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I have been asking myself lately,” Why is it that most people don’t want to change?” The average person wakes up and goes through life day-to-day, not thinking about what they are eating, the environment they are in, what they expose their mind to daily, etc. It takes a special kind of person to really embrace change. We all know that change is hard! Take me for example. There was a time in my life when I woke up had to have my coffee with a cup of white sugar. I would go through my day allowing things to happen to me. I played the victim role really well! I always felt unsatisfied and empty. Even though I was a Christian and loved the Lord. I felt as if I never had control of my emotions. I was extremely negative. I was able to pretend my life was not what it was. I guess you could say I had an alter ego that kept me hopeful in times of distress. I was horrible at managing my time and money. I lived as if I was dealt a bad hand and had to just accept things the way they were. That was that!

My diet at the time was horrifying. I was over weight, depressed, anxieties, and thought everyone was out to get me. I was surrounded by low-level thinkers. I say this with love. The family at that time I had was my ex husbands. We lived with them. His parents were raised on a farm in the 50’s. His mother was forced to quit school in 4th grade to stay home and tend the farm and housework. They had dirt floors and girls got married and pregnant at 15 in those days. Their mentality was, to take care of the house and kids while the husband goes to work and get on welfare. They did not know how to handle money so they remained poor and literally the cycle just continued from generation to generation. There was no try to do better for yourself. There was only exist and drink. This is who I was surrounded by for the better part of ten years. It was God who kept me hopeful and motivated to know there was more for me in this life other than defeat. Still, my life today is like nothing of the past I lived in. I don’t recognize the Amy back then.

It took a lot of painful years and prayers to get to where I am today! Back to the original question, “Why is it that most people just will not change?” The average person might implement small changes at one time or another but after the excitement fades they are back to the same old routine or habits. I just keep asking why are there so few people who really grasp change and go for it?

Again, I will use myself as an example: I want to be healthy. I have made decisions to eat whole foods, exercise, and take supplements. I  allow myself “cheat days” now and then. I really do not want to keep doing “cheat days” because I am only hurting myself in the long run. I make every effort possible to be healthy and I had to make some really huge changes in my life. It did not happen over night. In fact it took me 8 years to get here. I was consistent and determined to follow through. I still am. I went through a period of making New Year’s Resolutions and breaking them. I tried every diet known to man. What happened to me for change to occur was I had enough. I was done feeling bad, being over weight, settling for less than my best. I could not go on like I was living. It was not just about what I was eating or getting outside to exercise. It also, meant I had to change my thinking. It was really hard to do that. I am not going to lie, it is still very hard to operate day-to-day. I have to constantly be watching my thoughts and words. I know that I want to live in freedom and abundance. I always want to be growing and learning. I know for Amy to get to the next level it will take a different version of me.

Honestly, we all have the same opportunity to better ourselves it is just that most people don’t. That is what I am trying to figure out. What keeps people stuck? Why do they not want to go deeper or higher? I am not special. I have ambition and drive. That’s all. I am linking an article that I felt was helpful in answering my question. I think it will give insight to anyone who wants to make a change that is long and lasting. I would love feedback on this issue! Comment here and join the discussion!

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Am I Really Sacrificing Anything?

Well, I am 5 days into Lent. I had set some pretty awesome goals I thought. I was ready and prepared to “lay it all down.” Then, I woke up. It was 7:30 am Wednesday, I woke up to my usual routine. Grab a cup of coffee, sit down at my desk and read my devotional, pray, set my intentions for the day and BAM! It came out of no where, “same routine, wait, isn’t it the first day of Lent?” Didn’t I plan to give up sugar, Tylenol PM, and not spend any $$ at all for 40 days. Oh yeah, suddenly it all came flooding back to me. Now, you as the reader may not be understanding what I am saying right now. I will explain. I have spent the last two months preparing my mind and body for Lent. I felt called by the Lord to do these things as my way of honoring Him and obeying Him. I wrote lists, prayers and got very intentional about doing the things the Lord put on my heart.


What happened was I woke that morning with my same routine. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but God had called me to a higher level of my faith and that meant self discipline and obedience. I remembered by lunch time my promises to God and began to pray and seek Him. I felt better. Then, off to the grocery store I went. What did I do without even thinking? I bought pens and a calendar and some office supplies. After I walked out of the store I wanted to punch myself because I said I was not going to spend any money on myself. Not a hard task you would think. YES, it was. Which brings me to today. Over the past four days I have slipped on everything that I wanted to give up. I know God is not going to throw down the hammer and beat me. We have free will. I am disappointed in me. The devil is cunning and will tempt us in every way when we set out to fulfill our promises to God. I asked myself this question, ” Am I really sacrificing anything?” Or did I create a list that sounded really good to me and kept me in my comfort zone? I am still praying about this. The stuff I wanted to let go of during Lent is good but, am I sacrificing? Jesus went into the wilderness for 40 days with no food and was tempted by the devil. He stood strong to honor His father. He laid it all down for us. I ask again, “Am I sacrificing anything at all?”

Today, I am starting all over. I am human, I know I am not perfect. I will make mistakes and I learn from them. My teacher (Jesus) was perfect and I look to Him to help me. That is what God told me to do during this time. He literally said, “Amy, learn from my Son. Study His ways and His teaching.” It was from this conversation that I received from the Lord what to do during Lent. I suppose God already knew I was going to mess up. I am not giving up! He will give me strength when I am tempted. I just need to pray scripture and study it more.

I realized why I encountered failure so quickly this year. It is because when people try to make changes I mean real life lasting changes if your enviroment or habitual nature of doing things is not changed then you will not succeed. People can be robots, once we develop habits and we enjoy those habits we are mindlessly programmed to continue day after day after day. When a desire to build a new habit or change happens it requires diligent determination day after day. What I am doing for Lent is requiring me to alter my daily habits and routine quite a bit. I must be intentional everyday to do what I said I would do to honor my God. It is my desire to do these things and I really want to. Thank goodness today is a new day the slate is clean and I am going to give it a go. In order to be successful for the remaining days of Lent I have to reorder my routine a lot.

This is what I gave up-

SUGAR— nightly ice cream

Tylenol PM–actually I have been doing this!

spending money on myself that means everything!

simply my life–meaning God told me to get rid of stuff, clothes,shoes,pots and pans, junk etc. I am tackling one thing at a time.

tithe faithfully–I have it ready to be mailed!

save money–I am working on this

do not eat meat and only eat “whole foods”— I think I have been doing well, I have not had any meat!

exercise–Yes I have but, I have noticed it has been a real struggle for me on my runs.

Pray for my husband, children, our family miracle and breakthrough.

Pray for where the Lord wants us to go from here.

Pray for others.

Serve and bless people--I am praying and asking the Lord to show me who I can serve. Actually I did last week and it was fun!

That’s it. I have created a routine I can implement these things into without much thought at all so that is just flows with my day. That is what I want a natural flow. I know I will succeed and I know I will mess up, I am human. Thank you for God’s loving grace and His patience. I just wanted to be “real” with you. Feel free to let me know how you are doing during Lent.

Have a beautiful day my LOVES!

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My Biz and How it is Growing



This is not a typical blog post but, I felt it was important to update those who follow me about the upcoming changes and additions to JunkyGypsy Inspirations. The changes will add value and depth to the products and services available to you.

I already am an essential oil distributor however, the change will be that now instead of just signing up and getting your wholesale account I will have a retail business and sell oils directly to people at retail. This will allow you to purchase from me directly and you can avoid having to join or sign up for a wholesale account if you are not ready. This is not really a huge change for my online business. It will only affect events I am at and so forth.

I am working on developing my brand of JunkyGypsy Journals. YAY! I will have these for sale on my Boutique page when they are finished.

I am adding a new page titled Healthy, Whole YOU! On this page I am only going to promote products I use and provide links for you to purchase. I am creating this page as a way to support you in your journey for health and wellness!

I will be cleaning up my about me page and adding a video instead of the very long detailed page I currently have. Stay tuned for that.


Emails!!! YES, I would love to have all of your emails please. For some reason I am not getting them or have lost ones that I had. I know, that is really bad. I want to keep you informed and inspired weekly with one email on Sunday to start your week out positive, and ready to chase your dreams!! If you are interested then give me your email!



Lent begins this week, it is a very special time for me personally this year as I am choosing to do more than a fast. I am focused on honoring God and His Son Jesus. My personal conviction from the Lord is to serve others, pray for others, and be a servant during this time. If you would like me to pray for you about anything then you can message me directly on my facebook page and I will do so. I am also, doing other things that I will be sharing on my blog for accountability and encouragement. I pray that you to are embracing Lent this year!


Just an overview if this is the first time you have been on my blog, My name is Amy Siler (aka JunkyGypsy) I have had this blog for 9 years and it started out as a private journal for myself through the years it has changed a lot but, never really grown. This year the Lord gave me vision that aligned with my dreams and goals. I revamped and am still working on it but, the reason I write is to encourage, support, be real about real life, help your growth and self development, to share ways you can live a healthy lifestyle by talking about essential oils, food, supplements, and exercise. Share with you my real life stories the good, the bad and the ugly. Inspiring you to LIVE.LOVE.LEARN and Get Crazy Inspired to live your best life!!

Have a beautiful Sunday Beloved!


What it takes when You Are Determined to Succeed

For the past two weeks I have had writer’s block. I have been writing, but I have not been able to come up with subjects I wanted to write about or really anything that interested me. It is really an oxy moron because I have been filling my journals with wisdom from books, blogs, and the Bible. I wanted to share where I am right now. It is almost March! I set some intentions for the year and I raised the bar on myself for living my best life and making my dreams and goals happen. You can read about it here.

The first and most important goal I have is to put God first. That means no matter what I take those first minutes of my day and give them to Him. I believe it has made a huge impact on my prayer life because I actually walk around all day praying. I write out scripture and read my Bible and Devotional first, before anything else. What I have learned so far is that sometimes (more times) if you are determined to succeed in an area of your life, you have to do hard things. Today the Lord asked me, ” Amy, what have you really given up for me?” I had to think about it because I have given up some things I really liked. Then, I realized they were not actually the “things” that would ultimately set me free. I am being challenged a bit more now. Lent is coming soon. It begins on March 1st. I have done things before for Lent, like one year I gave up coffee. That was huge for me, at the time I was drinking 3 pots a day. After that time had passed I went back to coffee but, I only ever drink one cup a day now. I know that if I am obedient to the Lord during Lent He can cause miracles in my life. Which, is why this year is so important to me. I am taking Lent very seriously, and yes it probably will be very hard because I am giving up things that are in my daily life now. Those little idols that are bad habits. That is what it takes if I want to succeed this year. I know that God wants me to be the best me that He created. I know He has awesome plans for me, plans to prosper me to give me a hope and a future. He does for YOU too! (Jeremiah 29:11) Sometimes in order to really succeed at your dreams and goals you have to do hard things. Confront people, serve when you are tired, eat what you don’t like etc. I could go on and on. I want to share my plans for Lent with you.


LENT 2017

Year of Family Miracles for the Siler Family

-I am giving up Tylenol PM (which I use to help me sleep and YES, I know it’s bad)

-Eating only whole foods fruits and veggies, only flat bread and olive oil NO MEAT

-Set aside time everyday to pray for my family, my business, and where God wants us to go

-Pray for others

-Intentionally seek out ways to serve people and bless them

-NO shopping (I will fast from buying anything for myself at all for 40 days)

-Save $$ weekly (I know most people already do this is serious for us to make our savings larger)

-Simplify my physical surroundings as well as, mentally and spiritually

This is why I am doing these things, God convicted my heart about the shopping, Tylenol, simplifying my life. The rest I want to do. I am doing this not to get something in return but, to show God how much I love Him and that I am serious about His leadership in my life. God never mandates us to do things. We have free will and He will never force us. We should do things at certain times in our lives to honor Him and show our love for His Son out of our own free will. That is what I aim to do this year. I desire to be less selfish and one of my goals is embracing self-discipline. It is not easy because we have those pesky feelings that sometimes get in the way. You know, the ones that say, “I don’t feel like it.” or “Why?” or “It’s not fair!” Yep, feelings. That is for another post. When it happens to me lately I have been fighting them off with scripture and speaking to them out loud. It works! I encourage you all to pray about Lent, how can you honor God during this time and show your love for Jesus?

Living My Abundant Life,


Oola, Oola

Have you heard all the hype about Oola?

I did not even know until I googled it today. What I found out sounded pretty awesome. Today, I want to share the 6 F’s of OOLA with you.

Here is basically the definition of OOLA

That feeling we experience and that we celebrate in our successes along the way.

You know “that feeling“? I have had it before and it feels freaking amazing when you have had a success after working so hard for so long and you finally see a result. YES! That OOLA! So here are six areas where we experience the OOLA in life.

  1. Fitness
  2. Family
  3. Field
  4. Faith
  5. Friends
  6. Fun

Do you see? When you experience an achievement in fitness such as running 5 miles! YES! That is an example of Oola. Do you keep track of your Oola moments in life? I started to by adding a page in my Bujo this year. I can look back and see those wonderful accomplishments I made along the way.


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* Bujo= Bullet Journal

Love and Joy


Bad Habits Can You Do it?




Do you have any bad habits you desire to let go of this year? I certainly do! I must “let them go” it is time. I have been a smoker for much of my life with the exception of 5 years here and 2 years with each pregnancy and birth of a child. I have four children. So, in case you did not understand I basically have quit for very long periods of time and re-started when I felt like I deserved a break. Mostly, when I was working a job. I think that is how many people start and stay smokers. They do it for fun and then it becomes a “treat” during the day. At least for me that is how it works. I am going to be 41 in March this year. Last year, I kind of said I would quit without any real enthusiasm behind it. I didn’t mean it. Just sounded good when I told others so I would feel less guilty. Isn’t that weird, we think in order to impress people we have to lie about our bad habits so they won’t judge us so harshly. Silly, I know.


Anyway, that is only one of my bad habits that has got to go this year whether I like it or not. I want to be as healthy as I can be, I want to be an official runner this year, and I can not grow my health and wellness business if I am not walking the walk first. That being said, my method is the patches. They worked so many times before but, they are a little out of reach for me right now financially. Prayers please, that I can afford to et them and really take action on this! Another bad habit I have developed in the past year is taking Tylenol PM before bed every night. I am not even sure how it began. But, now I find myself paranoid if I do not have them. Crazy, right? I take them so I can sleep all the way through the night. I must let go of this bad habit because it is not healthy for me. Actually, it is really bad for my health and my liver. I am replacing the PM’s with doTERRA’s new Serenity capsules. e6a24bd69b4a79ae1b2f141577cc353eNo. I have not ordered them yet. I plan on it in the next week. Why am I telling you all of this? Well, so I can put it on the table and have some accountability with others. I desire to make real tangible changes this year and releasing these things that have a hold on me will allow me to be healthier and FREE! That is the ultimate goal, freedom. Now you know my ugly stuff, what about YOU? What bad habits do you have that you are ready to let go of. Be honest, it doesn’t matter what it is. If something has control over you it is time to release it and get your freedom! I want you to be FREE as much as I want to be FREE! If you really deep down inside do not want to give something up because you like it still then, don’t try. Now may not be the time. It will happen and you will decide when no one can do that for you. It’s okay. I am not going to judge you or beat you over the head I know how it is. I remember a time when I drank an entire bottle of wine before bed every night. It was so hard for me to imagine not doing that. Now, years later I look back and wonder “how did I do that?” If you need some help, some accountability join my private group on Facebook and we will be a rock for each other!

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