The In Between.

I wake up with a thought that has been haunting me for the past two weeks. It resembles a lot of my FEAR. It hangs before me day after day staring me in the face. I know what it is. I know how to get rid of it. Yet, still there it is. I just … Continue reading The In Between.


Respons-ABLE/ Inspir-ACTION

Respons-ABLE ┬áInspir-ACTION Dis-EASE You are fully able to take real action on your dreams and goals ,your mind and body are at ease!   I created this to give myself some guidelines going forth in my life and business. These are all areas that I want to change so that I can impact others lives … Continue reading Respons-ABLE/ Inspir-ACTION


    Hey JunkyGypsy Lovers! It has been a while since my last post. I was a bit raw in my subject last time. I have been working on myself internally for the past year. Seriously, changing behaviors and thought patterns. I can look back and see how much of my old self I left … Continue reading Lessons!

Open Eyes, New Roads

  This is the second time I am typing this message. Just an FYI---it is a message that God wants me to get out and thus the first time I wrote it I accidentally hit a button while typing and it deleted. That being said I know I must attempt to say it again. This … Continue reading Open Eyes, New Roads

What if…

    What if you had the power to change your whole life with one major decision today? Most of us know that we have that kind of power. Let's just say, you were living your normal life. The daily grind. You had these dreams and goals planned for your future. But, then you come … Continue reading What if…

More of this Year!

I am awake at 1 am. I fell asleep for a little bit, but my mind was racing with thoughts of the future. As, I was laying there trying to rationalize everything in my head and all the thoughts that were flooding my mind. I just stopped and the thought entered, " What if you … Continue reading More of this Year!