at 18, four kids by 25. No house except the occasional rental. Car, yes, dog & cat yes. For ten years I was the main character of this movie. As year by year progressed and physical and emotional abuse ensued. The best thing out of this story are my four amazing kids. That is the reason for the whole story anyway. Simple and not really hard to figure out, God blessed me these awesome individuals. As the story goes life happened to me and not for me during these early years. Which brings me to the second section of my story. It involves a rescuer, a savior in my eyes. A leader, a handsome figure. My knight in shining armor. Rushing to my rescue amidst the crazy that was my family. He stood up for me and took charge, which is exactly what I wanted for a squeaky little mouse like me at the time. I loved every minute of it. We were a blended family but plagued with troubles of courts and custody, child support and all things that involve a blended family. It almost seemed doomed from the beginning. We fought it out, through owning a business and the lost of home after home. Part due to the economy and part due to lack of work. I was wore out during these twelve years. I was run ragged and the thought of trying to fix it all was just too much for me. What did I do instead after ten years I began to look at myself and contemplate what my internal issues were. Slowly, over a period of three long hard struggling years and the lost of our children and more homes did I find my power! My inner strength I had always had. The ability deep within my soul to make the changes I so longed for. Which brings me to part three. This is really just the beginning and the real “meat” of what I want you to hear me say.

Just like I spent many years in reflective self-development, before I found the Wonder Woman power I was born with. You too may need to spend some time on internal work. I had to get very, very clear with what I wanted. Day after day, I filled journals with every detail of my new life that was to be the third chapter. Today, I am living very much the vision that has come to pass. I witnessed first hand the magic power in my words and the evidence of miracles attached to them.


I never really thought manifesting worked until this past week. Having witnessed the power of manifesting I am a firm believer for life. I manifested the job I start today. I manifested the house I am living in. Now, I am ready to manifest bigger and bolder things like expanding all aspects of my business and finances. This will work for YOU! Here are some simple steps to follow to get you creating a magical life you love.

  • Begin every morning early by journaling what you are grateful for.
  • Write out affirmations that are reflective of the life you want to create. This is the part that you must be very clear on. Example; I live in a cute house in the mountains with a mountain view of my back deck.
  • Visualization, you have to close your eyes and visualize what your dream life feels like. What do you smell? How does it feel to be in this place? What do you hear? Take about 5 minutes every morning to do this.
  • Be intentional about your days. Plan each day with action plans that will move the needle closer to your dreams.

These are the actions I took everyday for over three years. It did not have to take that long but, I had to learn more about myself before the needle could fully move. I am off to my new job and so very grateful for the opportunities I have and the ones to come! I love you all and thank you for being on this journey with me.



Dear Daughter’s

th (1)

This post is dedicated to my daughter’s. Yes, I have one son and I will write a different one for him. For today this is the new message I want to send out into the world to my daughter’s so that they will understand the POWER of their WORDS and create a life they love instead of choosing to be a victim and allow life to “happen” to them.

Dear Beloved Daughter’s,

This is for you. No more I’m sorrys, no more I promise, no more I will do, no more falsehood. Just real words that come with real POWER! This is what I want to share with each of you.

You are fierce and strong. Full of fire, not even YOU can hold YOU back! You have conquered your fears one by one. You are beautiful and smart. You exude peace and choose to walk in integrity. You are powerful and speak your mind. You love others well and always choose kindness. You know your worth and what God says about YOU. You will not tolerate anything less than the BEST for your life. You are independent, focused, and ambitious. You are a BOSS. You handle your own. You are spiritual, selfless, and you understand the definition of unconditional love. You are the best of both worlds. You are an example to ME! Daughter of Zion stand in your strength. Hold onto your truth and be still before your God. Let love radiate out of you onto others. Your presence can not be ignored. Beauty surrounds you. You are loved by all.

Thank you for being my teacher! Thank you for being you.



Creating the Dream


Hey Love,

I have been on a rampage today. This morning I began with a simple prayer but one I have been praying for sometime now. I pray for God to give me wisdom, knowledge and understanding as He did for Solomon. I have craved wisdom just so I would stop making the mistakes I keep making and living a small life. I know I am meant for more. I know with my business that I have a ministry to women and to my children. Today was jam packed with eye opening wisdom. I have zoned in on my purpose and my WHY. Everyday it gets a little clearer and more focused. I fully accept responsibility for the lack of growth in my biz. I have sat behind this computer acting AS IF, but doing nothing on the outside. I feel led to host and event in the near future and speak in front of hundreds of my beautiful Sista’s. I am going to share my journey and my story. I know, I can not share it until I have walked the lessons out first and I have a few that I must face head on before I can share. Why am I pouring my heart out?

To get you excited. Have you been on the edge of something you know you must do? Have you been silently suffering inside and dying a little each day because you know you were meant to do more? Does your life look anything like the vision you had when you were young? No. That is what I thought. Mine either. I will tell you before that awaking can happen you must find your POWER. Do you know what your POWER is? let me tell you. Your POWER is: your strength, your discipline to do what is right, your hope for the future, your dreams, your integrity, your prayers, your peace, your joy, your freedom, your resilience, your love, your passion, your beauty, your attitude, your patience. It is any strong characteristic that you uniquely have. What happens to us (women) is we often give our POWER away for free all the time without realizing it. I have finally found mine and I am rebuilding the infrastructure of my POWER to be stronger than ever. I made a promise to myself that I would never give it away again. Ever. As women we must be very intentional about protecting our POWER. If our boundaries are weak then before long our POWER has been lost. You might be a loud assertive woman and say to yourself, ” This chic is crazy I got my sh*t together.” Sometimes we have lost access to our POWER without even knowing that it was stolen or misplaced. Once you find out that you have to get control of your POWER slowly you will begin to see the things differently again. The truth will shine out of the darkness. The windows of your soul fly open and a new breeze is blowing. Your world changes from the inside out. With that newness, you can decide the direction of your dreams. You can set your goals and learn new habits. You are a super star! Now that I have found my POWER, my eyes are open to understand complexity and constant change are everywhere and I can now avoid extreme thinking. Which was a big problem for me. I am transforming my mind and my thinking and learning new skills that align with my dreams and goals. Through my experiences I can share with you Sista’s your own path to FREEDOM. I want you to be free in all areas of your life! Beautiful beloved you deserve all the awesomeness you dream life has to offer! If you are interested in joining me in my journey let me know! I want to cultivate a culture of Sista’s who celebrate life for all it is and dream big together. To share our battles and our victories. To love and lift in prayer and praise. Let’s live a passionate life of servanthood. Share your story below, I want to hear!


Live your DreamLove I

PS. I have a new website I want you to checkout! Here! it is really awesome!

I am celebrating finding my POWER this week by doing an “It’s okay” Challenge for you Sista’s to build confidence. Each day on facebook I will post an “it’s okay..” for you to… be sure to follow along!


Hey Babe! I also wrote this little e-book for YOU! Check it out on Amazon for 2.99




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What do You Put Up With?

live.love.learnget crazy inspired

Have you ever thought about the things you tolerate or allow in your life? Not many people do. I am not sure what the percentage is of people who actually think about it is but, I am sure it is less than 50%. I am not talking about the stuff that happens to you that you may have not control over. I am talking about living on a low-level. Settling. Sitting your dreams on a shelf because maybe life happened and you forgot what you wanted out of life. Or when you maybe once had high standards and then something came along and made your standards seem unrealistic. Those kind of tolerations. Did you know that as long as you are the one allowing people to treat you a certain way, or living a certain way creates a vibe that attracts more of the same. I hope I am shedding some light here. It is hard and painful to admit it when we allow those things. I know, I did it for years. Then I read a book by Tony Robbins– that changed it all.

You have a chance to STOP tolerating low-level crap! You don’t have to put up with anything less than the best for your life. I am sure there are skeptics reading this and that’s okay. Or maybe you are reading this and it is a money thing for you. Guess what? That’s okay too. You really can put and end to the crap you have been putting up with in your life. Let it GO! Stop tolerating it and set some standards. Sit down write out what you standards are for your life. Then, make a “real life” list and compare the two. If anything is out of line it time to let it go and raise the bar. If you have low self-esteem and don’t believe you are worth it then, you need to do some internal work. Because YOU TOTALLY ARE! Get out of your head, get your mind focused on what you want you life to be and stop tolerating anything less! I want you to chase your dreams and goals and WIN at Life!  Just being real here!



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