Walking the Line

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You know the Johnny Cash song, “I Walk the Line”?

Walk the Line


I keep a close watch on this heart of mine, I keep my eyes wide open all time…are you singing yet? In today’s world there is a fight a going on. It is a spiritual battle to steal our hearts. To distort every moral that is right. This requires us to stay alert at all times..”walk the line“. I know Johnny Cash was not singing about what I am about to preach. It just makes sense to me. The past few weeks have been exhausting to say the least. In keeping check with myself I have been alert and keeping a close watch on my heart. In good ol Amy style! Which means I am in between houses right now. If you have been following this blog for a while then I am sure you have been witness to many, many blog posts about losing this home that or better yet, the infamous post, “help me Lord, I am homeless!” cries. This time around there is no real panic, just a simple, “oh well, I made the decision. It will work out somehow.” That does not mean I haven’t been moody or slightly fearful. I would be lying if I said it didn’t bother me or cause me fear. During this period before we arrived where we are today, I seriously prayed and asked God to go before us. I stepped out on the water in faith. God always takes care of his children. I know that but, I do have times when it is hard to stay positive. God said we are far more valuable than the bird’s of the air. Which brings me back to this; God specifically said for me to keep a close watch on this heart of mine and stay alert. I haven’t experienced  any voices from heaven telling me to go this way or that. What I can tell you is this is a delicate time for my hubby and I. I believe that if either one of us is not careful to guard our hearts the enemy will attempt to invade and steal our joy, peace, and the blessings to come. Whether you realize it or not, when the enemy comes he comes wrapped not in darkness or evil but in our deepest dreams and greatest desires especially, when we are at a place in life where God may be testing us or molding us into better people. When humans are in desperate situations we tend to “react” to life. We allow life to happen to us and not for us. Which is why guarding our hearts and minds is top priority. We are responsible for our choices and when ownership is claimed and faith is activated God will cause miracles for us on our behalf. Let’s not forget the other side of this is direct obedience. That requires action and action requires making choices with integrity. When we are submissive to the Lord’s plan He will cause the Red Sea to part. Obedience requires walking the line and not side stepping to make things happen in our time frame the way we expect it too. Are you with me on this? I have mentioned a few words that may have hurt or offended you. Nevertheless it is the truth! Words like obedience, submit, and wait are not what we really want to hear when our ship is sinking faster than the Titanic. I know first hand that waiting sucks. How about this word, discipline. How does that word make you feel? You probably think about when you were a kid and you got in trouble for doing something stupid and you get spanked with a belt. I don’t know about you but, that was a thing in my household growing up. Today they call it child abuse (which is really stupid and a whole other blog post). It takes personal discipline when following the Lord. You have to give up fleshly desires. It is the only way to get into the Promised Land. This is where we are today. Waiting to enter the Promised Land. God revealed to me about a month ago that He was about to take us into the Promised Land, He said, “ I will increase your land and expand your tent.” He also, reminded me that to whom much is given much is required. So, I am here I am am waiting and leaning on Him. Trusting that He knows what is better for us than we know for ourselves.

Proverbs 3:5-6 (ESV)

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
    and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
    and he will make straight your paths.


Are you guarding your heart daily. Are you in a season of walking the line with the Lord? If so I would love for you share your story in the comments below!


Peace & Love,

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Well done Good & Faithful Servant!

His master replied, ” Well done good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!”  

Matthew 25:21


My Favorite Prayer

I choose today Lord; to walk in the success You have for me and in love and obedience to You! Help me spread my wings and take risks. I never again want to settle for anything less than Your very best for me. Today, I walk in love, joy, grace, humility and a fiery determination! I will never give up on Your purpose for my life.

Lord,  I seek Your wisdom, like the wisdom you gave to Solomon for my life and my business; insight to know what path I am to take at what time You desire. Lead me, guide me, and teach me Holy Spirit. Thank you Father for your unfailing love and unending faithfulness. I embrace growth, passion, servant hood, and Your purpose for my life!

In Jesus Name- AMEN

I wrote this prayer on March 11, 2017 and I am so blessed today that God continues to work this prayer out and answer me. My passion and desire to know Him more intimately, to trust Him and have Him lead my life are growing at such a rapid rate this past month. This prayer in particular was a bold prayer. Many times we pray for blessings and guidance but we seek it in a selfish way. Asking him to do things for us the way we want them to turn out. I have caught myself doing this many times and recently, God brought this to my attention. He said- Yes, pray for what you desire but, remember it is always the Lord’s will that prevails in our lives. He must be first and His ways must be first. My dreams and my desires are mine because God gave them to me, so when I pray and ask for Him to bless me or provide for me He does with His purpose in mind. Now, when I pray I ask God what He desires from me accomplishing my dreams. I know that the success the Lord will give me is higher and better than anything the world can give! I seek to be a light that shines so bright people see Jesus when they look at me!!

Did you take time today, to pray and ask God what He wants?



Am I Really Sacrificing Anything?

Well, I am 5 days into Lent. I had set some pretty awesome goals I thought. I was ready and prepared to “lay it all down.” Then, I woke up. It was 7:30 am Wednesday, I woke up to my usual routine. Grab a cup of coffee, sit down at my desk and read my devotional, pray, set my intentions for the day and BAM! It came out of no where, “same routine, wait, isn’t it the first day of Lent?” Didn’t I plan to give up sugar, Tylenol PM, and not spend any $$ at all for 40 days. Oh yeah, suddenly it all came flooding back to me. Now, you as the reader may not be understanding what I am saying right now. I will explain. I have spent the last two months preparing my mind and body for Lent. I felt called by the Lord to do these things as my way of honoring Him and obeying Him. I wrote lists, prayers and got very intentional about doing the things the Lord put on my heart.


What happened was I woke that morning with my same routine. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but God had called me to a higher level of my faith and that meant self discipline and obedience. I remembered by lunch time my promises to God and began to pray and seek Him. I felt better. Then, off to the grocery store I went. What did I do without even thinking? I bought pens and a calendar and some office supplies. After I walked out of the store I wanted to punch myself because I said I was not going to spend any money on myself. Not a hard task you would think. YES, it was. Which brings me to today. Over the past four days I have slipped on everything that I wanted to give up. I know God is not going to throw down the hammer and beat me. We have free will. I am disappointed in me. The devil is cunning and will tempt us in every way when we set out to fulfill our promises to God. I asked myself this question, ” Am I really sacrificing anything?” Or did I create a list that sounded really good to me and kept me in my comfort zone? I am still praying about this. The stuff I wanted to let go of during Lent is good but, am I sacrificing? Jesus went into the wilderness for 40 days with no food and was tempted by the devil. He stood strong to honor His father. He laid it all down for us. I ask again, “Am I sacrificing anything at all?”

Today, I am starting all over. I am human, I know I am not perfect. I will make mistakes and I learn from them. My teacher (Jesus) was perfect and I look to Him to help me. That is what God told me to do during this time. He literally said, “Amy, learn from my Son. Study His ways and His teaching.” It was from this conversation that I received from the Lord what to do during Lent. I suppose God already knew I was going to mess up. I am not giving up! He will give me strength when I am tempted. I just need to pray scripture and study it more.

I realized why I encountered failure so quickly this year. It is because when people try to make changes I mean real life lasting changes if your enviroment or habitual nature of doing things is not changed then you will not succeed. People can be robots, once we develop habits and we enjoy those habits we are mindlessly programmed to continue day after day after day. When a desire to build a new habit or change happens it requires diligent determination day after day. What I am doing for Lent is requiring me to alter my daily habits and routine quite a bit. I must be intentional everyday to do what I said I would do to honor my God. It is my desire to do these things and I really want to. Thank goodness today is a new day the slate is clean and I am going to give it a go. In order to be successful for the remaining days of Lent I have to reorder my routine a lot.

This is what I gave up-

SUGAR— nightly ice cream

Tylenol PM–actually I have been doing this!

spending money on myself that means everything!

simply my life–meaning God told me to get rid of stuff, clothes,shoes,pots and pans, junk etc. I am tackling one thing at a time.

tithe faithfully–I have it ready to be mailed!

save money–I am working on this

do not eat meat and only eat “whole foods”— I think I have been doing well, I have not had any meat!

exercise–Yes I have but, I have noticed it has been a real struggle for me on my runs.

Pray for my husband, children, our family miracle and breakthrough.

Pray for where the Lord wants us to go from here.

Pray for others.

Serve and bless people--I am praying and asking the Lord to show me who I can serve. Actually I did last week and it was fun!

That’s it. I have created a routine I can implement these things into without much thought at all so that is just flows with my day. That is what I want a natural flow. I know I will succeed and I know I will mess up, I am human. Thank you for God’s loving grace and His patience. I just wanted to be “real” with you. Feel free to let me know how you are doing during Lent.

Have a beautiful day my LOVES!

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Super Sunday, Superbowl



Hey guys, I imagine most of you are at the super market buying chips and salsa right now prepping for “Game Day 2017“! If you are a huge fanatic about the Superbowl every year then it’s your day. I on the other hand really don’t care about football. I do celebrate Superbowl Sunday though. Weird, right? Not actually, a lot of people don’t watch football any other time. Yet, we all jump on the band wagon on this day. With a beer in our hand reaching for a buffalo wing in a room filled with friends. We all watch with anticipation for the half time show and the multi million dollar commercials the game brings with it every year.

This year has been different. What I mean by that is there is some talk of a huge terrorist attack floating around the web. If you have not heard or witnessed it yet, just type it in your Google bar and see what pops up. It is kinda scary what has been said. Not that I am a doomsday prepper or whatever, I have just seen some signs revolving around the Superbowl today. I don’t remember in years past, the crazy advertising and hipe that has been extreme this past week. Also, with the early show starting at 12pm eastern time. Come on that is six hours early. I am not going to consume my whole day with this. It is still Sunday and it is supposed to be a day of rest. You know “The Sabbath”. The reason I am writing about this at all is so you can be aware of what is going on in our world. There are evil people in the world who desire chaos. Let’s not give them any of our attention!

 “What consumes you mind takes all you time!

Instead take sometime right now and pray. Pray for everyone there, pray for the teams and their players, pray for peace and God’s protection. Pray for the Lord to have grace and mercy on us all. Let’s give Him thanks for His awesome love for each of us! And thank him for the Superbowl and time with friends and family. I am going to be celebrating football today just like you.I am kinda excited to hang out with friends and enjoy some good beer and wings! Who are you rooting for? Leave it in the comments and we will see who is right?I pray that you took will have a fabulous day where ever you are and what ever you are doing.



Enjoy Super Sunday,


Selfish Ambition



The Lord spoke to me over the weekend and told me I needed to write about selfish ambition. So, I thought about it and got excited because He gave me a topic I thought I could share with others to help change their lives. Oh..little did I know until this morning that He plainly directed it towards me. He wanted me to research and read more into it so that my heart could be convicted. When I began to read several different articles on the matter I began to feel dirty. Suddenly, I was ashamed and all of my inner secrets exposed in the light. I read quotes about it and they hit home pretty hard!! So much so that a fear whelped up in me that can only be described as the Fear of the Lord. I took out my journal and began to write and as I was writing images began to run through my mind. I could see recent choices I had made that reflected selfish ambition. I saw how I thought that I was doing something biblical really was not at all what I thought. I saw how my prayers were all about me and for my benefit. When I should have been asking, ” Lord what do you want?” As I was writing I felt it all being lifted as I repented and said how very sorry I was for seeking my own selfish desires. I do not want God to frustrate my plans and bring disaster upon me and my family because every person who is inclined to be selfishly ambitious that in the same way God will frustrate all your plans and bring disaster upon you. I am just putting this out here as I was told to do so you can take a look into your heart and see if your motives are pure, right and noble. Or are you just trying to further yourself, your dreams, your plans? Selfish ambition always involves trickery and deceit so pay attention. Be warned we are in the end times and I want to be 100% right with my Lord in every area and every detail of my life. I beleive that God is doing some cleaning in my heart and mind so that I can be right with Him. I know I must always be on guard and when the Lord sheds light on something that means we are to pay close attention to that something for now on knowing that the enemy comes to decieve us! Selfish ambition cannot compete with divine sovereignty. There is bitter fruit from selfish ambition. It contaminates our motives for doing just about anything. It shows up even in the most holy moments. Thank God we have Jesus so we can come to God through Him and ask for repentance and begin to worship the Lord as He forgives us.

The definition of Selfish Ambition:

Someone who has selfish ambition is motivated to further themselves or attain certain goals that would only or specifically benefit themselves, regardless of how it affects others.

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests but also to the interest of others. Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.”

Philippains 1:17

“For wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, there you will find disorder and evil of every kind.”

James 3:16

Dave Ramsey puts it into context. He says:

“We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.”

*We make our strategic plans. We set our agenda. We develop our priorities. We identify our goals and objectives. Then after all that is done, we ask God to come alongside us and bless us.

But what if the starting point was God’s plans? Consider what God is doing and how he is moving. Take a few moments and consider where God is at work.

Ways for you to look into your heart and remove all selfish ambition from your life!

  • Make a list of the ways you see God moving and working around you. Then consider how you might join in.
  • Be a part of something bigger than yourself. God’s vision is always bigger than you. I was told as a young pastor to never do ministry alone. If you are doing all the work yourself, then it probably is not God’s work. God’s mission is a mission to share. 


    Let’s begin this week finding out how God wants us to join Him in what He is doing! I believe that serving others is a huge part of that so this week set the intention to purposely serve and bless others. In return you will be blessed!


-Love & Joy


Expecting Miracles!

I wrestled with myself whether or not to write this post. It is a very sensitive subject not only for me but, also for my husband and our children. It is also, something I blogged about way back in 2008 when the situation first began to spiral out of our control. Since then, it is one that haunts us everyday. It is like a wound that keeps getting ripped open with no hope of ever healing despite the prayers and forgiving. I even dedicated a whole separate page to it. It’s located under my Father’s Rights page.


Let me begin if you go back a few years ago I blogged about our miracle. It was when my husband was once again thrust into the courts by Child Support Enforcement. We have been in a 12 year battle together about this and he alone has spent the last 19 years in it. Most people judge when you say,   ” I have to go to court for child support.” The first thought is, “Oh, you did not pay your child support. You should have. It’s your own fault.” The judgement does not end there. People assume the worst of a father. They immediately, think he did not take care of his kid. Or he was a dead beat dad. Then, of course the child(ren) involved is torn between mommy and daddy. The string of lies and anger that follow forcing an innocent child to take a side. It’s just wrong and damaging to the child(ren) and the parent’s. No one knows anything except the broken family members who are involved. Not the courts or lawyers not even Child Support Enforcement. I speak from both sides being that I am a parent who has children and my kids have a dad who paid child support and I am also, a step mom and married to a man who has to pay child support. The system is flawed beyond recognition. I purposely wear black when we go to court. It is like going to a funeral every 6 months or a year. The damage that this agency has caused on our family is just indescribable. They made a daughter hate her father, siblings have jealously toward each other. Anger and fighting between us about issues the system has caused. That’s just to name a few things. It hurts and is so painful to both my hubby and I. Now, three of our kids are adults and 2 are 17 and 15. You would think that as time goes by it would get easier but, no. We live in a constant state of fear due to his case. There is a way it could all end. It could all be wiped clean if she would just say,” I forgive you.” “Its done.” No, she is not at that point in her life. The ex. As sad and angry as she is, she is choosing to keep it going. I think she feels like it makes her feel better, maybe at peace with herself if she lashes out and makes him hurt for leaving her. She is sad and it makes me sad. Only because I know there is so much freedom in forgiveness. Forgiving does not make it okay but, it allows you to live. It opens you up to miracles.

Once again, tomorrow marks the day. We have been to court 3 times this year and paid every penny we possibly could to pay a debt he doesn’t owe. I have 4 kids, there is no way on this planet that child support enforcement could look me straight in the eye and tell me 100.00 a month per child is ENOUGH. But, that is what they did for me. Yes, Amy you get 400.00 for 4 kids until the age of 18. Some years went by and I saw nothing from him. But, I forgave and let it go. Not for him but, for me. So, I could be FREE! I don’t want anger and malice to control my life. That black tar gets stuck inside of you and makes you and ugly person. NO. I want freedom, happiness, love, light and all the good things God has for me. My hubby though, one kid he was ordered to pay 25,000.00 for his child not living with him for a total of five years. How does that happen. Well, it’s called when you make a number up in your head and insert said number into divorce decree and send a copy to your ex who refuses to sign but, she has a lawyer who is top-notch and pushes it through anyways. Then, you take that number and tell Child Support Enforcement that he owes you that because a judge said so and they add 100% interest to the number making it total 55,000.00 and basically you have a recipe for slavery for the rest of your life and the life of anyone who becomes your family. Ball and chain. And that is what we have faced head on together in court fighting for 12 years. We won a little in Circuit Court in 2007. But, before long in 2015, they put a purge bond on hubby for 2,000.00 or a year in jail. Because he loved his daughter so very much he never waned to tell her anything about this. She lived with him and he adored her. We suffered but, God made a miracle and at the last-minute a family member put the money up and got him out of jail. This year it has been back and forth for months. Tomorrow we must pay 650.00 or he goes to jail for 3 months no questions asked. He has to serve it. All because a judge looked at a piece of paper that said he owes this and made a judgement call (thinking he was a dead beat dad). Now, our financial situation over the years has been tough. We were raising 5 kids. Not just 5 kids but, 5 angry kids who were mad at the world and mad at their parents who had failed marriages and broken their families apart. Me and hubby tried to mesh it altogether into one blended family. I am afraid that we made so many mistakes our kids will never forgive us. He struggles with his relationship with his daughter and grandson. My hubby cries at times because he loves them so much but, she just won’t let go of the past. He is not perfect and made mistakes (who hasn’t) but, if she only knew how he adores her and respects her. How beautiful she is and how proud he is of her. Rejection hurts to the core especially when it comes from your kids. Mine are the same way. They are angry at me and I really don’t talk to my oldest daughter enough. But, oh how I love them all with my whole heart, I would die for all of them.

So, tomorrow we are praying for a miracle. We do not have 650.00 to give. I truly wish I had 25,000.00 because I would pay this off once and for all! It really is just about the money. Not the emotions involved. It just plainly has to do about the green and how much one person can suck from another. Because if it was about hurt feelings then it would not still be going on today when she knows good and god damn well, she can walk into a court room and wash it away. After all, I did that for my ex. It is very hard to prepare mentally when you go through this every year. The possibility of my husband going away to jail, not because he was a criminal or killed someone or broke the law. But, because he refused to pay a made up number put on a piece of paper 20 years ago by an angry ex-wife who had it in for him. What the hell is wrong with our system. I’m sorry I just don’t get it. It’s like having your heart ripped out of you year after year. Yes, I made some pretty big mistakes to, I even made decisions in the past to leave my marriage due to this reason. Because it is stressful and hard to constantly go through this over and over again and again. I love my step daughter to death. I would do anything for her and it hurts so bad to see what this has done to her over the years and what it is doing to her son. I pray so much for her relationship with her dad to be renewed and forgiven. That LOVE would lead the way. I know only Jesus can change and heal and restore. I also, believe in miracles. I just read this morning this scripture:

Psalm 16:7

“When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies be at peace with him.”

Psalm 16:4

“The Lord has made everything for its purpose, even the wicked for the day of trouble.”

Please pray for us tonight and our family for God to reunite us, heal each of us, and allow love to come into each of our children’s hearts. That He would make our family new. That He would also, supply all our needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus!


So I call Myself a Writer?

Today’s blog is taken directly from my journal or should I say my latest journal. I have a small library of journals from many years. Just before I began this full-time tiny house, RV thing I went out and bought each of my kids a journal, (all except the oldest 2) only because they did not live with us. Don’t worry they are getting one too! I did this because I wanted each of them to journal the new change in their life right now, which is not living with me. Two of them thought it was pretty pointless and just said, “okay whatever mom.” However, my youngest who is an avid writer like me was more than happy to take on the challenge. I have always had a journal for as long as I can remember. It is my comfort zone and my freedom to get it all out. I don’t think this really qualifies me to say that I am a writer but, I do write. I do not like to write fiction although I know I could. It’s just not my thing. I believe that writing should hold content that is valuable to the reader not just some story made up for entertainment. I’m not saying people should not write fiction. It is a form of entertainment, just not for me. So, today I am going to give you a peek into my journal. I am going to start from the very first page and write as much as I can today and everyday for a week. You can follow me and have a glimpse into me. I am changing every second of everyday, every year. This honestly, is one of my more positive journals and should have you feeling upbeat and ready to conquer the world when I’m done! Here goes…


New Vibe/ Awesome Tribe        Live, Love,Learn, Grow            4/6/16

Happy Gypsy Vagabond

Short Term Goals-

Read/Frogs/Go Pro/Power of Intent/ all doTerra books

Devote 30 min. a day to self-development

Read Bible/ Read Devotional everyday

Pray/ Meditate everyday

Say Affirmations out loud!!!! Daily

1 hour a day walk/ run be outside

twice a week color

blog everyday for a month

spend 2 1/2 – 3 hours daily business building/social media

take more pictures

herbal school online 39.00

hooping 4 times a week

do one new thing 3 times a week something I have never done or something I am afraid of

Journal it all! Make gratitude list everyday

Happiness Project

*Accept myself/ expect more of myself

Give myself limits to give myself FREEDOM!

Make people happier by acknowledging that they are not feeling happy.

Plan ahead to be spontaneous; only with careful preparation do I feel carefree.

Accomplish more by working less.

Happiness does not always make me feel happy.


I pray that you would give me spiritual eyes to believe that You will work this situation out for my good! Help me today to cultivate faithfulness right where I am. 

I need to identify the drainers and sources of chaos that steal my spiritual and emotional energy. recognize what is holding me back.


walking, prayer,writing,being a light,reading,hooping,gratitude list (15-30 min each activity)

From the book–Own Your Life

Owning my life means taking responsibility for my own behavior, decisions, and attitudes so I may become all God has created me to be and leave a legacy that points others to Him.”

Live each day as though it may be my last!

–Life focus Seek first the kingdom of God!!

God has given energy and purpose to each day and every season of my life!

This is just the first entry–stay tuned for 4/5/16 tomorrow!



Play on Words

Yesterday, I struggled so hard. It really was a tough day. I pushed and pushed for positivity all day long but, by the end of the night what happened was just awful. I blew up! That’s right it all exploded. I screamed, I cried, I doubted myself. The worst part was the empty feeling of being lost. My kids have been just mean lately. Let alone living in a motel. Just life. I am looking at it as a positive experience really. I am writing more and focusing on how to build my business. All great things. But, at the same time my kids are hurt and sad. Let alone so angry at me and this life they are in. I stepped back a few days ago and took a look in the mirror and realized I was the reason for their discord. I raised them that way. No, I am not the reason they are mean. But, I have been negative and my thoughts and actions in my life have been poured out on them for 20 years. It sucks really bad when I realized this. On the bright side of it, I can change it. I am changing the way I am. Little by little I see myself growing and maturing.

I had nightmares the night before and it had such a huge impact on my day yesterday. I am sort of trying so hard to change that I am not allowing myself the freedom to feel the normal feelings that I need to feel.

I have been taking notes and words have been jumping off pages and blogs and from everywhere as they do for most writers. That felt really good. Yes, I am a writer. That is what I do. Anyway, words like, happy, hippy, fun , loving. awesome, tribe, rejuevenate, freedom, cleanse, hoop, jump, play, travel, serve, honor, wonder, space, light, compassion,art, crazy, determination, truth, integrity,authentic, present and so on. You get where this is going. Right? I do. These words are a tattoo on my soul. This is my change. Let me forever live these words and be respectful enough to carry them properly. Words are everything. We must be careful with them and live them, love them, and honor them. That is just what I am trying to do right now. Changing. Through these words let my life be enlightened! I just wanted to share this because as much as, I have been saying from the beginning of this year that this was a huge year for me and I am expecting change. It is happening, surely. Sometimes slow even to a crawl. Paying attention to our minds and thoughts. That is the hardest part but, I am learning. I am determined and I will succeed!

So, I am getting an RV and heading out the vast unknown to me, USA. To see some really awesome places, meet some really awesome people and just experience life. I want my kids to be with me and who knows God does work miracles! But, I know I am meant to do this. It was something I have been dreaming of for 20+ years and now is the time. By the way my birthday was last week and I turned 40, so yeah, I’m ready! I am going to be in Utah for September for sure! I am planning on Texas in August. We will see I might just toss a coin and see where it lands. My business will take off, I know it and I am expecting some good sh*t to happen here shortly. I am reading my Bible again and loving the Lord!


I am just letting GO! Releasing the struggle and embracing the unknown. The RV is coming and so are my dreams. I will be starting my YouTube channel soon! Please check it out: Lotus Flower Evolution. I may redo my website. But, I know I am going to be writing a lot more. Pray for my fam! Please, I really want my kids to see and know that they can experience love, joy and peace in their lives. I will always be praying hard for them! But, they need some extra help right now. I am also, working on being a kid again! Ready or not here I come! Stay tuned!

-Love Amy!

Change is Within.

I am noticing that everyday I am growing to know myself more and more. It is like my mind and body are in hyper speed to drawing closer to who I really am. Who I was created to be. What I am learning right now, and the actions I am taking to embrace my true self are both frightening and exciting. I wake up with the urge to know more, to peel back the layers of myself and discover who has been buried under there for so long. If you are going through some heavy personal development times right now. Then, I urge you to join me next week for my 24 hour fast. It will give you insight into the New Year and you will be able to map out a plan to achieve your goals and dreams in 2016! I am taking this fast very seriously, I know I need it. It’s not just a “thing” to do. Taking time out of life to sacrifice food and giving yourself over to prayer and meditation will give you direction, focus, and determination to move forward in your life with peace on a path that you were destined to take. I am so exciting for this 24 hour fast I can hardly wait! Yes, it will be hard but, so worth it! Doors will open and miracles will happen. If you would like to join me I recommend that you get a new journal, so that you can write every prayer and what you would like to see happen in your life  in the New Year! trust me, putting it on paper makes all the difference. Prepare your body by eating a light meal the night before and make sure you drink lots of water. You are allowed to have tea. I suggest a cleansing or detox tea. My favorite brand is Yogi. Get ready to have some amazing insights to your life!


To join just click the link! 24 hour fast

Ready for Insights into 2016..

Last year in December I felt a tug at my heart to seek guidance for the upcoming year. I decided what I needed to do was a physical 24 hour fast from December 30- January 1st. I set specific intentions for this fast, not only was it to be sacrificing food but, gaining wisdom and insight through prayer and meditation during this period. It was so successful in laying a foundation for me for 2015 that I am encouraged to do it again this year! Along, with this fast I did a spiritual fast for 40 days beginning January 1st.  last year book

I stayed disciplined enough to read, pray, and journal during this 40 day fast and I gained much insight and wisdom into my year and what it would look like. The revelations I had were amazing! Let me say, that the insights I received during this time all came true throughout the year! Not, only that but, I was able to remain peaceful during a very chaotic time in my life because I had been given these insights. I expected them to pass and they did. This year I am going to add a 30 day detox to my 30 day spiritual fast. I know this will lay the foundation for the year and give me revelations I need. I am setting some intentions and seeking guidance on specific matters. If you would like to participate then please go to my Facebook page: Lotus Flower Evolution and sign up! I will set the schedule for the 24 hour New Year fast and then set up details for the 30 day spiritual detox and fast for January. If you have never done this, I suggest you do. It will make a huge difference in your life! I want to list some of my intentions for the New Year so you can have an idea of setting specific intentions.

2016 Expectations and Intentions During Fast/Detox

1- I am seeking to achieve certain dreams in my business, growing my business, building a team, and making Diamond by December 31st 2016.

2- I want to be financially free making 4,000.00 a month!

3-I am seeking guidance on my choices that will get me closer to living my dream life.

4-My kids to grow and family life to be less of a struggle and more peace in my home!

5-Where I live. Mountains, Go to Alaska?

6- I want to be more authentic, simple, and free.

7-Draw closer to God. Help others and seek out opportunities.

8-Go to school for massage therapy. Guidance and direction for that to happen!

9-Love more intentionally.

10-Live life like I mean it, embracing opportunities everywhere!

This is just a basic outline of course each of these does go a lot deeper as I break them down into smaller goals and dreams! Prepare your heart and mind now. Start writing things down, buy a new journal and get ready for some real insight into your life!

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