Spirit Filled Influencer

  I am ready to answer the call  on my life, the loud cry to teach and  honor the WORD. To allow it to soak deep into my soul. Allowing it to pierce my mind and influence me in every way. The transformation is real, the love is real, the journey is real. It was … Continue reading Spirit Filled Influencer


2018 Greatest Hits JunkyGypsy

2018 Greatest Hits!  This is a compilation of my fav 5 blog post ever! I will be adding a greatest hits album in the next month or so, keep checking back! These posts are me, my journey and adventures in discovering myself! I hope you find value and love between the words! What it takes … Continue reading 2018 Greatest Hits JunkyGypsy

Indeciveness is A Dis-Ease

  Hey JunkyGypsy Tribe! It has been a while since I did a post! I want to touch on a subject that is close to my heart because I have experienced its repercussions first hand. It is the subject of making simple decisions. Why is it that today people just can not make even the … Continue reading Indeciveness is A Dis-Ease

Welcome 2018!

  Hey there! Well, it is 2018, and I am ready to embrace the beauty and magic this New Year has to offer. I spent the last week of December in reflection of 2017. During this time I purge all of what worked and what did not work. I write it all down, review, pray, … Continue reading Welcome 2018!

What’s in A Name?

Hey Sista Tribe! I have missed you lately! Christmas is right around the corner I pray you are celebrating in love and peace with your families! This topic is a little out of the Christmas spirit but, one I wanted to address before heading into the New Year. The last few days I felt some … Continue reading What’s in A Name?

Tis the Season, Serve

  The Holiday Season is in full swing and I have always loved the Christmas Season! The lights, the music, warm lattes, fuzzy socks and the baking with the fam! Oh, how I miss that. This year is drastically different on the home front. The kids are not with me, my prayer is that I … Continue reading Tis the Season, Serve

The Right Road of Exploration

    Hey Tribe! My soul is in a bitter-sweet place this morning. I find myself at the crossroads of life. This way or that. You may have seen similar post on this topic in the past and it is because I have drifted in and out and back and forth on this matter. Which … Continue reading The Right Road of Exploration

Essentially Magical Life

Hello Lovelies! I have missed writing here on my little blog! It has been far too long. Literally, I find that my schedule is quickly filling up and I have to figure out what works for me. I am writing articles for a couple of magazines, building my new website, prepping for weekly Facebook live … Continue reading Essentially Magical Life

Dear Daughter’s

This post is dedicated to my daughter's. Yes, I have one son and I will write a different one for him. For today this is the new message I want to send out into the world to my daughter's so that they will understand the POWER of their WORDS and create a life they love … Continue reading Dear Daughter’s

Sista Tribe!

  Hey JunkyGypsy Sista Tribe, I have been in an expansive growth state for a few months now. If you were to see me walking down the street you probably would not know that anything was happening to me at all. Sometimes the best growth happens all on the inside. Today I am sharing ten … Continue reading Sista Tribe!