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doTerra’s organic and natural Essential Oils are high quality, beautiful smelling, and an amazing addition to your self-care and creative evolution.

Each of doTerra’s essential oils carries a high vibration because of the quality of the plants, the way they’re sourced and nurtured, and the way that the teams and farmers who create them are treated.

In addition, doTerra offers a wonderful way to join the team and create more income for yourself through their unique structure that is supportive, and serves YOU as the team member most.

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When you join JunkyGypsy Tribe, you’ll have access to support you in your growth, with free training materials to help you…

– Grow your doTerra Business quickly, sustainably and in a way that feels GOOD

– Learn the ways that the business works so you can welcome more income faster and have it constantly growing with much of your business on autopilot

– Learn how to talk about the oils, about doTerra, and your experiences with them to people who are curious

– Learn how to welcome people to join your own team, or purchase from you, without feeling pushy or salesydoT-3-Ways-2

You’ll get everything you need from me when you become a part of the JunkyGypsy Essential Oil Community, through my unique URL below, along with…

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– A free 7-day Training Course (with videos, worksheets, and a few guided prayer meditations!)

– A free 30-minute 1:1 call with me- Amy aka JunkyGypsy (can be scheduled immediately after you join the team to help you jump-start!)

– Email + Zoom access to me to get support when and if you need it as you grow your business/Tribe!

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1. Use the button below to access my personal doTerra site to become a JunkyGypsy Tribe Member (aka “Wellness Advocate”)

2. Scroll down and select “Join doTerra”

3. Select “Wellness Advocate

4. Fill out your information

NOTE: in the area that says “Enroller ID” use mine if it is blank: 2434032



5. Order your Enrollment Kit of choice right away, and get your first oils with your own discount delivered within a week.

My personal favorites to start out that will help you meet your goals, and welcome you into the world of doTerra quickly:

-doTerra Emotional Aromatherapy Diffuser System (with or without the diffuser, these blends are powerful). 6 oils with names like Peace, Console, Cheer, Motivate, Passion, and Forgive – are beautiful for enhancing or navigating the emotions of everyday life with more grace

 – Family Wellness Kit (includes a variety of oils, some single oils and some blends) – I started out with this kit for my family, and found all of the scents to be absolutely delicious, especially peppermint, lemon, Deep Blue (perfect for muscle aches, headaches, and soreness)

 – doTerra AromaTouch System (with or without diffuser) is SO delicious; Balance, a floral and woodsy blend included in this kit, is one of my favorites for grounding and feeling connected and at home in my body.



There are a wide variety of scents, and there are MANY ways to use them…

– applied topically to the wrists, bottoms of feet, cleavage, or neck

– ingested with water or used in baking or cooking (each oil will say on the bottle if it is safe to consume)

– used in a diffuser

– used in creation of candles, lotions, balms, and household cleaners

– put in the bath water to create a soothing or clearing presence and vibration (perfect with epsom salt baths for relaxation and energy clearing!)

– use specific scents in a pinch to elevate your energy, release stress, and welcome more ease, flow, motivation, and inspiration

 JunkyGypsy Essential Oil Blends!



I want you as a part of a beautiful Tribe of women who are excited to Live.Love.Learn and get Crazy Inspired!




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Oil of the Week is…

On Guard: doTERRA’s Protective Blend


Why did I choose this oil for the week? The reason is because it is the perfect time of the year to be smoothering  yourself with this blend. We are still in the heart of winter and On Guard supports the body’s natural antioxidant defenses. It is also  known for their positive effects on the immune system.

On Guard  protects against environmental and seasonal threats. One of the best ways to keep you and your household free of envirmental threats is to diffuse On Guard in several rooms of your house! Just add 3 to 4 drops in your diffuser.

On Guard has an energizing and uplifting aroma.  Wild Orange, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark/Leaf, Eucalyptus Leaf, and Rosemary Leaf/Flower are what make up the blend. You can also use On Guard as a cleanser for your home just  add a few drops of On Guard to water for an effective all-purpose surface cleaner. For a natural hand cleanser add a few drops to Fractionated Coconut Oil.


If you would like a sample of doTERRA’s On Guard and have never tried the doTERRA brand just fill out the form below and I am happy to send you a sample! Once you begin to incorporate essential oils into your life you will be obsessed! I know that is a strong word to use but it is true.

From the first moment I tried them I was hooked and using oils has honestly changed my life for the better and there are not any other oils on the market that are so effective and pure!

These claims are not FDA approved


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Oil of the Week: Bergamot



 Why Bergamot? Well, I love the smell! But, that’s not all Bergamot essential oil has some pretty awesome uses. Bergamot is the most delicate of all citrus plants. Bergamot oil is simply an essential oil derived from the peel of the bergamot fruit. It requires that it has a special climate and soil in order for it to thrive. You may find Bergamot in beauty products because of its ability to purify and cleanse also, to rejuvenate the skin.

Bergamot has a sweet and citrus scent . Because of its unique fruity and subtly spicy aroma, bergamot oil is frequently added to different perfume and cosmetic products.

Bergamot oil blends perfectly well with other essential oils such as cedarwood, citronella, clary sage, geranium, ho leaf, neroli, lavender, lemon, palmarosa, rosewood, tangerine, and ylang-ylang. Just to name a few.

What I absolutely love is Bergamot’s  ability to be uplifting. It helps promote feelings of calm when I feel anxious or stressed. I can add a few drops to my diffuser and a delicious aroma fills my RV! I also, use Bergamot in all of my homemade beauty products. I make my own facial creme that I use on my face every night. It is a blend of Frankincense, Bergamot, Melaleuca and Coconut Oil. Since, I turned 40 last year I thought it was time for me to be proactive against wrinkles and such that happens at 40. For over a year now I have been using my magical facial creme and noticed that my skin is softer and healthier than it ever was in my 20’s. Bergamot has become one of my favorite essential oils and one I must have on hand at all times. If you have never used essential oils before I highly recommend getting them into your home like, yesterday. Once you start using them you are going to fall in love. Every household should be using oils in their homes and I have made it my mission to teach people why they should have them and how to properly use essential oils. If you are interested in a sample simply fill out the form below and I would love to get it in the mail for you! Also, if you have been dabbling in Aromatherapy and have not found a brand that you are getting results from. I recommend ,doTERRA, the company is amazing and by far the purest oils I have ever used. If you would like information or want to be a founder in My Tribe then click here!! NOW!

How do you use Bergamot Essential Oil? Check out my JunkyGypsy Inspirations facebook to find out how you can become part of a beautiful tribe of women serving and mentoring each other to LIVE. LOVE. LEARN and Get Crazy Inspired!

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