Essentially Magical Life

Hello Lovelies! I have missed writing here on my little blog! It has been far too long. Literally, I find that my schedule is quickly filling up and I have to figure out what works for me. I am writing articles for a couple of magazines, building my new website, prepping for weekly Facebook live … Continue reading Essentially Magical Life


The In Between.

I wake up with a thought that has been haunting me for the past two weeks. It resembles a lot of my FEAR. It hangs before me day after day staring me in the face. I know what it is. I know how to get rid of it. Yet, still there it is. I just … Continue reading The In Between.

Respons-ABLE/ Inspir-ACTION

Respons-ABLE ┬áInspir-ACTION Dis-EASE You are fully able to take real action on your dreams and goals ,your mind and body are at ease!   I created this to give myself some guidelines going forth in my life and business. These are all areas that I want to change so that I can impact others lives … Continue reading Respons-ABLE/ Inspir-ACTION

Walking the Line

  You know the Johnny Cash song, "I Walk the Line"? Walk the Line   I keep a close watch on this heart of mine, I keep my eyes wide open all time...are you singing yet? In today's world there is a fight a going on. It is a spiritual battle to steal our hearts. … Continue reading Walking the Line

The Long Walk…

    The past few weeks have been so say the least really hard. My husband and I were both laid off our "work camping" job. A place we were each promised to have 40 hours a week and work all winter long. We moved a hour an 10 minutes away and left another job … Continue reading The Long Walk…

Making Good Habits….

1 Thessalonians 1:11-12And so we keep on praying for you, that God will make you worthy of the life to which he called you. And we pray that God, by his power, will fulfill all your good intentions and faithful deeds.I know that God sees all my good intentions and my faithful deeds. My good … Continue reading Making Good Habits….

From Hope to Homeless by Friday..

Well, this week really took a turn for the worst. I knew we were struggling financially, but we were scraping by. I knew God called me to homeschool my kids this year and I know I still needed to work but, finding the right job to fit the schedule has been hard. So, Monday our … Continue reading From Hope to Homeless by Friday..